Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taking a Breather

So I swear Im alive and kicking. Things have been cray cray for days with packing. On Saturday night I got to take a little break from the madness and do an old fashioned slumber party with some of my girlfriends from elementary school. Pretty bad ass, no? There was plenty of booze and junk food and carbs. Need I say more? Twas fabulous! As much as I love my little T Monster, it was so nice to be able to sleep away and actually sleep through the night. Could be worse, but being woken up in the middle of the night, is not going to be missed when he is continually sleeping through the night. Maybe I need to take a page out of the gorgeous Raven's book?

Today Nick and I finally signed our closing paperwork. Our lender says we should get the keys Thursday afternoon and then it's done. The fun has just begun for moi. This whole week, my mamacita and I will be cleaning the house and painting. Jealous, right? The sellers told us we could start bringing stuff over and putting them in the basement and painting before we officially get the keys, so that's what we're gonna do. Paint and rollers have been bought, we're ready to get this show on the road. Promise to take before and after pics :) Oh and T Money has his 6 month doc appointment tomorrow. Which means...shots!! Ugh, last round till he's 1 though. I'll take it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Whine Whine Whine...

Big Brother, oh how you entertain me. Who's watching it? Are you guys yelling at stupid Rachel as much as I am? Seriously guys, Im losing it with this broad. She annoyed me last season, and this season is no different. Her face annoys me. She doesn't even have to speak, just being on the screen is enough. Harsh? I call it honest.

So lemme feel ya peeps in - Rachel is a bitch. Plain and simple. She talks behind peoples backs, she WHINES like no other. Im talking the kind of whine you only do when your imitating someone and exaggerating their ridiculousness. Like a 15 year old girl who's daddy cut up her credit cards kind of whine. Anywhoot - last season...
Yup, she is full of herself and ridiculous.

So anyways, last nights episode, Rachel once again is rude to a girl (because she is prettier than her in my opinion). I can't find a clip of it, but oh my LORD. Basically, another player, Cassie (the pretty one), confronts Rachel about being a backstabbing brat and Rachel plays dumb and says "its all strategy" and she doesn't have a personal vendetta against Cassie. FALSE. Rachel talks major crap about Cassie and says personal insults against her. So after Cassie doesn't back down and doesn't let Rachel play the "game play" card, Rachel storms out of the room, goes up to the HOH (Head of Household) room where Jordan (cute as a friggin button!) is and starts whining and crying how mean Cassie is and how Cassie hit her at all of her weaknesses. Boo-friggin- hoooooo Rachel.

K, rant done. Back to packing up my apartment :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

At the Moment...

I am doing this...

Seriously girls, packing is a workout all on it's own. Which could explain why I haven't worked out in the past 2 days. I'll be having a little one on one time with Jillian and Bob tomorrow morning though.

I will be back soon, but for this week, I'll be signing off, except maybe here and there. Kisses and Hugs!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Drool

Yup, so since I'm back on the counting calorie train *side note: was horrible tonight - my mom made her inFAMOUS chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing & I took some home*, I decide what Im going to eat hours before I actually eat it (sometimes a day before if Im really on top of things) & record the nutrional information into myfitnesspal.com app. Tomorrow Mr. Daddy Warbucks and I have decided on Wendy's. Believe it or not ladies, but I have had really eaten there. I think I've gone there once or twice when we lived in North Carolina & I honestly can't remember what I ordered.

After browsing on wendys.com, I have found my lunch for tomorrow:
(your probably going to have to click it to enlarge it, but it's a half size baja salad & a small chili. I didn't add the dressing into the equations because I never use more than 1/4 of the dressing and dip my fork in it before I stab :) )

Tell me why I have never heard of this salad? Guac? Pico de Gallo? & Chili?! I've never had chili on a salad, but Im pretty sure I'm going to love it.

Anyone ever had this? What's your favorite things at Chilis? Oh and one more thing - if your trying to find the EASIEST way to count calories & you have a smart phone - download myfitnesspal NOW. Im not being paid to say this, I'm just preachin the troof

Houston, We Have a Tooth!

So Troy is 7 days shy of his 6 month birth day (my child will be half a year old? DAAAYUM!)and he has been gnawing on his hands, his blankets, anything that he can find.

For about a month of two, I've been saying he's teething and what did I find a couple mornings ago? A tooth!

It BARELY showed and at first I thought it was a cold sore looking thing on top of his bottom gum line, but nope. It was a top of a tooth. So since then I've been sticking my finger in there to feel it. The past 2 days I've been able to feel it more and more, so I'm hoping it doesn't cause him too much more discomfort (or me lack of sleep & patience), and pops through already & leaves him alone. But then again, there are 31 more "pop ups" he will have to experience in his lifetime, so this will be a work in progress.

He's either gnawing cause he's teething or he has a wicked case of rabbies

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Words Can't Express

Please stop what your doing right now and say a prayer right for this family. Words cannot explain the sadness my heart feels them.

Click here to go to their blog

Thank the Lord

Seriously girls, Thank GAAAWD! The inspection on the workshop/garage was done yesterday and guess what? It PASSED!! Nick and I didn't ask any questions. The realtor said it passed, so that's good enough for us. So now the document that reads "passed" (BOO YA!), is heading to the lenders office on Monday, and from there, it should be a 24 hour turn around. So in English that means, this week we should get our closing/signing last escrow documents this week! Which meeeeeeeeans, next weekend we will be starting the move in process and 1st my mama and I are gonna be peeling 2 walls of wall paper and painting my room, Troy's room, and 1 wall in the living room. Pretty excited my peeps.

My DVR has started to record 2 new shows - Texas Women and Sweet Home Alabama? Any of you girls watching these? It's on CMT and I am watching Texas Women as I type, so I can't give a full review at the moment. Also, I'm still getting my coffee drip, so I'm not the best judge of anything right now. So Sweet Home Alabama? I really liked it. The girl is actually really cute. I

t's like the Bachelorette, but country. I would say if you like Real Housewives or The Bachelorette, watch it. It's pretty entertaining. They have the boys separated into "country boys" and "city boys". Of course I'm rooting for my country boys!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hello Gorgeous Spring Weather

Seriously beautiful readers, this weather here in Nor Cal has been reedick. Seriously, isn't it July? So up until about July 2nd, we were having off and on rain. Not kidding - July 2nd! And to you in the south are so used to the rain in Summer, but here in California, you really don't get rain in the Summer. So we had the rain. Then it heated up to like 100-105 degree range, then that stopped and we got 80 degree weather (hate me all you want. I'd hate me too with 80 degree Summer weather). So the past couple of days? We get CRAZY fog in the mornings. Like San Francisco sort of fog. And it's chilly outside with a bit of a breeze. You could swear it was going to rain, but then at 10-11ish, the sun comes out and you would never guess there was even a cloud in the sky and the weather turns out to be a nice pleasing 78 degrees. Seriously ladies (and maybe the guys reading), its been weird, but nice.

So yeah, we are going to be having pretty sweet weather.

If I was taking advantage of it, I'd be going for a run. But am I going to? Probably not. I am actually doing very well with my Shred/Boot camp combo 5 days a week. This week, it's sucking. Majorly sucking. I'm doing it, but I DREEEEEEEEAD doing it. I try to think if I should even do it on the days I loathe even the idea of it, since I don't want to burn myself out & then start to resent working out (wait? Don't I already resent the fact I have to do it?)
But I'm doing it

And let me give you girls a truth dose of honesty here, since we're on the topic of weather - I'm a Fall girl. Seriously, LOVE the Fall. I love the smell of burn piles and fire places. I love the hot cozy beverages, I love scarves, chunky sweaters, and boots. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! Oh and pumpkin carving, duh!

So update on the house stuff - Its a total PITA. For those of you who don't know a little term Nick and I use, PITA stands for Pain In The Ass. Seriously girls, I HATE house buying now. Long story short, without totally boring you guys - our realtor *Who is also the sellers realtor*, didn't include a certain workshop/garage that's on the property, in the appraisal. So. What has to happen now? What has to happen a couple WEEKS before we are supposed to be out of our apartment (the 31st, EEEEEK!). We have to get it inspected. If they find things that need to be repaired, they need to be repaired. Its a 40 year old building, so it will need repairs I'm sure. Which the sellers will have to pay for which they won't be happy about. Ugh! And then it has to be REAPPRAISED. Lovely, right? All I can say is this is a major stressor and PITA. So who will take us in if we don't have our place by the 31st? :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Do It

Workout Today: Level 3 Shred and Level 1 Biggest Loser Bootcamp

This workout was tough. Maybe it was because I dreaded working out this morning. No reason in particular, but I didn't want to workout. Wanna know why? This workout combo is hard *that's what she said* I was trying to tell myself that I didn't have to workout, I'd do it tomorrow. Which is probably true, but that's still 1 day of workouts that I skipped. So I did what Nike told me to do, and Just did it! Sometimes thats what you have to do people. Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet, not think about it, and sweat.

Weekend was pretty darn good. I checked out a church near our new house and actually really liked it. The pastor was pretty cool and was easy to relate to his message. The set up was different - there were round tables all set up an about 6 chairs to every table. I was trying to find the psychological reasoning behind this and this is what I came up with - I think people (men in particular) feel very vulnerable going to church. Which is probably why more women go then men. Men have a problem submitting (if they learned to submit more, they'd make women's lives a lot easier. Just sayin). So with a table in front of you, to lean against, hide your body a little bit, you feel a little less "out there". So people who have issues being vulnerable or just feel awkward at church, would have an easier time. Smart thinkin! Oh and you get all you can eat donut holes. SOLD! Oh and T man did really good in his first day of baby Sunday school/nursery

The boy was excited for learning about Jesus!

Then it was laying out by the pool for a couple of hours (this is going to be happening a lot for a bit - I am feeling pretty pasty) & back home. Nickmeister had his schedule change not too long ago and he works Sundays, boo! No me gusta. I am needy and want my hubbs/money maker with me as much as possible.

Friday, July 8, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Other than kicking butt at my workouts? Seriously girls, I am so proud of myself. Everyday this week I have worked out. I've worn my heart rate monitor every time and I've burned at least 409 calories every day this week. Food wise, I've been pretty good. Smaller portions, lotsa protein shakes, you know that sorta thing.

I am most definitely seeing a difference so I hope I can keep this up. My current plan is 5 days a week. Since I don't have access to the gym until we move and I sign up for a new one, my plan is still Level 3 of 30 Day Shred combined with either Level 1, 2 or 3 of Biggest Loser Boot camp. I've received a few of your emails saying your Shredding too

This makes me VERY excited, since I know it's such an effective program. Also, it's Summertime, and who doesn't want a bangin body, right? Right!
I've also been doing a little bit of this...

Gotten a nice little pedicure (*Please ignore the ugly feet, who has pretty feet anyways?*)

And I got one of these babies...a gel manicure.

I've heard so many girls say how awesome they are and how nice it is cause the paint NEVER chips. I love having paint on my nails, but with washing my and all the time and just doing everyday things, mine ALWAYS ALWAYS chip by the 2nd day. So I'm always changing it or just don't wear any. I am happy to report, it is day 2 in the above photo and I have absolutely NO chipping. This fancy shmancy gel nail polish wasn't cheap (which unfortunately I didn't find out till after I already had it done, BOO!). At my salon it was $25! Just for a basic manicure, but with this gel nail polish. I will definitely be looking into a cheaper alternative because no way can I afford this sort of pampering. Next time I am at Ulta, I will be stopping by the nail bar to look for some gel nail polish on the cheaper level.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Can Cook Corn!

Workout today consisted of: Level 3 of Shred and Level 1 of Biggest Loser Bootcamp. Seriously, after Level 3 of the Shred, Level 1 of Bootcamp is challenging since I'm still trying to see straight and not vomit.

This weekend was a blast in a glass, literally! I've had strawberry margaritas and wine and beer in my system this weekend. Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Nick and I either BBQ'd ourselves or went to a BBQ with friends.

The nugget
The hubbinator lookin fiiiine with a beer in his hand

Please ignore the gnarly foot next to the childs face

A little friendly Wii competition

Twas fab! Oh and I FINALLY learned how to cook corn. Which I pretty funny cause you just boil the water, put the corn in the water, turn the heat off, and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Here I thought it was pretty difficult. Im blonde - 'nuff said

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, America!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Clear Skin? Yes Please!

Ok girls, I am only telling you about this giveaway cause it gets me more entries. That and Miss Shasta Anne is amazingly gorgeous. But sursly, I am wanting to win this giveaway, but I'm sharing the news that Shasta Anne is having an uh-mazing giveaway. Click here to check it out if you want to be entered to win one of these bad boys

Friday, July 1, 2011

Celeb Mumbo Jumbo

So it's Friday. Its time to talk about our favorite topic, some celebs!

It's official - Maria Shriver has filed for divorce. SHOCKER! I mean is this REALLY shocking to anyone? It's all over the headlines that she just filed the divorce papers and people are acting shocked by it. Didn't we see this coming? It's not like they were still together.
Oh and total side note, does Auh-nolds love child not look like a mini version of him back in the day? Seriously sorta creepy.
Can you imagine your housekeeper brings her kid to work with her and every time he runs by you, you think "God, that looks an awful like my husband...hmmm....."

Shia Labeouf has come out as saying he hooked up with his co-star Megan "I have toes for thumbs" Fox. His explanation is when your working that close with someone for 6 months, things happen. His new costar Rosie Huntington-Whiteley obviously didn't have that problem. She has THIS hunk of man meat to keep her warm at night #1.
And also, have you girls seen Shia? Sorry for those with Shia Fever, but I remember him from my Disney channel fav "Even Stevens" and I still think he is just as obnoxious as he was back then.

And now...

Oh and watch this video of Miss. Huntington-Whiteley with my girl Chelsea Handler, she's actually pretty funny. Sorry Shia, you just aren't her type. So quit trying to act your irresistible. Not every girl looks at you like Selena Gomez does.

Okay lovelies, now I will probably lose a follower or two, but here me out: Pippa Middleton. Okay, the girl is CUTE. CUTE/pretty at best. Is she DROP DEAD GORGEOUS in my opinion? No. She is this tiny little petite thing. Which I classify as "Cute". This is all my opinion of course, but seriously, I am so over headlines talking about how "stunning" Pippa is. I just don't get it. She is a pretty girl, but when she wears jeans and a cute blouse, headlines go crazy about how amazing she always looks. Sure she always looks put together (who wouldn't if your sister just married the future King and your a paparazzi target?)