Friday, March 8, 2013

That time Noro Virus was in our house

What have *I* been up to, you may ask? Well a little bit of this and that. If your definition of "this and that" means: Norovirus (aka DEATH) visited our house, loading online shopping carts full of stuff but never buying it, slaying my workouts now that I got a HRM again, enjoying the Springlike weather with my T Rex, and finding webcams that are focused on the Mount of Olives (aka, the place the Bible says Christ will first touch down when He returns).  <----- can="" google="" i="" it.="" make="" p="" seriously="" stuff="" t="" this="" up.="">
The Noro virus? No joke, ladies. To spare y'all the nitty gritty details, the hubbinator and I both had the same time! As in, he started "showing signs of death" at 11pm, and at 2am, I "started signs of death". I was in shear panic on how I was going to care for my sweet crazy 2 year old and vomit at the same time. Seriously, I had never been sick (other than a common cold) since he's been born. When people talk about how miserable the Noro virus is, its no joke, no exaggerating, it suuuucks. But just as quickly as it came, it left us. By day 4 & 5, we were golden and back to normal as if nothing happened.

Since the Noro last week, I've been keeping it simple with workouts. I've been doing 2 DVD's every day. And you KNOW, Im a faithful Jillian & Bob follower, so they have been my executioners of choice. Spring is almost here, whoop whoop! And dont even get me started on Summer - Hallelu-yer!