Friday, May 30, 2014

The one where I end my blog

So. Hello! Remember me? So Im gonna keep this short and sweet, lovelies.

I am closing down this ol' blog of mine. I have loved having this blog. I started it cause my husband was tired of listening to me ramble we were living in North Carolina at the time and I wanted to talk about how I missed California. And then I wanted to talk about our move back home to California. And then starting over, then the amazing news of being pregnant with Troy, then Troy being born, then life as a new mommy, then working out, etc. I had/have so much to talk about.

I just don't have the time/desire to blog anymore. I have lots of stuff to talk about, but really is it relevant? Is it stuff I want the world to know? Mostly its a question of, "Do I want my family to know this?". Also, this blog has been used as a diary for myself and I see no point in just documenting about going to fro yo, going to the gym, hanging with friends anymore.

I have LOVED {cyber} meeting some of you and love the friendships Ive developed from it. This isn't goodbye, this is, "catch me on Instagram" <----ktaylor84 after="" all="" aren="" backstories="" blogs.="" for="" instagram="" more="" nbsp="" ol="" on="" p="" pics="" t="" than="" the="" way="" we="">
Thanks for everything!