Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Sun and Stars

WOOF. From 5pm-ongoing, its been a roller coaster of emotions.

About 4:30pm last night, my hubsicle came home from work saying his stomach hurt, which was odd because he seriously never ever tells me he is hurting or he's sick. So I knew something was up. By 5, he's telling me we need to go to the ER - uh oh. His stomach was hard and stiff and his pain was in his lower right side. Well, I am someone who definitely works well under pressure, but I will be honest; in those few minutes it took for me to get Troy's stuff together for Gma's and getting Nick in the car?

Long story short, after blood tests and a CT scan...dun dun duuuuun: APPENDICITIS! The freaking appendix! It hadn't burst, but it was uber swollen and that sucker had to go. Between all the nurses coming in and out of the room, surgeons coming in and telling us what the procedure would be like, my head was spinning. Basically, all the doctors confirmed what I thought and surgery was happening within an hour.

The thought of Nick getting put under scared me. Im not sure why, but it did. I mean, really, I KNEW he was going to be ok, but I think its just normal that when your significant other is about to be opened up, you get nervous. The unknown is scary, people. I have my Faith in the good Lord above, but Im human, fear at some points in life are normal.

So here we are not even 24 hours later, back at home and I am happily playing nurse to my patient. Its crazy that this sort of surgery is A) so common and B) how quickly they discharge the patients. I mean, my man IS a former Marine, so he IS tougher than most, but for real? He needs some nurse supervision with walking, getting outta bed, eating, etc. Which is where I come in....and there may be some extra entertainment for the guy

Monday, September 2, 2013

California Love

LBC up in the hizzzouse! Long Beach for you non crip walkin readers. Our family unit took a quick trip to Long Beach while Nick had a week long vacation from work. We've packed in so many things in the 1 week, but Long Beach was definitely a part of it that sticks out.

We left at the super bright and early time of 3:15AM, which means I had to wake up at 2:15 AY-EM...ya.....

Our itinerary was simple:
- Drive straight to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach (HIGHLY rated online and right on the pier)
- Lunch on the beach
- Check into our hotel for naps
- Dinner somewhere on the pier
- Go walk on the beach, then back to the hotel for bed
- Check out early at 7:30...
- COFFEE!!!!
- On the road to visit Nick's Gma and Grandad
It was such a packed 2 days. To and From Long Beach, it's about 7 hours each way. No way would I have been able to do such a great driving job as Nick. I am way too much of a sassafrass to pay attention to the road when Im sleepy

And without further ado, some picky pics!

I couldn't not get this sunset painted by the greatest artist

Miles and miles and miles and miles and miiiiiles of this type of scenery

Stopped for breakfast (and COFFEE!) and some "how garbage trucks work" lessons

The last exit before hopping on the famous "Grapevine"

We made it to the aquarium! Getting to touch the jellies. All I could think of was Finding Nemo

Mr. Crab

This was cool. A scuba diver was in this giant floor to ceiling tank and had a mic on him and was talking to these school kids

Penguins being cute, but boring

This was hilarious, this fish was seriously sizing up this army of crabs. The crabs all had their tentacles out like they were ready for battle and this fish was no lie giving them the "Im about to eat someone" look.

T Money was seriously in awe of all these fish. The display windows were HUGE and really pretty, so it's perfect for a toddler. Every window we went to was greeted with a gasp and "LOOK!!!" by him.

Sea horse! *Random note: when I was younger, I wanted to be a mermaid and ride a seahorse. Little did I know they're itty bitty...and mermaids have fins, clearly, I would be able swim for myself*

Checking out the sea lions

Petting some baby reef and hammerhead sharks

As you can tell, he was more interested in sizing up the next display window of fish and had no time to look at the camera

This was his FIRST TIME EVER seeing/touching the ocean and sand. Only other time was when we were in Mexico and he was 3 months old and he obviously can't remember that. He was a little skeptical, hence daddy dragging holding his hand

AND HE LOVED IT!!!! *Side Note: see those 2 people in the water and you see how there are lights coming on that island? It's CLEARLY getting dark and if you're an avid Shark Week watcher like myself, you KNOW, this is feeding time for sharks. You will also know, they generally come close to shore for feeding time. Have these people never watched SW? Or even Jaws!? Get outta the water, you yahoo's!*

This kid does NOT want pictures, he wants to play and run amuck on this funny stuff they call sand

I can't even explain why he's walking this way. The ocean was doing things to him. He was hilarious with how he was walking and getting all excited about the waves.

T Money, the Pacific Ocean, and Long Beach

Los Angeles. I could just FEEL how many celebrities I was amongst ;) 

Be jealous of this L.A. traffic. This seriously lasts from 6am-noon errr'day.
Someone was over the car and just ready to go home