Thursday, December 2, 2010

34 weeks

Happy Friday everyone!!!! I am SO excited! My work is throwing me a little brunch type dealio today and then at 3pm, I got a doctors appointment and then later this evening I'm meeting my Bestie since I was 4 years old for a late night mocha!!! Then tomorrow is my baby shower!! AHHHH!!! I am eating my weight in cupcakes and cake! Just warnin ya guys.

How far along? 34 weeks, what what?! In my mind, I feel like I'm 20 weeks, but my body is telling a different story. Time is just flying about

Big ol'belly

Baby's size? Around 18 inches long, wholly guacamole! He is estimated to be about the size of a cantaloupe (which I have been craving lately, but can't seem to find - darn season changes!)

Weight Gain? I will tell you all at the very end because I have no idea, but last time I was at the doctors, I was in the low 20 lb weight gain. With Thanksgiving just last week, I'm guessing I've gained about 5 el bee's

Stretch marks? Nope, but the belly (and boobs) have blue veins everywhere. I still have the stretch marks I've always had on my sides though - darn adolescent years

Belly button in or out? Well that just depends on how little Mister T is positioned, but for the most part it's out (sorta kinda in, but still mostly out).

If you look, I'm starting to get that dark line under my belly that runs down my pelvic bone

Sleep? It's been amazing this past week. I crave it around 3pm and then again around 6:30/7 I want it. It doesn't take long for me to get comfortable either, I've found the right combo of my pillows and the positions they need to be in.

Foods I am loving? WATER! I have been SOOOOOO thirsty lately, and I wake up in the middle of the night and down a full glass (explains the rush to the bathroom at about 2:30 AM). Sweets have been in full craving mode. Every day this past week, I fantasize about going home and eating a snickers bar and dipping it in the peanut butter jar while watching The Biggest Loser (what do you say to THAT Ms. Jillian Michaels?!)

Foods I am hating? Nada - I don't discriminate. Of course like all my other posts, I still don't like Chinese food.

Best moment this week? Black Friday!! I loved shopping the deals with my mom, sister and niecey poo. Oh and coming home to decorate the place. I LOVE this time of year! Oh and our first Lamaze class - can't wait till our next one on Monday :)

Movement? OOOO yeah! A lot of moving with jabs to the bladder and rolls across the belly. About 2 days ago I felt a foot for sure! It sorta weirded me out (in a good way of course) just because I KNEW it was a foot and the only thing that was separating us was my skin. Maybe I'm weird, but it's just a weird thing to wrap my mind around!

Symptoms? Tired, my back (lower and uppper) are getting sore by the end of the day and my workouts are getting tougher. Still keeping at em'.

What I miss? I'm gonna keep it real - I miss feeling seductive with my man. With the big belly, I don't really feel "Seductive sexy". I feel that "I am woman and can carry a baby sexy" which is fabulous for 9 months, but I'll love it when I'm bow chicka bow wow ready.

What I will miss? Being able to eat and not being judged for the amount haha

What I'm looking forward to? My baby shower tomorrow!! I can't wait to see everyone and eat all the yummy food and cake!

Weekly Wisdom: Make time to put your feet up - they will swell if you don't. I PROMISE

Milestone: Nearing the end!

Emotions: All over! I laugh so hard I could cry, and then other times, I'll see a Kay jewelers commercial (yes, the Christmas ones :) ) & think about Nick and cry <------ this happened the other afternoon. And it was this corny one that I normally laugh at
Have a wonderful weekend ladies!


Tricia said...

you are too cute!

Ashley said...

Okay, I am so jealous - you look amazing! You have only gained in your belly and it's the cutest bump ever!

Annie said...

you look great little momma!!! :)
your bump is too cute! have a great weekend and wonderful time at your shower hun! enjoy the yummy foods!

Anonymous said...

You look great. But as great as you look, I do not miss being pregnant. Ha!

erin said...

You look fabulous, dahling!

Have fun at your brunch and your shower. Hooray for an excuse to eat cake! :)

Megan said...

You look great! Have a great time at your shower, and chow down pretty soon there won't be any room for food lol!