Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas is how many days away?!

Okay, so I don't the exact amount of days, but I know that its close. I felt it in the air this morning walking into work with my Pashmina scarf and extra hot grande non fat mocha. That air was crisp and that ol' Jack Frost was nipping at my nose. Oh and guess what I saw? WHITE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS BEING WRAPPED UP THE TREE'S IN MY WORKS PARKING LOT!! AHH!! So So SO exciting. Since day light savings is happening on Saturday, its gonna be dark outside when I get off, but thanks to the beautiful lights, I will be guided to my car with joy :)Christmas is my favorite time of year. Everyone just seems more cheery in my opinion.
We have always had a tradtition of going all out on Christmas decorations. We are just a smidge away of the Griswolds. Oh and sitting around the Christmas tree really early in the morning and literally taking a long time just so we could milk the time we were sitting there. Rewind before that: Christmas jammies! Click your mouse if you have special jammies you open on Christmas Eve?! I've actually started Christmas shopping believe it or not. AHH!! I am SO excited! Is it Christmas yet?


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Humpday ladies and gents!

Another kick ass sesh at the gym tonight! Bada bing! I would put the pic up, but my internet is being LAME, so another time dearies.

Its usually the norm for me cause why fix something that's not broken, am I right? In the bowl- 5 egg whites, 1 yolk with about 1 tblspn of shredded chedder ontop a bed of spinach. Totally reppin it for the Popeye crowd! Then of course hot sauce on top :D Then I have my Trader Joe's walnut bread with 1.5 tablespoon of Almond Butter and shmear of Trader Joes blackberry preserves. Mmm mm mmmmmmm. Talk about amazing! It is such a comfort food for me.

Oh and before I forget, I have to share with you peeps what happend to me yesterday morning. I was getting out of bed and was so excited to wake up at 5:45 AM when I went to bed at 11:30 the night before, that I basically sprinted to the shower and since it was dark in the room, I didn't see the drawer sticking out of the dresser. You can guess who banged/killed the top of their quad in the corner of the drawer. I present to you, the damage on day #1:

MAN it hurt!! Then day two:

OUCCCCH!!! It didn't keep this crazy workout fanatic from working out. OH and great news: I am signing up for the turkey trot in my area on Thanksgiving morning. I have only technically ran 1 5K race and I did really good in my opinion. Time to start training!!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thoughtful Tuesday

Good evening blogger world! I just got back from a killer workout sesh and I am currently on my bed watching me some Biggest Loser. Its a total addiction of mine, shhhhh ;) Its just so motivating that people can change their lives in just a short amount of time.

I have been inspired bloggies! Yes I have! By a certain blog that I religiously follow for yoga inspiration/food recipes/clean eating motivation. Its written by a girl named Jenna and the website is I most def recommend checking it out, yo! So what I was inspired by was taking pictures of yummy things I make for bfast/lunch/dinner. I think it's going to help me keep better track of what I put it my mouth, which my thighs will thank me later for!

Tomorrow is hump day :) Bring it!!! Its half way through till the weekend, mua ha ha!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome to thunder dome b*%$@

Please tell me that you have seen the movie, Waiting? If you haven't seen it, immediately stop what your doing and the plans you have for tonight, and rent it. If you've never seen it, you won't get the title to this post, he he. The point of me bossing people I don't know around? To tell you how I am going to see one of the stars of Waiting tonight!!!! That's right, Dane Cook is coming to Sac town and I couldn't be happier!! I am so excited for N and I. It was a total spur of the moment thing that I decided to buy us tickets. We had plans to go out to din din with Bestie Bon Bon and her hubby and little baby, but Bon Bon's baby got an ear infection yesterday, so she texted me to cancel. I was about to do the obvious thing and state how sad I was on my Facebook status (since every one cares and all) about my situation, when I saw that one of my friend's status was bragging how excited she was about going to see Dane Cook tomorrow night at Arco Arena. I didn't even know my ex husband was going to be in town?!?! Did he not think to call or even think to invite N and I?! I immediately went to ticketmaster, fully ready to wallow in my self pity about the tickets being sold, when what do I see? TICKETS AVAILABLE!!! I was so happy that I didn't even think twice if N would be mad that I just dropped $230 on a whim, and I whipped out my visa and did a couple click a roo's and no sooner had I clicked confirm order, had my e tickets been sent to my email ready for printing! I texted N to test the waters with "Hey, guess where we're going tomorrow night? TO SEE DANE COOK!!!!" (Subtle Karli, verrrry subtle). I was trying to distract myself until he texted back "LOL, I was actually wanting to go to that. We are so on the same page babe" (On the side note: we really ARE on the same page about every crazy thing. Some people call it bizarre, we call is love). You can imagine my relief reading it that he wasn't mad or just plain out didn't want to go. N and I watched his comedy tour on Comedy Central one night and were seriously on the floor cracking up. He is so interactive with his crowd too, which takes me to another great key factor: Our tickets!! I've been to Arco Arena a few times (Sacramento King's games, concerts, maybe the American Idol tour *cough cough*) and these seats are amazing. They are lower level which means, we are going to be able to see him perfectly. Not just a blurry version either. We will be able to make out facial hair people. Plus with my handy dandy camera, I can zoom up with pics. Don't worry, I will post them tomorrow :) I am going to say it now, that if he comes out in the audience and I just am one of those lucky, er crazy, fans who reaches out and pulls on him when he is trying to get up and down those stairs, I will be bragging about it for at least a month!
I hope your Saturdays are going great bloggie world :)

O and for you who haven't seen my ex husband, Mr. Dane Cook- here is he:



Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home is where the heart is

Oh Sunday- the day of rest yet the day of sadness. It brings the wonderful, relaxing, sleeping in, staying up till whenever you want weekend to an end. Thats okay though cause it means back to the gym for me, yaya! Kicking my own butt is such a love/hate feeling for me, but when I imagine my PT, Jillian Michaels barking at me to lift harder and run faster, I can't help but get into the swing of things.

So how was your weekends lovlies? I left you all on Saturday letting you know I was going to look at apartments with N and I and to go see Paranormal Activity. So, lets start at the apartments:
Apartment #1: LOVED IT! Brand new hardwoods, brass fixtures, real granite counters in bathroom and kitchen, new black appliances, new berber carpet in bedroom, his and her closets in bedroom, wood burning fireplace and mantel (can we say decorating potential?!) patio, seperate dining area and cute small community but near EVERYTHING you could ever want (La Bou!!!, Trader Joes, Target, Safeway, THE GYM!!!, easy access to freeway). It was so nice and open so everything flowed very well. The only con for me? It was a TEEENY TAD bit on the smaller side and the 1 bathroom you have to get to through the master bedroom. Its about 749 square feet, but for Daisy, N and I that's perfect. Oh and the 2nd story (Which we didn't get to see, but is what we'd want) has vaulted ceilings so it makes it look even bigger. We only saw the downstairs model, which was still very very nice. Here are the pics :)

Kitchen from the entry way:

This is the view from the entry way- my iphone could get a wide angle, but you get the gist:

This is from the entry way looking down towards the master bedroom:

My fireplace & decoratable mantel :)

Looking into the bathroom from the bedroom- LOVE the his/her sinks :)

This is looking down the hall from the bedroom w/the kitchen on the right and living room on left:

One side of the kitchen. Check out the new appliances!!!

Nice seperate dining area:

So that was apartment #1. Now apartment #2, N and I just didn't like. It is out of the equation and not even worth posting the pics of it. It was pretty dated and it looked more like an apartment rather than a home. I may seem like a snob saying this, but granite and hardwoods and fireplaces are just more my style- it feels like an actual home you can come home too and possibly bring a baby home too ;) (no, I'm not pregnant....YET! HA!!) The 2nd apartment also didn't feature hardwoods and the dining area was over carpet and I've had an apartment like that and the carpet was trashed by the end. Also, the lighting in apartment #2 were more of that florecent lighting rather than the soft natural light. The bathroom actually reminded me of a bathroom at a Holiday Inn. It was a tad cheaper, but not by much and considering what you get in apartment #1, it was over priced. Apartment #1, was a little more expensive but something that we can do w/out feeling stretched with money and still having some money to spend. In the words of Forest Gump: that's all I have to say about that.

Now- Paranormal Activity!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!! On a scale of 1-10, 10 being closing your eyes throughout the whole movie, I'd give it a 7. I mean, the movie had a lot of hype and just the idea of it sounded scary. You can go here to read what its about. It sort of blew it for me knowing that it wasn't real. Remember how when The Blair Witch Project came out, everyone was coninced it was real footage and people were going to the woods of Massachusuts just to see if THEY could find the Blair Witch? It was sort of fun to watch BWP because there was that question on if it was real. Paranormal Activity has already been dubbed fiction. HOWEVER, it was still scary. The whole time I was thinking "Holy crap, if this were real, it would freak me out and I'd be sleeping in a church at night" See, all the scary paranormal things happen during night when the young couple is sleeping. The girl in the movie has pretty much been followed around by this one specific demon her whole life. They had a psycic come in and tell them the difference between a ghost and demon is demon's aren't human and they are on the earth to bring terror to people and do horrible things. Now I consider myself very strong in my Christian faith, but I do believe there are demons out there so even the thought of a demon haunting you, was enough to give me goosebumps. I won't spoil the ending for everyone, but if you like scary movies, I would recommend it. Its one you have to see on a big screen (not nesessarily the theather) and you have to watch in the dark to give the full effect. For the record, it does leave you scared to go to bed at night and question every little creak and bump in the night that you hear. A must watch with Halloween coming up :)

Have a great week everyone!!! I will try not to be so MIA during the week, but this California girl lives at the gym after work, so I can't make promises :)



Saturday, October 17, 2009


I finally have been allowed to take a breath!! October 15th is the deadline for the people who missed the 1st deadline for taxes & as most of you know, I work at a CPA firm. It was crazy how go go go everything is. Between people picking up their taxes and showing them where to sign and collecting money and logging it and preparing folders for people dropping off their taxes to BE prepared...just exhausting. Plus I've been a workout fanatic lately so I've been getting home at like 9 on average for the past 2 weeks so I am just so tired.

It's too bad too cause N and I are totally different schedules for work so when he gets homes (a little past midnight since he goes to the gym after work) I am fast asleep cause I get up to go to work at 5:45 AM. He'll nudge me to let me know he's hoome, but I am so tired, there is no way I can wake up. So its been a little tough on N and I. Then on the weekend we are with a full house (mom, dad, bunny boo, sister) not to mention a bunch of dogs. We live on 5 acres, so there's pleanty of room, its just a lot. Soooo big news: N and I have decided to move into an apartment prior to buying. It was so not in the plans, but it'll work out. Plus we won't feel so rushed to buy. Tomorrow we are looking at a couple of apartments, and we're planning on moving out the weekend of January 2nd. We are very excited :D. Its always hard being on your own for so long and married and then to move back home.

Oh and tomorrow N and I are gonna go see the new scary movie Paranormal activity! I am SO excited. I love scary movies and this one I hear is so crazy scary! I will give everyone a full report tomorrow :)

Buenos noches!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Going to the dark side

Tomorrow I am heading back brunette. SO Excited! This was the first time I went brunette and got a lot of compliments and I loved it!


Love me some Notebook

So I was running the other day on the treadmill at my fabulous gym, er I mean, my 2nd home, and I was watching every girls favorite movie..THE NOTEBOOK! I just love the story! It never fails how much I watch it, that I will cry. It got me thinking though, how often is it that people go down a path in life when they were meant to go down another. Allie was THIS close to marrying Noah and what happened? The LAME parents split them up because of Noah's social status and you could SEE the love and passion they had for eachother. Then the stupid mom hides Noah's love letters he sends her for 1 whole year when she left so she had no idea Noah still wanted to be with her! Which in turn forced her into the arms of another man who yes, loved her, and she loved back, but it wasn't Noah. Her 1st love <3

So it made me many people deal with things like this? Was there that certain person that you were meant to be with and you settled for someone else? Do you still think about that one guy/girl that you just clicked with? I feel so bad for people who deal with that cause I can't even imagine how torn you would be.

Bottom line, this movie rocks!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello Fall, oh how I've missed thee

Don't you love fall?! The air is so crisp and the smell of wood piles burning is the best thing in the world! I love sweaters and leggings with boots, jeans and hoodies and of course uggs! I don't care what anyone says, Uggs are cute and so comfortable, I live in them in the winter and fall. Today is about 65 degrees with blue skies and big white clouds, it's my favorite kind of day :) oh and let's not forget another amazing benefit of fall and winter, HOT beverages at Starbucks!! I love Northern California during this time of the year!!

Currently on repeat: need you now by Lady Antebellum


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can I get some love for yoga?

I am so stinking excited for what is about to occur at 7:30 tonight! YOGA!!! I took a yoga in junior college and it was da bomb! I also have numerous DVD's that I like to do to. Oh yoga makes everything better! I plan on doing a 2-3 mile run before, I dunno how much time I'll have.

Work is going really good, busy since people are trying to get their taxes done before the last day of the extension on the 15th. Welcome to America, the land of the procrastinators! Lol