Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh my goodness, well hello!

How was everyone 1st working Monday of 2011? For me, it was the first day of my maternity leave and it was a really nice one at that. Nick had a doctors appointment earlier this morning, so it was there first, then dropped his car off at Jiffy Lube and then I dropped him off so I could go run errands. Since I'm in major budget mode, I headed to Walmart for some things that I would just buy at Safeway or Winco out of convenience of already being there. Oh and PS - if any of you live near a Safeway grocery store, go there STAT. They are having a sale on boneless skinless chicken breasts (got 6 chicken boobies for $5.00!) as well as ground Jennie-O ground turkey (Buy one get one free). I'm thinking about going back and getting more for when Troy arrives, we have plenty of healthy dinner options to choose from. That and the $1.00 whole grain Barilla pasta I got from Walmart (who knew they were only $1.00 there?!), I have some delicious pasta din din options.
With grocery shopping, a constant cozy fire courtesy of best hubbs in the WORLD, I was pooped and had a glorious hour nap. This growing a baby business takes a lot out of you! Tomorrow will be another busy day: gotta go pick up the company laptop from my work so I can access the server, then to Costco to meet my mama for some fruit and veggie stock up and lunch - who can pass up their $1.50 polish dog/drink combo?! I am actually going to be heading to the gym for a bright and early workout beforehand - I am close to my due date, but not close to feeling the need to just anchor myself to the couch with a bag of dark chocolate Reese's (hmmmm, or am I?). My workout will consist of some light weights and some cardio, or maybe just cardio, we'll see. Last night was quite eventful pregnancy wise. Normally I just have some Braxton Hicks, but last night I woke up to 4 grown up contractions. They were back to back and about 30 seconds long. Troy Maximus is definitely wanting to make is presence known, but I still don't think he'll be here before his due date. I have my next doctor appointment on Thursday, so I'll be checked for dilation and effacing. We already know my cervix is thinning and that was 2.5 weeks ago.
How are the 2011 resolutions coming ladies? As you all know, my running and getting back into shape is a MAYJA one (already looking at races for 2011 on top of that FULL marathon I'll be doing at the end of the year), but another one is flossing. I am horrible about it, and I really need to take better care of my chompers. Not that the veneers or dentures route isn't amazingly gorgeous on some people, but on me, not really the look I'm going for. So every night I've been flossing before bed , go me!! 3 whole days and counting :)



Sabrina said...

Good shopping day! I didn't know that Barilla was so cheap at Wal Mart!!

Your baby boy will be here so soon! Yay!

Lindsay said...

hubby and I love Costco hot dog and coke for 1.50, it is the best!!! :)
so exciting that you are on maternity leave...means baby boy is almost here :)