Monday, August 26, 2013

She's just being Miley


So I want to discuss what we're ALL talking about. Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus. Now, I recorded the VMA's because *some* hot piece of hiney was hogging the TV playing some XBOX. However, once I was seeing people blowing up FB and all the celeb gossip sites about this chick, I just had to go see what they were talking about. So I logged onto and there was the clip

You guys? I mean...I just........ The Smith's had my reaction PEGGED 

I am right there with you, Smith Clan. I felt Shock, disgust, confusion, embarrassment for Miley. 

Now dolls, listen. I am NOT a prude, scouts honor. But, Miley...girlfriend, I was so embarrassed for you. You want to shed this Hannah Montana, Disney, good girl image, and create a whole new you in the land of Hollyweird. I get that & I can respect that. But what's up with the raunchy stuff? Like the foam finger going down to your lady parts and that tongue?! We get it, you have a long pink tongue that you can rub the side of your cheek with. I seriously felt like you were trying way too hard with that. I dont understand your need to OVERSEXUALIZE yourself. Hey, Britney did it in 2001. She let the whole world know she was not a girl, not yet a woman. She taught us how to dance in a an abandoned warehouse, sweating up a storm, while telling men everywhere how we want to take back feminine rights be slaves. The difference is, she wasn't doing things that pushed the line on what would be deemed appropriate for even a 30 year old to watch. I feel like you're just trying way too hard to be this "can't stop, wont stop, I love all the haters, watch me stick out my tongue and make out with a teddy bear and STILL be engaged to a hot normal guy", that you're not even entertaining. It just doesn't make sense to me. Twerking? Sure, makes sense. Hell, I've been practicing my twerk since you've made it so popular. And I LOVE "Can't Stop". One of my main workout jams. Shoot, Ill select it when Im feel just sassy & am alone in the car. But the making out with the bears, the oversized baby dolls, the foam finger all over Robin Thicke's junk? just doesn't make sense to me. And while we're talking about you rubbing over Robin Thicke and twerking your backside on him: Where was Liam?!?!?! I know Robin's wife, Paula Patton, is fine with his antics, but Liam? From one married woman to soon to be married woman, Nick would have me locked up once I got off that stage if I was rubbing on Mr. Thicke. 

But I guess, you're just being Miley. Anyone else feel like me?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Raise your glass if you're ready for Fall

Ello' lovelies. I was gonna post about how hot I am. Not the way you're thinking, I mean actual temperature hot. Ya see, our A/C busted and it's been quite the pain in the ass adventure getting our Home Warranty to nail down a dependable Heating & Air Company to fix it. Oh and did I mention it was 105 yesterday? And muggy? How about how it's cooled down to a frigid 79 degrees a night?

Yeaaaa....moving on.....

If you gals havent downloaded Katy Perry's new single, Roar, I HIGHLY recommend it. It reminds me of a female version of "Eye of the Tiger". Maybe that's because there is a line in there that says, "I am the eye of the tiger..." ? That just MIGHT make you think of the famous Rocky anthem ;-) But seriously, if you're ever having a down day where you feel like the worst mother/wife/woman or you just can't push through that last leg of your cardio? Katy Perry is where its at. She makes you feel all kinds of good and powerful. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I sway in my blue jeans...

10 points for anyone who knows the song that my title pertains to. Here's a hint: the singer has to do with this post....

This should NOT surprise any of you long time followers of mine. When I married the Nickmesiter, I also married the Denver Broncos. Nick loves em'. Whenever we fly out to Denver to see my MIL, we catch a Denver game, it's a lot of fun. And I've also grown to love them and gotten to know they players (side note: if we could not trade players, that'd be awesome cause then I wouldn't have to relearn people). Anywhoooot, I discovered Jessie James awhile ago, can't remember how. I think I heard Eric Decker was dating (they are now married) a country music star, Jessica James, and youtube'd her. I ended up liking her, and make it a regular occurrence to shake a tale feather to her Pandora station while I get ready in the mornings. She's this sassy, GORGEOUS, Southern bell who keeps it real, and he is a star on my team - its a win win for me. PLUUUUUUS, Im a reality tv junkie, so it's a given, Im going to like this show. Im gonna TRY to get Nick to watch it with me, but suuuursly doubt he will. His loss, right? It premieres September 29th on E! since I know y'all are reality tv junkies like moi. ts like Jessie and Eric KNEW it was my birthday weekend (my birthday is the 27th wink wink). They're like, "Happy Birthday, Karli, here is another reality show that we swear isn't staged". 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Am I the only one who's noticing how its staying a bit more dark in the mornings? Normally when I get home from the gym (5:30am ish), the sun is somewhat lighting up the sky. No so much this morning and you know what? Im friggin THRILLED! Seriously, this Summer has been fantastic and laid back, but I will be happy as a clam with red and yellow leaves and a crisp wind blowing. And y'all know what happens after Fall?Winter!!! CHRISTMAS!!!!! That's right, I said it! It's roughly 4 months away...let that sink in for a second. I am one of the biggest Christmas lovers you'll ever meet. Im "that girl" who decorates for it the day after Thanksgiving (if I can contain myself even that long)

me too, Honey Boo too.

However, it is still Summer time, and I intend to drink in every ray of sunshine (and pool cocktail), until it gets too cold. This weekend I did exactly that. We went...CAMPING! With my parents, which honestly I was nervous about. I love my parents, but I'd never been camping with them as an adult, so I was a teensy bit leery. But it went great! So great in fact, we want to make it a tradition every year. We went to a place called Sly Park Lake which is a big hit around these parts. I am shocked I'd never been there, its only about 30-35 minute drive from my house, but its BEAUTIFUL! People are on boats, kayaks, their just floating around on tubes, kids have shallow places to play, its great. 

Throwing me the laid back look on our way 

Taking a page out of my good friend, Willie Robertson's style book

Seriously the best site! That was our view of the lake

 Day at the lake with my little man

He just wouldn't give up that chip bag...

Its a tough life...

 The entire trip, if you looked at Troy, he had his fishing pole. Im seeing big things fish in his future

Okay, y'all, ready for your mind to be blown? Replace the Hersey with a Reese's PB cup on a smore. Thank you, Pinterest!! This will always be a must for me and my camping days now.

Starting the campfire for the night

CHEERS!!! My mom's face describes this weekend perfectly :)