Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh no she didn't

I was tagged by the gorgeous Amber over at Bugs, Babies, and Wedded Bliss to do a little get to know ya segment. I personally love these sorta blog posts. They can be really fun and you don't gotta think too hard :) It's Friday...who has any energy left to thing?

1. Mac or PC?
MAC all the way. I mean, my husband works for Apple, so it'd sorta be blasphemy if I didn't use a Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc, right? When I made the switch I was uber nervous, but from here on out that's all we'll ever own. So much better you guys. NEVER gets viruses and user friendly. Just sayin... Oh and it has photo booth so you can take ridiculous pics of yourself while your little one naps. Don't believe me?

2. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Hmmmm.... well the things I classify as "crazy" aren't that original. I've jumped of bridges (into rivers!) that were illegal to jump off of to impress a boy, I've ditched class many times, etc. BUT I guess something crazy is I got married on a whim. I used to go to Camp Pendleton when Nick was in the Marines, every weekend. So the weekend of Valentines Day 2005, Nick got off work early and was like "Wanna go get married?" YES I DO!!! So off we went to the county clerk's office and made it official. The drive home I just casually called my mom to tell her I got married.

3. Favorite housewife?

Oh my gosh, I'd sooner pick a favorite drink! Hmmm... I have so many from different seasons:
Kim from RHOA, Lisa from RHOBH, Bethanny (when she was on) from RHONY, Tamara from RHOOC, Caroline from RHONJ

4. What celebrity do you/other people think you look like?
Oh wow, hmmm..I've gotten a couple in my day. Some people say I've looked like Brooke Hogan, which is basically saying I look like a man. Thanks people! I've heard Ashley Tisdale (pre nose job)

5. Wine, beer or mixed drink?
Depends on what Im doing. I'd say overall its wine most def. But I have been known to have some SkinnyGirl Margarita in my wine glass

6. What is your dream date?
It's never happened, but I'd love to just on a whim Nick be like "Wanna go to London tonight?" and then we pack and head to the airport. On a more realistic level? I love dinner at a beautiful restaurant with a gorgeous view and then maybe spend the rest of the night walking/people watching in a downtown city. Maybe San Fran?

7. What has been your favorite trip you have taken?
Hands down London. My mom took me when I was a Senior in HS. Im the most obsessed person you'll ever meet with England in general. It all started with the Spice Girls - I loved them, their outfits, their accents and Baby Spice was my favorite. My gma was born in Blackburn, England and since I had "roots" there, I knew I could rightfully be obsessed. Seriously, the historic ancient buildings that kings and queens we only read about in history books, touched and walked in those buildings. Tower of London? Most amazing place if you like history. After reading all those Phillipa Gregory books on King Henry and Anne Boleyn, I love that I got to see where she was kept. Oh and where she got her head chopped off :)

8. How old were you when you got your first kiss?
Kindergarten. Seriously - used to kiss boys all the time. But if we are talking french/make out kiss? Junior High on the bus playing Truth or Dare.

9. Have you ever danced on a bar/table?
Are we talking about in public or in the privacy of our own homes?

10. What is your favorite movie of all time?
Ah! So many I can't just pick one. Along the lines of: Bridget Jones, Love Actually, First Wives Club, or The Holiday

11. Most embarrassing moment?
Eating pavement in front of Seniors in HS on the first day of Freshman year.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stop the Clock

Whew, seriously time is crazy people. It's flying higher than Kim Richards.
Seriously y'all...tell me her and that creeper boyfriend of hers aren't like High School stoners with the shizz that comes outta their mouths.

Anyways, okay so first up. T Max turned 1 on Tuesday. Time has flown, but hasn't, know what I mean other mommy friends? Those long nights/day draaaaagged, but now looking back it really did fly. As a matter of fact, there are STILL days that drag when the cutest 1 year old on the planet throws tantrums.

Some little someone's cake
His present from gma and gpa
I do the same thing when I eat cake

So you guys remember my fabulous friend who takes amazing photographs? Well, she is wanting to build up her portfolio and she's has never done a Boudior type photo shoot. Well guess who's always wanted to do a sexy (yet elegant and classy) boudoir shoot? THIS BLOGGER RIGHT HERE!! I've never been the model type, but hey, I can't turn it down :) So you can best believe I will not be missing one single day in the gym. Any tips from you guys on those last minute "Get rid of bloat/5lbs" trick? Im thinking lotsa protein shakes the week before and cutting carbs after noon.

Friday, January 20, 2012

361 days in our lives

Oh my word, the 1 year mark is 4 days away. Im someone who thinks about the past a lot. Not like dwells on things, but I think its fun to remember huge things that happened to me. Such as when the Mr. and I started emailing when he was stationed in Japan and all the sweet things he'd say, you know, the "courting phase". The phase you should suck everything in, cause once they put a ring on it, say bye bye to those love notes. HA! Totally kidding, girls. My man still woo's me (by saying things like "Your so sexy. Know what would be even sexier? If you got me a beer!" - semi true story).

I think about where I was 1 year ago today. 4 ways away from my life changing forever. I remember being soooo over the waiting game. Every morning Nick would head to work, I'd grab a large beverage, get my comfy blankets, grab the laptop and watch all my favorite shows on the couch. Just waiting for my future Gladiator, Troy Maximus to make his debut. I think back and would love to tell that Karli to enjoy every uninterrupted moment of Real Housewives while you can, cause soon the TV will be taken over with Baby Einstein, Yo Gabba Gabba and Veggie Tales.

T Money's birfday party is tomorrow, and even tho it's super small, I am stressed about getting everything done. I think this just goes with the territory of throwing a party. Truth be told, I don't love being the hostess with the mostest. I have to really deep clean. Like get on my hands and knees and clean every baseboard, every piece of furniture, wash every removable rug, scrub every single thing. Heck, I might even give Daisy Mae a bath because I don't want people to think I my stinky dog is the norm up in this joint.

I decided to go with the sports theme for his birthday. So I got a few Sporty type banners and decorations. We shall see how I decide to throw it all together. Say a prayer for me cause I suck at icing cakes, I always seem to peel up cake when I do it, and I gotta ice Troy his little football cake to eat. Not like he's gonna care about the icing job, but still.

And while we are on the topic of sports - did you guys hear about my man Tim Tebow's injuries from last weekends game? Homeboy TORE RIB CARTILAGE AND BRUISED HIS LUNG, and had fluid build up in his chest. AND he still played the 2nd half. Hardcore, no?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You either do or you don't...

...there is no in between with half marathon training. I want to be fully prepared in what I am about to do on March 11th, so there is no way in Hell I am skipping any runs that are on my schedule. As y'all know, I am weeks deep into Jamie Eason's LiveFit 12 week program, and there are so many days I either want to pick one or the other: the run or the weights. Both are hard in their own ways. Lifting is hard because well, those weights get heavy, duh! Running, I hit the mental block of not stopping, keep running, your feet may be on fire from how hot your body is right now, but that is okay. Not gonna kill you, only make you stronger, right? "Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going", "Sweat is fat crying". Not gonna lie to ya, I tell myself all of these when that mental road block pops up. It seems to pop up about mile 3.75/4. That's right, that is NOT a typo. The max on my schedule I've run thus far is 5 miles. Tomorrow, is another 5 miler and lifting via Jamie's plan. Oh and Thursday? I get to run 6 (SIX!!!!!) miles. Last time I checked, that was .1 miles shy of a 10K. Because I'm sick in the head and just wanna say I did it, I will run that extra .1 miles to make it an even 10K. Last time I ran a 10K on a treadmill? OOOOOOOOO somewhere between "check out my banging body with zero stretch marks on my tummy since I don't have a baby" and "training for my first 10K" about 1 year ago. (*Side note: could have gotten it much worse, I only have 8.25 squiggly lines on the tummy and yes I will flaunt them in the bikini this Summer...with my 6 pack, BOO YA!*)

So far, I'm pretty proud of my determination. I haven't missed a day on my training schedule with either LiveFit or half marathon training. And let me tell you another thing that doesn't help the mental block when I'm running - the heat! My gym is small, its near my house (aka, the country *insert banjo here*), it's cheap and affordable, has all the right equipment I need, and the thermostat is constantly set to 71 degrees. YES! SEVENTY ONE DEGREES FAHRENHEIT. Add the other sweaty bodies running,stepping,gliding it up in the cardio room, and you've got one very sweaty floor to clean up (Yuck! I'll stick with wiping mandarin oranges off my sons butt, thanks very much). Not only is it obviously hot in there, but I'm a sweater anyways. Luckily there is 1 giant floor fan that I seem to get lucky with every time and I grab it and plug it in near the treadmill I plan to slave away on. I should ask them to turn the thermostat down, but 71 is such a random number, I know they do it for money saving purposes. When my schedule gets to me having to run 8 and up miles, I'm going to have to take it outside - mama can't die of heat stroke in January. Oh and I've tried to turn it down to a more respectable gym temperature, but they've got that shizz locked. Smart people, no? Im sure that's part of their joy when they come to work - "lets see who drops of heat stroke first".

On that note..I'm off to run & lift :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


And we're back. Tons of pics for Denver, but thats not what Im gonna talk about at the moment, so be on the lookout for picture overload soon.

Today it's time to get back at it. The GYM!!! seriously, I cannot friggin wait. I didn't bring my workout gear to Denver, but I wish I had cause the water was perfect for a nice run, but it is what it is. Half marathon training is in full force since I won't have any interruptions from here until then with vacations. Today I go back to the gym with 3 miles and a lifting routine (courtesy of Jamie Eason's Livefit program) on the schedule. Pretty easy peasy, but Im sure I'll be crawling back to the car. I haven't worked out in like 10 days! I also may or may not have drank a few mimosas in Denver and devoured FAMOUS diner food (pics to come, you just wait). So bottom line? Momma needs to get back to the gym and back on my normal eating and cut this bloat.

What about y'all? I know some of you made those infamous NY Resolutions to drop some el bees, hows the progress? Jillian Michaels once said its an every day commitment. Something you work at every day. Can I get an Amen?

And what kinda deal did Jessica Alba make with the devil that she scored this body 4 months after her SECOND child?!?!

Picture from here
Even Jessica Simpson wants her post baby body. Only in Hollywood. I am pulling for JS to get back into her once Daisy Duke self. She may not say the brightest things, but I am probably the only one who actually likes things she wears and have sorta copied her wedges with jeans and a huge bag look for a few years now - woman knows how to put an outfit together.