Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last week was...

GREAT! In terms of my new workout plan with lifting and such, I was right on point! I did really good eating and it just shows. I wish I coulda taken before pics to show you guys, but the definition (especially in my abs and legs) were ziltch before this week. I worked hard and I am so proud of myself. How are you all doing? Are you hitting your workouts hard and knowing at the end you gave everything you had for that time? The thing I have to always tell myself to make myself push is "This 1 hour isn't going to kill you, it's going to make you stronger and healthier-mentally AND physically". N actually says he can tell a difference in my body (thanks baby <3)>

Oh so I was crazy curious as to how many calories I was going to burn yesterday cause I knew it was going to be a long day at "the office". So I thought why not strap on my heart rate monitor and see what I can do? I used to wear my HR monitor every time I worked out, and I've decided I'm doing it once again. Here is the HR my mama got me on my 21st birthday (right before I grabbed my health into my own hands and turned this unhealthy train around). It's a Polar F11 HR monitor.

Are you ready to hear how many calories I burned yesterday just while working out(nevermind the after burn!)? 1,018 calories- A-YO! This was monumental to me and almost a little thing to strive for every Saturday for me. I couldn't believe it- that's such a huge number to me! Seriously you guys, having a heart rate monitor gives you some major motivation to just go all out, balls to the wall, jacked up on Mountain dew, hardcore on your workouts. You see that number and you just wanna set a goal for yourself to get to 'X' and the game is on!

But seriously, yesterday's workout was intense! I have to tell you all something too...a confession of mine...there is something about running over 3.5 miles that freaks me out. It's weird- it's like I get scared ( or maybe bored?). I ran my 4 miles yesterday, but barely. Once I got to 3, I wanted to just stop and call it good enough. The red "stop" button on the treadmill was calling my name. Next Saturday, my schedule is calling for 4.5 miles and seriously, I am NOT looking forward to it. There is something about it, that I don't have an answer for that just makes me go "Ugh!" Does this happen to anyone else, or just me? Like is there a workout or a certain class you take that you dread, but do it anyways?

So I ran my 4 miles, walked into my level 2 X bike class (What the eff?! The website said it was level 1!) and left drenched sweatier than a Guido fist pumping it on the dance floor.

I am addicted the sweat! When I leave the gym and my hair is soaked and my tank top is soaked- I know I left all my issues from the week at the gym, and I gave it all I had. All 1,018 calories of myself-gone!

This week we start February and I know it's going to be spectacular. I hope you all reached your January goals- this week will be a brand new month, and this will be YOUR month! My goal for February is to get more active on Sparkpeople. I miss it and all my peeps!

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!


Friday, January 29, 2010

The proposal sans Ryan Reynolds

Workout today consisted of a brisk 2 mile run and my "pull" routine (See previous post by click here)

5 years ago today, a nervous United States Marine made a girl a spaghetti dinner in a cottage on the beach. While they were eating their classy meal of spaghetti and Bud Light, the Marine started to tell the girl how much she meant to him. The girl, obviously loving every moment of watching her hard to the core Marine up with how much he loved her. Then slowly, the Marine got out of his chair and came to the girl on one knee and pulled out the box every girl dreams about getting. His speech to the girl was true to his heart and before he could even finish his question, "Will you marry me?", the girl squeeled a "yes!". I love you baby, thanks for asking me.


Thursday, January 28, 2010


For all you soon to be momma's (hopefully me one day soon :) ), and people who have friends who have babies, A Blonde Walk Into A Blog is having a great giveaway with amazingly adorable pacifiers :) Go check it out by clicking here



Workout this morning consisted of a haaaard 3 mile run. I sprinted at 7.0 on my bf Tread for the last .5 mile. Not only that but I have that hurt so good BURN from yesterday's leg workouts. I have posted about split lunges before, and I hadn't done them in forever, but I did 2 set's of 10 on each leg. WHEWY!

So what did you all think of Teen Mom's finale?! We haven't talked about this yet, but I have to say, Catelynn and Tyler are my favorite! They always have been. They are just so responsible and very mature for their age. I wasn't that mature at that age, were you? I don't have much time to blog this morning since I'm running a tad late for work, but I HAD to tell you all the big news......I AM GETTING THE OPPORTUNITY TO INTERVIEW CATELYNN FROM TEEN MOM!! If you all have any questions YOU'D like to ask her, let me know and I'll see if I can work them into the questions I already have. So So So SO excited!!

Have an amazing day lovelies and make it count!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jillian is NEVER wrong

I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry. Who watched Biggest Loser last night? The Christmas colors are getting on my nerves! First up, green team- listen ladies- get over your "hardcore, I'm so strong, I take everything personally, all high and mighty" attitudes! Okay, so you had to get a 2 lb disadvantage, but guess what? SOMEONE HAD TO GET IT! IT'S NOT PERSONAL! IF YOU THINK YOUR SO STRONG AND CAN DO ANYTHING, THEN THIS SHOULDN'T BOTHER YOU! Ugh, I swear- even last week when the daughter was all frustrated when Jillian was all up in her face and wanted to leave, it made me mad. Jillian was telling her how if she doesn't shape up (literally!), her daughter will end up just like her and she didn't like to hear that one bit, but it's true and c'mon anyone who watches the show, knows Jillian's M.O. is to get into people's heads and break you down (to only build you back up again). Don't even get me started on their bitter betty attitude's when they fell below the yellow line.
Now, red team wife- GIVE ME A BREAK! Who do you think you are? How long has Jillian been doing this? Oh yeah, that's right, 18 years! You should know this because she told you when you were trying to convince her with your fake tears that you didn't throw the weigh in's (when you just so happened had immunity...hmmm...conincidence?)Then her husband get's his panties in a bunch when he's backin up his wife, telling Jillian how his wife is NOT a liar and how Jillian hurt her and blah blah blah. Oh and isn't it funny how Jillian was RIGHT when she predicted the wife would "miraculously" lose a huge amount this week (due to her -1's she's been pulling while she was throwing the weigh in's)?! 11 lb's the red woman lost and many "I can't believe it's" later, the green team is up for elimination, mua ha ha! Sorry, I know I sound insensitive, I just don't have sympathy for sore losers or people who play the game and then lie about it.

PS: I had my own little victory today- ROCKED it at the gym this morning with a sweaty 3 mile run (I ran 2 miles straight!!!) and heavy lifting with the legs! My legs are soooooo wobbly. Have no idea how I'm getting down the apartment stairs. Have an amazing day lovelies! Remember, YOUR worth it!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Gramma!!

It's my gramma's bday today!! Happy Birthday gramma! I love you SO much and thank you for being you!


A little switcheroo

So as I promised you guys last night, I am going to let you in on my secret weapon when it comes to assembling a weight lifting routine for myself....................
....... OXYGEN MAGAZINE! Yes sir- it is my go to source when my workout routines could use a little more life, pep, zing, whatever you are lacking, Oxygen provides :) The most current issue with the gorgeous Mary Jarmolowich, includes a phase 2 out of their 3 month phase program.

Now, I am a HUGE fan of splitting up your workouts into pull (upper body exercises that utilize the muscles you use to pull), push (upper body exercises that utilize muscles that you push with) and legs (pretty self explanatory, no?)

This stuff really works, and if you are looking for something to get you out of your rut, I recommend it. Try it for 1 month and I guarantee you will see results (with a sensible diet of course). There, do I sound enough like a walking infomercial yet? Don't worry, I am still continuing on with my 10K training, but I'm adding some intervals in there (per the request of Oxygen).

I hope your Tuesdays are amazingly wonderful and have the power to walk away from the bowl of chocolate Hersey kisses on the receptionist desk. Only me? I'm determined to make this week a great week!


Like a moth to a flame

So I was just watching my very educational programs on MTV the other day when what do I see? But a preview for another season of 16 and pregnant! I know some people have some major hard feelings about these kinds of shows, but to me, it's entertainment and I am a reality TV show addict, so it kinda goes with the territory (don't even get me started on season 2 of Jersey Shore I caught wind of today :)) If you are wanting to catch a glimpse into the lives of the current cast of "Teen Mom" (which happen to be the same girls on the 1st season of 16 and Pregnant), you can always tune into MTV on Saturdays or some weekdays and they are usually always running a marathon of them. Especially since the season finale is coming up tomorrow :)
If you want to catch the season premiere (like I will be!!) of the new season of 16 and pregnant, Season 2 will begin airing on Tuesday, February 16, at 2pm. And just an FYI, the Teen Mom Finale Special: Check-Up with Dr. Drew” airs February 2nd.

Now, as for workouts today- I was true to my word and it was Monday Madness!! I was actually in a sort of bad mood today, but after some good ol' X Bike and sprinting (I kid you not! I have the wet sports bra and tank top to prove it), I am in way better spirits. Oh and guess what?! I started a new workout routine. I will fill you all in in the morning, but for now, I must get my much needed beauty sleep :)

Good night lovelies!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Madness

Yes ladies and gents it's here. MONDAY!WOO HOO!! It helps if you say it like that when you wake up. Instead of "ugh.....Monday" So I totally skipped the gym this morning. WAIT-before you just close my blog cause you can't believe I flaked, I am going this afternoon after work. I am taking my X Bike class at 6:30 and I plan on running the 2 miles my 10K schedule is telling me to do, along with it being my "leg" day today. So there you have it.

I think every Monday will now be titled "Monday Madness. Not only is it everyone's leastfavorite day of the week, but I am planning on it being my hardest workout day. Or maybe it'll just be my sweatiest? X Bike drains about 5 gallons of sweat out of me, running takes about 1-2 gallons, and the amount of weight I force my legs to press will take about 1 gallon. I kinda love it though cause this weekend I was HORRIBLE! Okay, I worked out on Saturday and did 3.8 miles(A-yo!), but foodwise I did horrible! Saturday I had taco bell with a friend (yes it was from the fresco menu, but still...not the cleanest of foods), Saturday for dinner, N and I went to mexican and I filled my belly with chips, guac, and a ooey gooey cheesy quesadilla. Sunday it was the other half of my quesadilla and chinese for dinner. I got the lettuce wraps, but still..who knows how much sodium they pack into the chicken mixture they want you to put in the lettuce. So, today I'll be cracking the whip on myself today.

WELCOME TO MONDAY! MUA HA HA! & just to give you (and me!) that little push to get to the gym and push it, here are some pictures of celebs who know how to work it


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tis Saturday

I LOVE Saturdays! Everything about them is amazing to me. However, N started his new work schedule so he works in the morning, but then is home early afternoon, yay! I'm kinda curious with how I've heard other young married women talk, but after 5 years (well almost, our 5 year anniversary is on Vday), of marriage, I miss him when he isn't here. And when he gets home, it's like I can't help but get those butterflies. Enough of mushy stuff-down to the nitty gritty. I am going to the gym in t minus 20 minutes. My coffee has kicked in and woah has it! I don't remember when coffee has really given me this much of a jolt. Maybe it has to do with how I got a restful and peaceful 10 hours of sleep last night? never know. "They" always say (who are the "they"'s everyone always talks about when it comes to facts?) that your body needs rest and lots of it if you want to succeed in weight loss/healthy goals and baby, I make up for the lack of it on the weekdays with my Saturday mornings.
I hope you all have a lovely Saturday planned. I do have a confession- remember how I told you all that I was being true to my 10K schedule and not running more than what it told me to? Well I lied...I lied like John Edward lies about not being a contestant on the Maury show.... the father!

So yesterday I ran 3 miles even though the schedule told me not too. I know, tisk tisk, but my least favorite week of the month is approaching and I feel like a cow (not Skinny Cow either- which btw are delicious little devils) and I had to run my butt off (no worries, it's still there- I'd have to run daaaays to make it go anywhere).

AND today, is a 3.5 mile run, so really I was just prepping myself. So I got the lovely gym to go to, and then I'm going to watch the Bunny Boo (my niece to those of you who are new readers) become the next Michael Jordan, hold the divorce & box office bomb movies.

Have a great Saturday lovelies!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've missed you!!

So I am back! Internet decided to turn back on allll by itself last night :) Workout today consisted of running 3 miles and for weights it was a leg day. So since we last spoke I have started my 10K training and it's not too bad. I mean, I used to run 3 miles everyday not too long ago, so right now I've been running about 2.5 miles on average every other day. I feel like I could run more, but I am trusting the schedule I found, so I'm not pushing it. It's fine cause it gives me more time to concentrate on my strength training. Although when I am running those 3 miles, it isn't too bad, but I am most def ready to quit running when that treadmill counter gets to 3 miles- can't imagine how I'm gonna feel when the real deal rolls along and it's like "Oh Karli, your doing great-but guess what friend? You got 3 more!"
Oh and my new workout schedule? It's about as exciting as watching water boil, but it works. Since N started a new schedule working from 6Am-3PM, he wakes up at 4:45, so since we both really wanna be on the same schedule, I'm getting up with N to get to the gym & then coming home and getting ready here. It's actually really nice cause I get about 45 minutes of just chill time to myself & catch up on all your guys' blogs and all my celeb gossip.
So BIG news is happening! Since N and I are getting ready for babies (yes! You read that right- our health insurance kicks in February 1st, and our anniversary is Valentines day, so you do the math, hehe)- so N and I were discussing my "work" possibilities. Cause let's face it- in this economy, it helps to have some extra money coming in. So- we are discussing....OPENING MY OWN CONSULTING FIRM! A-yo! Yours truly will be starting a health and wellness consulting company with a side order of a$$ kicking personal training (for a bigger price tag). I am so excited! This way, I can stay home with our kids, make my own schedule, and still help out financially. N and I were tossing around name idea's the other day and I think we've got one, but I'll fill you all in on that as soon as things look like they are going to be official. I'll throw a classy party including some pretty famous people from a certain Jersey Shore.

Well I better get to sleep lovely people- I got another 3 miler tomorrow AM and I'm beat- BUT it's almost Friday!! I promise to be better with blogs now since my internet is turned back on. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where I fill you in on how my new job is going :)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Technical difficulties

Hey you guuuuuys! I am meaning to blog, BUT my internet is down at my casa due to the crazy wind storms that are passing through the Sacramento area. I will be back with internet tomorrow night though and I can't wait to blog it up with you all again :)


Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a plan Stan

So here it is

This ladies and gents is what my running schedule will look like for the next 8 weeks. I registred for my 10K and it is April 11, 2010 and I am SUPER stoked! It starts at the Sacramento Zoo and we run through gorgeous neighborhoods.

Not too bad to look at, eh? I look at the miles on the schedule and I'm really not worried. I used to run 3.5 miles a day when I first got back to California, so since it looks like I'm going to gradually work my way up, I'm not too scerred....YET! I'm sure when the morning of the 10K hits, I won't be able to leave the bathroom. And since you all are dying to know, yes N will be coming out to support his MILF in training. He's come to each and every one of my 3 5K's.
On top of that, I most def looking forward to conitnuing on with spin clss. Actually to be honest, it's X Bike class. You can read the full definition here
It's the same thing as spin, EXCEPT you burn WAY more calories due to the moving handle bars and the fact that your wheels don't stop spinning when you stop peddeling. And I am not sure about you all, but I look amazingly similar to N's girlfriend- sweaty and ready for the runway

** On a side note, this picture should be plastered on my fridge for those time of the month midnight cravings....just sayin** So my workouts will look a bit like this for the next week or so :
Sundays: Rest
Mondays: Run 2 miles and X Bike class (30 minutes)
Tuesdays: Elliptical for 15 minutes, upper body/back, and abs
Wednesdays: Run 3 miles, lower body
Thursdays: X bike class (30 minutes)
Fridays: Run 1.5 miles and abs
Saturdays: Run 3.5 miles
I want to give a little shout out to my favorite fruit of the season, the Clemintine. Tiny, round, a bit tart, and oh so refresing. I seriously pack my produce drawer with these little babies and when I get the munchies, I down like 3-4 of them in one sitting. If you haven't tried them, it's a must do before you and I can become friends ;)


Friday, January 15, 2010

Just want to drive the point home

Totally not fitness related, but this seriously irritates me. What message does this sound to young girls? I am not prudish and to all of you who have had surgery, that's great if that's what you wanted. I am someone who is very open about how I am planning on getting my boobies done after we've had all of our kids. I want a bit bigger and lift. But nothing compared to the "art" that Heidi Montag has done to her body. She's in the lime light (like she has wanted), and if she likes it or not, teenage girls watch The Hills, and are going through that insecure/awkward stage and are very impressionable. I give to you, Mrs. Heidi Montag Pratt

Picture courtesy of


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Testing 1, 2

Thank you guys SO much for the emails re: my comment problem. I'm pretty sure the problem is fixed with the comments, but I'm don't think we can fix Heidi Montag's need to be in the lime light or get her plastic surgery addiction under control. One thing at a time, right?

this picture brought to you by this site
I'm about to head outta work and take this girl's bootay to spin and maybe a run if I have time. Blog ya lata!

PS: Try leaving a comment now- if it still doesn't work, email me at


Need some help

Can you guys leave me a comment or try- the reason being is I've gotten a couple emails saying that they can't leave a comment for some reason- so if you can't just shoot me an email and I'll have my handy dandy IT man (N )look into it.



And I found it

I found my motivation again! To be honest, I feel like these last few days I have been making excuses as to why I can't workout. How I am too busy or tired, or bored, or sore from the previous day. Excuses, Excuses, EXCUSES! That cold that I had in the beginning of the month totally had me on hiatus from my sweaty runs and power lifting sessions, but I'm done. D-O-N-E, DONE! Since moving to our new apartment,I have worked out twice! TWICE! And I've been here since Saturday. That's not Karli, that's someone else. So, I am busting out of this rut! I have a 10K I need to train for with numerous 5K's in between, and I can't just not run until then. Running is my outlet and my natural destresser. I never regret it when I work out, but I am regretting every second of the day when I know I haven't done SOMETHING active.
Not anymore! More tonight lovelies :D


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My biggest addiction

It's addicting and it's a true confession for me. I cannot miss one episde of Teen Mom! And I think you all should watch it too :) Just cause I love you all so much, here are some sneak peaks tonight. For those of you who live under a rock, Teen Mom is a new MTV series that follows the young women of 16 and Pregnant while they raise their babies that we were introduced to in 16 & pregnant. Teen Mom airs Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT on MTV

The first sneak clip is with Ryan who is with Maci and they have a baby boy, Bentley. Ryan is most def my least favorite out of all the "men" in the girl's lives. He treats Maci like crap and needs to get over his urge to be a playa and be a dad. In my opinion of course.
Ryan Needs to Grow Up:

Ryan Takes on Truck Driving:

Now Tyler is with Catelynn and they are my FAVORITE! They gave up their baby Carly (love the name ;) ), for adoption and there was not a dry seat in the house when it premiered. They are the most mature teenagers I have ever known and overall they are just a cute couple. A little background- they made a very mature (and HARD!) decision to put Carly up for adoption not only because they didn't think they could provide for Carly like she deserved, but also because of their family situation. Tyler's dad and Catelynn's mom got married AFTER the fact that Catelynn and Tyler got together.
Tyler Works on Car:

Amber is with Gary, who I'm on the fence with. They pretty much bicker the whole dang time and have the most ADORABLE baby girl on the show, Leah, and Amber is hard at work to get her High School diploma.
Amber Looks for a Babysitter:


Monday, January 11, 2010

I got it!!

So before I even start this blog, you must know all your prayers and thoughts worked...I GOT THE JOB I interviewed for!! E-yo! More on that later on..just keep reading for now :)
So the time has come to take my butt back to the gym! It's about time. The cold lingered for a good 2 weeks and then with moving and packing and then totally tweaking out my back, it made it impossible. Turns out, my back is starting to feel better, so I am most def taking full advantage of it. So I am hitting the gym tomorrow and getting ready there in the morning. After the gym, I'll be heading to....... MY NEW JOB!! BOO YA! The interview went so good & the office is gorgeous! It's a small office with mostly girls my age & it sounds like a fairly easy job and the location couldn't get better! It'll be roughly a 15-18 minute drive to mine and N's new apartment. I couldn't be happier! When one door closes, another one opens. And my new supervisor has 2 miniature wiener dogs just like my Daisy Mae (who is loving the new comfy couches, btw). We had a good chat about our babies and in my mind, we connected like soul mates over our love for our German doggies.
But no joke, I am SO excited to get into my new gym schedule down now that we are just right down the road from it. My plan is to do like I did back in North Cackalacky and go to the gym before work. Except the gym here doesn't make me shiver when I think about showering, so I'll be taking full advantage of their exclusive locker room. Since my back is still a tad tender, I just plan on running and doing some lower body work. I wanna run a 3 miler so bad. No clue why thinking about killing myself on a rubber track excites me so much, but it gets me more excited then news of Octomom getting her tubes tied.

I really need to get this Operation healthiest/fittest as possible before baby comes on the road!


And we're back

So today's workout consisted of unpacking a bunch of boxes that consisted of my clothes and a little box that consisted of N's. What's a girl to do- that's how it's supposed to be right? The girl has TONS of clothes and shoes and the guy gets this tiny little spot? I would gladly share the beautimous walk in closet space with N, but he really isn't much a "what hot outfit can I put together today" kinda guy.

To be honest- I was not in the mood to run or shred or wake up. My back was/is a total mess. I broke the cardinal rule yesterday and I lifted with my back and not my legs! What the heck folks?! So tonight unpacking boxes has been killer, but I'm taking it easy with my legs propped up on our beautiful new $30 pine coffee table (Craigslist people! It's where all the loot's at), and I'm kickin back on our new couches with N and his bff (Mr. X Box) and of course Daisy Mae. She is such an explorer and N and I agreed that I shoulda named her Dora the Explorer, but let's be honest, this weeny came before the cartoon (that's what she said).

I hate it say it cause it's a new year (new goals, new races, new hair extensions for Kate Gosslin),
but my workouts have been horrible this year. I was sick with a HORRIBLE upper chest cold, and now that I'm over it, my back is killin like a villain. So tomorrow there shall be no workouts, cause I don't think I just lifted wrong, I think I actually pulled my lower back. No bueno. But for the most part, we are unpacked, so I can just take it easy and hopefully land this new job I am going for tomorrow. YES- you read me right, I am interviewing for yet ANOTHER job! You may be asking yourself, "Didn't she already have a fabulous job lined up last time I read". The answer- yes! BUT, things change. Long story short- the corporate office at the company (and there are a bajillion corporate offices for this company- they are worldwide), is supposed to be approving my offer letter and they just haven't come through yet. My supposed to be new manager, is SUPER DUPER sweet and she really wants things to work out and she's been really good keeping in touch with me, and even she doesn't know what the hold up is. So, I think it's best to kick this Popsicle stand and hit the road. Cause mama needs some money like Lady Gaga needs a mirror.

So, I have a great job interview lined up that one of my hiring agent's set up for me. It's a great development company and it's in a great location considering where our new place is. It'll take me like 15 minutes to get to work (LOVE IT!).

So on that note, it's been a long day, but I look forward to letting you all know how it went tomorrow when I get home.

Stay beautiful lovelies!!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Temporarily out of order

Sorry for the lack of el posto's lovelies. My family has been helping N and I move all day. I mean, up at the bright and early time of 7AM and didn't stop moving until 6pm! Needless to say, we've had a long day, but I'm most def counting the moving HEAVY things up and down 2 flights of stairs as a workout. I can also bet my bottom dollar that every person who helped today, will be waking up so so so sore, but the fun never ends. I am planning on going to church with my mama and sister and bunny boo (niece to those newbies), and then coming back over to my mom and dad's to go shopping in their cupboards :) Trust me, I plan on jacking more stuff than Winona Ryder on a shopping trip. She was just practicing for a new role people!

So I will be back and ready tomorrow night and if your lucky, I'll be posting some pics of the new crib.

Stay beautiful lovelies!