Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's the Final Countdown!

Oh Thursday, I have NEVER been so happy to see you! If I haven't reminded you all enough, today is my!!!!!! Then it's off on maternity leave. I guess that sorta means I HAVE to have a baby, huh? I was printing out my birth plan to give to my doctor and whatever nurses happen to help with the birth, and holy canolli, I started getting a wicked case of butterflies. Started thinking, "Oh yeah, I guess I have to push him out now, huh?" It's just all so official!
Yesterday I had a FABULOUS day! Went to work (eh, that's not so fabulous), got off at 12:00 and headed to my hair appointment. Mama needed a touch up and it'll probably be my last professional touch up for a loooong time. It can be pretty pricey (even though my girl is amazing and always gives me a really great price), I will most likely do some box highlights to keep up my blonde for a tenth of the price so I can stay home with my little man. After getting labor and delivery ready hair, it was off to the OB for my weekly belly check up (no pelvic exam darn it!). Everything was measuring fine, weight was good, his heart rate was fast and steady which she seemed to be happy with (which made me happy). After I was on cloud 9 from hearing my little man's heart pitter patter, I went to the gym for an obligatory 30 minutes on the elliptical, blah! I don't like the elliptical. When I first started my weight loss journey, it was great because running intimidated the heck outta me. Now that I am a runner through and through, elliptical workouts just don't possess the same pizazz. Speaking of workouts - they are slowing down MAYJA'. I walk on the treadmill for the most part for 30 minutes on my lunch 4 days a week. Then on the weekends I may or may not go on Saturday. I know it's to be expected with my belly getting heavier (and just becoming more tired in general), but even after 9 months of being pregnant, slowing my workouts down is so foreign to me. Although, I'm soaking up this time I have and am going to (try!) enjoy every last minute of this pregnancy. I am only pregnant for the 1st time once and before I know it, he'll be here and growing faster than I want him to.



Anonymous said...

I am the opposite - I'm the boxed color girl. I'm too cheap to go get my hair done, but I see a possible post-baby pampering at a salon in my future. :)

Yay for good doctor appointments. :) Boo for no exam, though. When do they do yours?

Amy at THeSceneFromMe said...

Wow, congratulations girl! You've got many things to be thankful for this new year 2011!
Good luck with the delivery :)

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

haha i'm like that in end (not the working out..the oohhh yeah i have to push a baby out)

i'm always like...ok ive changed my mind....haha little late huh?!!

i guess it isn't too bad...this is my 5th baby and 4th time to go a'natural :o)

Katie said...

WHOOP WHOOP!!!! for last day of work!!!
wow, im inlove with the elliptical I feel like I can stay on that thing forever!!
Enjoy your last days of pregnancy!!!! its coming sooo soon!! yayyy!!

Heidi said...

Oh I remember those "uh-oh I really have to follow through with this" thoughts near the end of my pregnancies. With my first I exercised all the way through and felt great. I love it when I see pregnant women working out. So healthy for Mom & baby.

I'm a color-from-the-box gal. Can't afford the time or money for lengthy salon sessions.