Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treats

Happy Halloween my lovely readers! This weekend is going by slendidly. Yesterday Nick ended up having to work for a couple of hours (boo!), but we got our paw decals up in little T's room and got the safety lock on his window. His window is proteceted by this half wall thing from outside, but a bad guy could still have access to his room. So mommy and daddy felt safer knowing that window could only be unlocked from the inside.


Getting the layout down

The rest of the day consisted of a delicious bfast with my sister and bunny boo and Nick of course, Home Depot (which Nick informred me is more geared towards women and Lowes is for men? News to me), and then Target & grocery shopping. I deserve a real spanking because I didn't go to the gym once this weekend, GASP! But, tonight I plan on walking around the neighborhoods as we go trick or treating with my niece (aka the Bunny Boo to new readers). So Im sure I'll cover some mileage..while eating my 6 little fun sized butterfingers...yes, you better believe I have them in my purse as I type ready to go!
Since we're on the topic of Halloween and trick or treating, I have a fabulous idea for next year with Troy. Of course he will only be 10 months and wont be walking up to people's doors, but we still plan on walking around with my niece again and Nick and I will go out with friends for our own festivities. This is my idea - me as a sexy Alice from Wonderland or a Queen of hearts, Nick as the Mad Hatter, and Troy as the little white rabbit!!! It's bound to be cold that night like every year, so Troy will be all bundled.

I'm still trying to find a little white rabbit custome witout a bunch of pink on it <----- No pink according to Nick haha. Since I wont end my night with a pillow case full of candy, I am giving myself a different kinda treat...... droooool
Oh Vera Wang, how you tease me. These babies can be found at Kohls. They are over the knee and would make me feel like I could put on a cape and show Batman a thing or two

When mommy and daddy DO get a date night, this would be such a fun dress!

I want her hair and closet dang it!

Pretty much everything Lauren Conrad puts out, I want. Thankfully for us non celebrities, she makes clothes I can afford and sold at Kohls.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


Friday, October 29, 2010

29 weeks bay bay!

How far along? 29 weeks! Which means 11 weeks till my due date and 7 weeks till I'm full term -- we're getting close people!

Baby's size? Just a little over 2.5lbs, the size of a butternut squash

Weight Gain? 23.5 El Bee's

Stretch marks? Zip, still greasing my belly up with EVOO, sometimes twice a day and staying super hydrated

Belly button in or out? half in and half out. It's sexy, let me tell you

Sleep? Same as last week, it's not pretty. I fall asleep super fast, then am restless after about 5-6 hours

Foods I am loving? Still my nonfat decaf extra hot mocha's from the 'Bucks. Also my sweets. I made some more of these bad boys this week. I limit myself to 2 a night with a small glass of non fat milk -- protein baby!

Foods I am hating? Chinese food has been a big turnoff during pregnancy. Blah!

Best moment this week? My babymoon with my love and noticing how big the belly is getting

Movement? ooo yeah. It wakes me up sometimes. I feel like he is trying to bond with his mama cause it's just him and I awake

Symptoms? Constipation is back! Dun dun DUUUUUUUN. My rings are still fitting, but during the day, my fingers and feet will swell. It lasts for about 5-10 minutes

Gender? Rough and tough little man

What I miss? Margaritas and mimosas. Non drinky related is I miss running. I can't wait to take him out on runs with me.

What I'm looking forward to? My baby shower, Thanksgiving, Christmas, getting the wall decals up <------ doing that this weekend

Weekly Wisdom: Keep being active and drink tons of water. Constipation rears it's ugly head again in the 3rd trimester, so water will help move things along

Milestone: Making it back safe and sound from Denver and just enjoying the rest of pregnancy (hopefully enjoying, but I'm sure I'm gonna be over this in about t minus 3-4 weeks)

Emotions: Sleepiness and no energy, but still truckin! Oh and my appetite seems to be up, but I can't seem to eat too much since my stomach is running outta room to expand!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thoughtless Thursdays

{that's right...this is going to be a total thoughtless, plethora of just stuff!}

I apologize for the absence, whew! Work has been so busy and its where I get my morning blog time in. Don't they know I have followers that need to be updated on my oh so fabulous life?! <----- kidding of course. In all seriousness though, work has been busy and at times pretty stressful which makes me want to skip my nightly gym trip. But then I remember those friggin 7.5lbs from the last doctor visit and force myself to do at least 20 minutes of cardio. I mentioned in a previous post how my work position is changing a bit, and without any formal announcement it has. Work has been piling more and more stuff onto me and it was just the other week a light bulb went off: Ah HA! They have added more responsibilities (and chores!) to my job title w/out telling me. Clever management, hmmph. To be honest, I've been bitter with work lately (a certain manager in particular), and it's caused me to have to walk away from my desk and take some deep breaths in the ladies room. I am so looking forward to just lounging this weekend. Tomorrow night Nick and I are babysitting (can you really 'babysit' an 11 year old?) the Bunny Boo so we're planning on dinner and coming home to watch the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean since the Bunny boo has never seen it. As for Saturday it's a full day of lounging. Poor Nicky poo woke up not feeling well this morning (a cold to the extreme), so with the weather being chilly, it'll be homemade crock pot chicken noodle soup. Plus we found out he might have to go into work for a few hours for mandatory overtime, blah! Anyone have any recommended recipes? If not, I'll be googling and possibly stopping by It'll be fabulous because I need time to catch up on laundry, grocery shopping, and relaxing since coming back from Denver. Am I the only one who seems to need a vacation from their vacation? I always hear people say that, so I know I can't be the only one. Who else is ready for the Halloween weekend? It's going to be all Hallows Eve, OOOOOOOOOO!! 7.5 lbs or not, I'm getting my preggy hands on some butterfingers ...and possibly some snickers.....


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So I PROMISE the Denver recap will be up by the end of the day, but for now let's back track. I completely forgot to do a little recap on my Little Man's 28th week! Pretend it's last Friday and I was a good blogger and posted this :)

How far along? 28 weeks=7 months=3rd trimester bay bay! This adventure train is movin right along

Baby's size? According to, my baby bean is just over 2 and a quarter pounds and about the size of a Chinese cabbage. The doctor told me he was measuring about 5 days behind (According to my 20 week u/s), so maybe he has caught up?

Weight Gain? Get ready for this....23 lbs, eeek!!! Mama has been cutting out unnecessary snacking and empty calorie beverages, so let's hope in 2 weeks they don't tell me I've gained another 7.5 lbs. I'm looking for a nice 5 please. According to the nurse, 7.5 lbs isn't what they wanna see in between visits? Puh-lease lady, I work out twice a day, I'm allotted some extra snacks. If Little T is fine, then what's the issue (hehe)

Stretch marks? Nada, and let's hope it stays that way. Mama wants to be able to wear those bikini's next summer w/out having some battle scars.

Belly button in or out? half of it is popped out and the other half is hanging in there

Sleep? Psh. Sleep? It's a total hit and miss, but mostly a miss. I can't seem to sleep more than 5-6 hours before waking up. I just get uncomfortable, I am very much looking forward to sleeping on my stomach again :)

Foods I am loving? Still my sweets. Actually in Denver while walking around, I'm pretty sure I was having those braxton hicks, so I wanted to go back to the hotel and rest....until I saw Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory :) Then everything was golden!

Foods I am hating? Nothing really I'm hating. I don't seem to turn my nose up at much these days

Best moment this week? As funny as it sounds, his stronger kicks are making my day! The other day he kicked me to where it actually hurt. I know I'll hate it soon, but for now, this is the only time in his life I give him permission to kick his mama

Movement? Like a champ! I am doing those 'kick counts' the doctors tell us pregnant women to do. I'm supposed to feel 10 kicks in an hour. I do them maybe twice a week because when I do count them, it's when I'm about to fall asleep and I fall asleep in the process hehe

Symptoms? Hunger and sleepiness. I give myself about 4 more weeks till I get that 'I'm done being pregnant' feeling

Gender? A rough n tough little man

What I miss? I still miss having an adult beverage when we go out to dinner and such. Oh and I miss running :( But I'd give it all up to have my healthy happy baby boy

What I'm looking forward to? Well since Denver has already happened, I'd have to say my baby classes and going on the stork tour of the maternity suites <--- that's right, they are called suites!! From pics and word of mouth, I've heard they are so nice, almost like a hotel! Weekly Wisdom: No matter what flavor they offer you for the 1 hour glucose test, it's gonna taste horrible. Milestone: 3rd trimester!! Emotions: I'm getting anxious! While in Denver, I started thinking about how I need to get little man's pediatrician and get him enrolled. Also need to get the decals I bought up on those walls. This weekend is supposed to be raining, so I'm thinking its a perfect time :) with the holidays coming, I know time is just going to fly so I need to make sure everything is in order. I'm also wanting to construct a 'get back into my bikini by Mexico' plan so I have one written out. I find the best way to stick to a consistent workout plan is to write it out on a calendar. Not only that, but I also want to start thinking about meals I can cook and freeze & then just bake once T man gets here. AHH, so much to do! Did I mention I need to get on my Christmas shopping ASAP as well?!


Monday, October 25, 2010


So I'm gonna try to make it a not so rambly recap of our getaway (since I know I can do that from time to time). The flight there was great! A nice smooth ride. I was pretty nervous not only because the whole "You shouldn't travel at 28 weeks" comments I got from certain people (I'm looking at you men at work who have never been pregnant themselves!) so even though my OB and nurse practitioner have given me the green flag (just know where your closest hospital will be just in case), I was still a bit nervous. Not to mention the fact that I am the most motion sensitive person in the WORLD (it's a fact. It's been proven), and I've never ever flown without Dramamine. The flight went great, nice and smooth and I actually was assigned a seat next to my one and only (cause I would have thrown a fit if I wasn't), and another girl about my age who was also pregnant. She was 20 weeks and it was fun exchanging little tid bits, and fears of mamahood.
After getting our super sonic dodge caliber, it was off to our cush hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Denver and it was so nice. I'm a snob when it comes to beds and bathrooms and this one did not disappoint. I always do a little hop up on the bed once I get into a hotel to see if it's up to par, so I didn't get a shot of it without wrinkles on the sheets, but oooo la la, mama like.

The views were awesome (the pics just don't do justice), and the room was very comfortable. When Nick and I checked in, we were informed there was a 'Gamers Convention' in town! I - grown adults, kids of all ages, women and men, were dressed as their favorite Sci-Fi and gaming character from head to toe. We even saw a Mario and Luigi walking around. Oh and Nick and I were fortunate to have witnessed a few Star Trek fans having their own little battle with homemade Bat'leth's. Don't know what these enchanting weapons are? Feast your eyes upon THIS

After catching up with Nicks mom (and devouring a much appreciated home cooked meal, we called it a late (for us early birds) night and headed back to our love nest for the weekend.
Saturday was busy busy. We were planning on heading up to Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs for the day and visit the Garden of the Gods, but Nick and I both got cold feet. I called my pediatrician's office to make sure traveling up to such a high elevation (in a non pressured transportation like I did in an airplane) would have any negative impacts. I got off the phone with another green light, but a very stern warning to 'BE VERY CAREFUL'. So Saturday morning Nick said he made the executive discussion to skip on Pikes Peak so it wouldn't be in the back of our minds and worry about Troy's well being. Instead we headed downtown with the MIL and went to see the King Tut exhibit that was in town, and did grabbed some lunch, scooped out good 'wining and dining' spots for that night, and walked around for some window shopping. Denver is one of the cleanest downtown's I've seen and they have a very cool downtown mall with fun shops. Walking around, we ran into several zombies <----- yup, you read that right. We ran into zombies; people were dressed in full makeup and zombie wear meeting in a centralized place. That would NOT be the last we saw of the living dead wannabes. The love machine decided on a place I saw downtown called Willie G's . If you live or go to the Denver area and are looking for a specical occasion dinner with your lovey, or even a special girls dinner, I recommend it. Right away we were impressed - great service (the waitress recommended me a fun preggy cocktail so I wouldn't be stuck with water), delicious food ( As you can see, I love me some shrimp cocktail), and great atmosphere.

Since Nick and I love to people watch, we couldn't have had better seats. They were also great seats if you loved to zombie watch. Dun dun duuuun! There they were, the zombies! Except there were soooo many more than we had previously seen in the day time (duh Karli, they come out at night full force). It was so much fun to see these kids, teens and adults just walking up and down the streets acting as if they were the real deal. I'm assuming there was some sort of a zombie crawl or event going on that night (or maybe that's how Denver people are and us Californians are just not hip to the craze?) Thank you Willie G's for providing a great atmosphere for my hubby to take me out for a fun night on the town!
We are just going to totally and completely skip the Sunday recap because Broncos lost - bad. But enjoy the pics of when there were smiles during the day :)

3rd stringer, Brady Quinn
Walking up to Invesco field
Walking to the light rail, we saw a field of little guys like this! I wanted to take one home
The only smiles from that day
View from our seats
Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow
BE thankful this is the last Tim Tebow pic I'm posting cause there's more where that came from baby!
Of course that wasn't MY beer :)
The shorter guy in the white hat -- Josh McDaniels aka my hubbs doppalganger

Monday it was off we went and boy was it eventful. About 30 minutes into the flight the flight attendant gets on the loud speaker "Attention passengers, if we have any medical professionals or doctors on the flight, please push your call button, we need someone to assist another passenger on board". Some old old old (did I mention old?) man was having signs of a heart attack, so back into the turbulent (TO THE EXTREME!!) weather we went to Denver to land to get this man to a doctor. On the way back down to land --Troy was a jumping bean and I don't mean that in a cute way whatsoever! As soon as we landed I asked the oh so snobby flight attendant for some ginger ale because I wasn't feeling well at all. No big deal, right? It's not like I told her I was going into labor, I was just mentioning how I was nausea's from the turbulence. Before we took off the 2nd time, the same attendant came up to me and said in the most unsympathetic voice "Are you doing okay honey? Other passengers asked me to ask how the pregnant woman was doing because they don't want to have to turn around and land again". REALLY?! People are saying that? Well they can all suck it! SOOOOO sorry I get motion sick and this is the 1st time I've flown sans nausea meds! At least that's what I wanted to stand up and say. With ginger ale in hand, off I went back into the air with even WORSE turbulence than before. My poor Troy, he was bouncing all over and it was making his mommy soooooooooo sick. I couldn't even wait to get to the bathroom, I reached in the front of my seat to the barf bag, and let it all out. All meaning the blackberry scone from Caribou Coffee. I had gathered quite the audience, which my knight and shining armor took care of by either verbally telling passengers to mind their own business or shielded me the best he could. Now, I'm not insensitive by any means, so when I could reach the bathroom, I did my business in there as to not disturb other passengers, but there were a couple times I just didn't have time to get to it. Moral of the story? Do not fly into Denver or any turbulent zone while pregnant (or not on Dramamine).
So that was our trip -- we loved every second of it (other than the disturbing game on Sunday). Even the nausea's plane ride on the way home was worth the trip.
Some other random belly pics :)