Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8 Questions

I was recently tagged by the lovely Erin over at A Real Housewife to do a little questionnaire. I know how you all love to know about moi, so I wanted to join in on the fun and complete the (FUN!!) questions Erin has picked out for me. There are also rules to this game: Answer the 8 questions she created; tag 8 people; come up with 8 new questions.

1. What would you request for your last meal? Fettuccine Alfredo, a big basket of fresh soft bread, and for dessert? Coldstone of course. Since this is my last meal, I am sure I won't be worried about all the calories and fat grams that I am consuming.
2. Who are you closest to in your family and why? I am closest to my mom and my sister. As I've gotten older, my mom and I have grown closer. We totally did that 'mother daughter' thing when I was a teenager -- you know, where I thought she didn't know crap. Well, she did know and I didn't. She's my mom and no one can replace her. My sister because she has seen me go through some pretty tough situations. She knows all my deepest darkest secrets and she's always there to give me sound solid advice. We're 12 years apart, which is why most people are so shocked we get along so well. She's young enough to be goofy with me, but old enough to call me on things when I'm wrong :)

3. Who is your favorite artist and current song? Currently, I am all over the place with what I like to listen to. Right now I think Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry can do no wrong. My most favoritest song right now is I I Like It by Enrique Iglesias cause I can shake my ass to it :)

4. Favorite dessert? My mom's chocolate cake for sure! It's homemade icing and I could eat it straight outta the mixing bowl. I am also for a sucker for anything raspberry filled

5. What outfit is your 'go-to' outfit that always makes you feel fabulous? I have these pair of jeans I have from Express that just compliment my derriere like woah. Kim Kardashian has nothing on me when it comes to glorious hiney's when I have these jeans on. So those jeans and a sexy top with heels, and I feel like I belong in US Weekly

6. What is your least favorite aspect of your current job? Certain people and the overall moral of the office. I won't bash my boss or management, but I believe that the tone you set as a leader is so important and how you treat your employees will effect the way they see coming to work. I am a cheery and positive person by nature. Always looking at the glass half full if you will. But sometimes lovelies, it's exhausting to be like that when you don't wanna be where your at

7. When you were a kid, what was your dream job? An Actress!! I wanted to be an actress so dang bad, but the closest I got was drama class and plays in high school. I had this other crazy dream about being a vet. Little did I know, there was tons of school involved and that just wasn't on my agenda.

8. Do you prefer online shopping or actually going to the store? Actually going to the store. There is something about walking out of a store with a bag full of clothes. Instant gratification baby! Im sure once I have my baby bean, I will love shopping online for convenience.

Since I am about to run out the door for work (blah!) I am tagging 5 lovely ladies:

Slimming Down for the Gown

Bella Vita
Cherie Lundgren
For the Love of shoes...and a baby too
Jersey Blonde

And my questions for you lovely ladies:
1. If you were on a deserted island, what is the 1 thing you would take with you?
2. If your house was on fire, what would you grab to save and take with you?
3. What is the 1 thing in your purse you cannot leave the house without?
4. What is your guiltiest pleasure?
5. What kind of wedding did you/will you have? Will it be huge celebrity style, or simple and just close family?
6. If you could live in any city in the world, which would it be?

Ready, set, GO!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday? No problem

Good morning daffodil es-I hope you all had a great weekend!Mine was pretty dang good to say the least. Our team won against the Steelers last night, I got my heeer did and I'm loving it more everyday, and I got to just relax with the family and play a game of canasta.

Normally I DREAD Mondays, but not this one. I got my anatomy/gender reveal scan in 2 days!!!! You read that right - 2 friggin days and I'll know whether or not this baby bean is a baby boy or baby girl. A Troy or an Olivia. We are doing the big reveal to my family at Olive Garden! Why? Cause we're classy like that, and I'm dying for their salad and bread sticks. Not only do I have that lined up this week, but it's going to be a long weekend for Labor day and I will jump for joy anytime we get a 3 day weekend. This Labor day, my sister, mom, niecey poo and I will be making our way down the coast to Santa Barbara. My sister has a mayja' thing for David Grey, and I'm sure you all have heard of him and this song (it's one of his most popular ones)

So we're going to his concert and the rest of the time, she has a fun filled agenda for us. I'm hoping to pick up a small little something for baby bean. Maybe a little surfer/surferette onsie?

Have a wonderful Monday my cupcakes


Saturday, August 28, 2010

my heer

Please ignore the sleepy make up half off face look. I go back in November to get it touched up again before baby bean arrives and this mama has to touch it up herself :)


Friday, August 27, 2010

20 weeks and the weekend

Happy Friday my little cherubs! Are you guys as excited as I am that it's Friday? Exciting things happening this weekend -- this mama to be is getting her hair did and it's in dyer need. I'm going completely blonde since I'm sorta bored with the brown and blonde. my hair is a bunch of different shades of browns and blondes, so it'll be nice to go with 1 solid color. I blogged about the different shades I should go with and you all voted on Mrs. Carrie Underwood Fisher

these are the pics I'll be taking to my hair dresser. I've never met this girl doing my hair, but I relied on citysearch to help me find a good salon and I got to read this girls bio. She's cute as a button and she's a blonde (Snaps for her!) aaaand, she specializes in getting blondes to the shade they want. Whether it's platinum or natural. I'm thinking I want 1.5 shades away from platinum (Pray that my hair doesn't break off!) I'll take pics on Sunday when I actually shower and do it. The other thing on my agenda the rest of the week? G.T.L baby! I am getting pasty especially on the belly. Not.OKAY! So I'm laying out, getting my gym time in, and of course, laundry.
Today marks my 20 week mark! By the beard of Zeus, when the heck did I get halfway through my pregnancy so fast?!

How far along? 20 Weeks- half way through!!

Baby's size? The baby bean weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. He or she is also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel — the length of a banana.

Weight Gain? About 10.5 lbs for the entire pregnancy. At my appointment it was 7lbs in 1 month. Like I said, I crave my coldstone and I GET my coldstone :)

Maternity clothes? Still rocking normal tops and maternity tops, but it's all stretchy or maternity pants from here on out. I can still make my maxi dresses look good though, their just not work appropriate unless I worked as a fly girl from In Living Color

Belly button in or out? Still in, but as you can tell from my last post w/pics, it's getting pretty shallow. I'm sure an ant could use it as a kiddie pool haha

Sleep? Sleep is good, although around 2 am I start to wake up which sucks and makes for a sleepy girl in the morning for work. Its generally the time I get up to pee, so it takes me a bit to fall asleep.

Foods I am loving? COLDSTONE!!! Nicky poo went to coldstone the other day to get me a 'love it' size of my creation I make, and came home to surprise me with a whole gallon!! He said I was so excited, it was as if he had just given me a diamond. To a pregnant woman, that ice cream is the Heart of the Ocean baby

Foods I am hating? Not really hating any foods to be honest. I still don't like the food I normally didn't like before pregnancy. I did eat whole piece of chicken though, but it was chicken parm :)

Best moment this week? Getting to hear the heartbeat and hitting the half way mark. And Nick getting me a gallon of ice cream :)

Movement? Oh yeah, it's getting more frequent and stronger. Nick can't feel it yet though and my OB said to expect to feel a lot more and a lot stronger kicks in the next coming weeks

Symptoms? My symptoms? The fact that I can't stop thinking about my coldstone that's in the freezer all lonely without me

Gender? We find out in 5 days, AHHHH!! That baby better open it's friggin legs!

What I miss? Nothing, pregnancy is superb. I do miss running which I stopped doing cause it hurt my lower region with a lot of pressure, so I got paranoid. Now it's elliptical, stair stepper (holy moly it's so difficult!), or the bike.

What I'm looking forward to? Our anatomy/gender reveal scan next Wednesday.

Weekly Wisdom: Just because you WANT to eat the whole gallon of ice cream at once, it's better not to. You need to eat it conservatively so you can prevent having to send hubbs out to get more. Plus it'll keep $$ in the bank :)

Milestone: Meeting the half way mark. We will be meeting our son or daughter in 17-22weeks

Emotions: Productive - I've been cooking amazing meals and staying on top of the cleaning and laundry lately. Oh and I'm hungry :P


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday



OB appointment

Yesterday went very well as far as baby goes. The baby beans heart rate was 155, and everything was measuring good. My doctor even said that I'm carrying very well and I could get away with not looking pregnant for awhile. HAHA, maybe she missed the round shape protruding off my stomach? My weight gain? I've gained 7.2lbs! Now, I really don't think this is true. I didn't get to see the number on the scale when I stepped on since the assistant had it turned away from me, but that is just insane to me! I've been working out, haven't been eating as badly or as much as I could. I can't imagine if I hadn't been working out how much I'd gain! Good thing I'm keeping up the workouts till the doctor tells me I need to stop. I want to keep the jiggle to a minimum on those thighs, thank you very much!

I also learned I have to get my pediatrician picked out and get enrolled with him (I already know who I'm gonna go with :) ) as well as call and register for my birthing classes. I'm so glad my OB mentioned that it was MY responsibility because I thought I just sent in my money and wait for them to call me. January would have gotten here and I would have never learned how to breathe right, haha

The only 'boo hoo' of the appointment was I think my OB was in a bad mood yesterday. Even Nick mentioned how she didn't seem all friendly like she was the 1st time we met with her. I'm gonna give the lady a get outta jail free card, and say maybe she was having a bad day or something. As long as she's good with me in the delivery room, I'm good to go. The next appointment we have is next week (at a totally different office) to do the anatomy scan and gender reveal!!!!! Next Wednesday, I am going to be freaking the heck out. Its 7 days away ladies and gents! This mama is still thinking blue, but who knows, it could totally be a little girl, and in that case, I'll have tons of hand me downs for that princess to wear!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hey there buttercups! (<------ sounds delicious!) I got nothing for you guys today. I got a doctor's appointment though, woo hoo!! I will be able to hear my little beans heartbeat, get weighed, and talk to the doc. I think today we might be going over the insurance stuff with the insurance lady in there as well? Not sure about that, but we were supposed to last time, but they didn't have our file ready. I'm not too worried since Nick "Daddy" Warbucks has us hooked up with superb insurance coverage. I'm actually pretty interested to see how much I've gained in the past month since I was there last. I've been working out on average 3-4 days a week and I haven't been eating TOO crazy. I know I'm SUPPOSED to gain weight during pregnancy, so don't get your panties in a bunch thinking I'm trying to count calories or any nonsense like that. I just think it's sort of exciting to see the progress in the weight gain. This is actually the one time in my life I'm EXCITED to see my weight. Does this mean I'm going to celebrate my weight (that is starting to accumulate on my ass and thighs) and let Nick for the first time in our marriage see how much I weigh? Not a chance!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Coming home

Coming home after a day at the office is always my favorite time of day, what's not to like? To top it off, Grill Master Nick is coming home to grill us some yummy steaks that I have been marinating since last night. Some Montreal steak seasoning, some Ken's steakhouse italian dressing and a concoction of other things. This all sounds like the best way to top off a day right? Well imagine my surprise when I find this little baby in the mail from my great friend Alicia from High School.

I encourage you all to head on over to this girl's blog by clicking here

Another thing that came in the mail today? My new uber sexy belly button ring for preggo's such as myself


The belly button starting to pop out

And the newbie

Not the sexiest little piece, but it'll keep that piercing open so when I get that stomach back all nice and tight after the baby bean arrives, I can put a nice one in

And just for good measure, moi!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

19 weeks -- better late than never

(This picture was caught at a bad moment, but I wanted to give you all a look to what my belly looks like as of yesterday)

I have been busier than Joe Francis during Springs break this weekend. Pics to come tomorrow, but I had a baby shower, birthday party, gym, grocery shopping, laundry and it goes on and on. Tuesday is our check up appointment, and then next week is the big appointment!! So lets get moving on my 19 week update shall we?

How big is the baby- The baby bean is about 8.5 ounces and 6 inches long. About the size of an heirloom tomato. *Side note: it sounds horrible since it was just compared to my child, but a giant tomato with some salt and pepper sounds mighty tasty right now*

Weight gain? I'll find out Tuesday how much weight I've gained since last month, but this belly is taking over my front side, so I'm sure it'll be at least a pound

Stretch Marks? Nope, still slathering on a combo of cocoa butter and Olive Oil in the evening, and just cocoa butter in the mornings. Also hydrating like a mo fo

Maternity Clothes? Oh yeah baby. I'm in maternity pants and shirts, but can still wear regular shirts. Since I'm a blonde, I thought that my maxi dresses would never not fit me. I mean, they stretch, right? Right, but uh, when something stretches forward, it gets tighter on my derriere'. Not the best look for a business casual work environment. Unless I am going to be standing on the corner, I have to do a few mirror checks before going to work in these babies.

Sleep? I could sleep 9-10 hours and be happy, but 11 would be even better. It can be a hit or miss though when it comes to falling back asleep after my 2nd pee of the night.

Best Moment of the Week? Had a really fun time seeing all my friends with their babies in one place at a baby shower yesterday. Makes me so excited to meet my little bean. It also made my week that my baby bean can now hear my heart beat as well as voices outside the belly. I'm going to start reading the belly Winnie the Pooh. Nick on the other hand doesn't think this new baby feature could come at a better time -- football season started and I am sentenced to the spot next to him on the couch for EVERY Broncos game so our baby can hear it.

Food Cravings? Ice Cream!! Still sweet stuff. Like Apple pie, mmmmmmm

Name? Olivia Karen or Troy Maximus. We find out next Wednesday!!!!

Movement? It's still here and there, I'm waiting for the monster kicks! Mark my words, I'll probably complain when I can't get sleep because of the kicks, but I'm ready. I want to be thrown off my balance from these kicks, haha

What I Miss? Not really anything. Of course I wish I could just whip up a margarita, but nothing compared to how much I am loving being pregnant at the moment.

Fun Fact? That chalky white stuff that you see on babies when they come out (vernix) is now forming. Gotta protect that delicate baby skin from turning into a prune for the next 18-22 weeks. Oh another fun but scary fact? I am halfway done with pregnancy #1, this blows my mind!

*This position looks like it is so uncomfortable*


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday

Welcome to Thoughtless Thursday - where I can show you whatever pictures I want and not put any thought into it. Which is good, because the only thing on this hormonal chick's mind? FOOD.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teen Mom recap

Lets discuss this show for a brief second shall we? I'm not sure if you are all following this season or not, so for those of you who aren't just ignore this post :)

Farrah- the more I watch this girl, the more frustrated I get. I cut her slack because she is a young mom, but I have known young moms and they don't act like this. It's as if she expects her 1.5 year old to understand adult things. Example: When Farrah walks away from her bedroom to talk on the phone to her banker, she leaves the baby on the bed. Mmmk, now I'm going to be a first time mom, and even I know, this is as smart as leaving Snooki in a room full of Cristal and expecting her not to drink.

So what do we hear when Farrah is in the other room? THUNK!! Yup - baby fell right off the bed. And Farrah, Im trying to cut you slack since your mom just busted your lip and your family doesn't seem to be the most stable and you don't have much to learn from, but cmon sweety, get it together and grow up.

Amber- I actually agree'd a lot with Amber this episode. When Gary and her were at his parents for Easter dinner, his family started trashing hers. Not okay. You better bet your bottom dollar if this ever happened to me, Nick would be stepping up and saying something to his family (and if not, you can bet I would haha). So Gary gets his panties all in a twist for how SHE'S acting! Ummm no Gary, don't be a push over and let your family know it's not okay. On a side note about Amber- does it bug anyone else how dramatic she is, even when it comes to kissing Gary? She gets these what I'll call 'crazy passionate eyes'. I have to turn my head every time. And another thing, it bugs the crap out of me when she gets all frustrated and acts super stressed out when her 1.5 year old cries. Ummm, babies do that sweetheart, get over it.

Maci - This girl the most mature out of the whole bunch. She's going to school, works, and takes care of her son w/out giving a sob story about how hard it is. Enough said

Catelynn and Tyler - Okay Tyler is another one who needs to get over his insecurities and put his big boy panties on. I get it that Catelynn lied about talking to her ex, and probably a lot more they don't show on the show, but him wanting to check up on her phone records and then be all mean about mistakes she's made? Cause your so perfect, Tyler? Yup, you got some growing up there to do, son. They used to be my favorite couple on the show, but now, not so much. I do feel super bad for Catelynn though and her living situation cause her living environment doesn't look like it's the best.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My mom always told me lying is bad...

So I won't lie to you all - these satisfying bars rock my socks off when my sweet tooth hits at work

(I was not paid nor given free stuff to say this)


Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Monday to you all

I had a fabulous weekend in Tahoe! The only sucky part is I forgot my camera, BOOO Karli! BUT thankfully, my niecy poo brought her's so when I see them this weekend, I'll grab some off of her camera.
It was so nice to get away with the family and just relax. Even if Tahoe is about an hour away, it puts you into the fresh mountain air, different scenery, and in front of one of the most gorgeous views.

I don't know about all of you, but spending a whole weekend with family and getting away from the hustle and bustle of work and city, just centers me. The craziness of work can be a bit much, but then it all melts away when your surrounded by the people that love you -- well...the people that accept you at least haha.

No gym for this pregnant lady, but my workouts will look a little like this for this week (cause I know you all are dying to know)

Monday: off
Tuesday: 30 minute cardio on my lunch, 30 minute cardio after work w/upper body strength
Wednesday: 30 minute cardio on my lunch, 30 minute cardio after work w/back strength
Thursday: 20 minute cardio w/leg strength training
Friday: 20 minutes of cardio w/upper body strength training.
Saturday: off or leg strength training

So my coldstone creamery craving is still in full force. This luscious temptress has been stuck in my mind 24/7 - replaced with raspberries of course

Speaking of course(s)- I am eyeing a few 5K's coming up early fall. I know I may be crazy, but my OB has told me I can run till I don't' feel like it anymore, so that's the plan, Stan. Of course I'll be taking things easy and I'm sure my times will suck more than a hoover, but that's okay baby. Cause running is my legal drug of choice.

Just to send you all on your way this Monday on a positive note - Lindsey Lohan is rumored to be getting out of rehab this week -hide your sons (and daughters), booze and hide all your narcotics!


Friday, August 13, 2010

18 weeks post

I'd post a belly pic, but nothing has changed much since my last pic :)
How far along? 18 weeks, almost to 20! Half way through my 1st pregnancy, DANG!

Baby's size? My baby bean is the size of a bell pepper. He/she (find out September 1st!!!) is 5.5 inches from head to rump and roughly 7 ounces. Add 9lb's and that'll probably be the birth weight haha

Weight Gain? I don't weigh myself unless Im at the doctor's and last appointment I only gained 1.6lb's, so we'll see what happens at my next appt. on the 24th

Maternity clothes? I can still wear regular tops, but I'm either in yoga pants or maternity pants. Still rocking my maxi dresses on the weekends though :)

Stretch marks? Nope - fingers crossed

Belly button in or out? It's starting to become less of an innie, but it's still an innie officially

Sleep? Still love it and fall asleep quick

Foods I am loving? Scrambled eggs with salsa and 2 pieces of wheat toast (this is my bfast and I could eat it every meal), and my coldstone creamery creation: cheesecake icecream w/raspberries and graham cracker crust

Foods I am hating? Still can't do ground turkey or chicken all that well

Best moment this week? Feeling more and more movement

Movement? Yup, it's not constant, but every now and then for 2 seconds I'll feel him/her

Symptoms? Nothing really. I feel really good these days. Peeing more frequently, but that's about it

Gender? We find out on the 1st!! 19 days, not that I'm counting or anything....

What I miss? Hmmm, sushi and margaritas, but it's nothing compared to this blessing inside of me

What I'm looking forward to? Finding out the gender and hopefully getting to hear the heartbeat my next appointment

Weekly Wisdom: Watch the Food Network - you get inspired to cook amazing dishes and they turn out really yummy

Milestone: Appetite is in full force!

Emotions: I have less patience for some people, but I'm also way more of a crier lol


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday eve

How's everyone Thursday AM going? I walk in this morning to work to find that someone tried to break in last night and shattered one of our giant windows - lovely, no?

Not much new to report ladies and gents - I have however been ROCKING the gym with this preggo belly of mine. Everyday this week I've gone to the gym on my lunch break and done 30 minutes of cardio, and then Tuesday and Wednesday, Nick dawg and I have gone after work to do some more cardio and some weights. Feels SO good! I just feel overall better and it gives me a little more zip when I have to finish off the work day. Plus, I don't feel as guilty when I get an extra scoop in my ice cream bowl. I will say, all of this 'keeping my workouts up while pregnant' thing, better pay off in the end. It's SOoooO much harder working out when you are growing another life. I get out of breath way faster, and I'm constantly paranoid about my heart rate sky rocketing, so I'm keeping track of the ticker. All while trying to keep the jiggleness at bay - it's t-o-u-g-h!

So it being Friday eve and all, I know my readers have already begun to think of weekend plans!!! Any plans? I'm going get a tan on my pasty ass on Saturday (supposed to be a toasty 95 here in Sacramento) and then Nicky poo and the fam and I are headed to............LAKE TAHOE!!! My aunt and uncle have a cabin right on the lake and it's absolutely gorgeous! Love me some family time :) We'll be takin some pics for sure! It'll only be for a day and a half, but I'll take it!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To eat or not to eat - that has never been my question

Lately I am hungry every hour. I don't want just a snack here and there, I want a MEAL every 2 hours!
As most of you know I am in luuurve with True Blood....and one of the stars Ryan Kwanten

(Your welcome for that little yum yum)

One of the other stars, Kristin Bauer (who plays naughty vampire, Pam) has recently come out as saying that as long as she's in front of a camera, she will always be hungry.

She was interviewed by Movieline and said:
"The other day I realized as long as I'm in this business, I'm going to be hungry," says Bauer, 36. "The camera really does add 10 pounds. I'm trying to stay under the weight I want to look like on TV. It's a good incentive to stay slim and is probably adding years to my life... I'm vegetarian, so I live on carbs, but it's always an effort. After any wardrobe fitting, I hit the gym three times more than the week before."

Thoughts? I love food way too much to give up food, but maybe if I could star next to this sexy vamp, I just might step away from Ben and Jerry's....??


Monday, August 9, 2010

Question for you stay at home mommies

So, how the heck are we already in the 2nd week of August?! Time moves so fast, but at the same time, I love it. I can't wait for my little bean to get here and I can hold him or her and just love him or her. I was feeling more flutters on Sunday -- the best feelings in the world! Only 22 days till we find out the gender, MUA HAHA!! I had another dream last night it was a boy, which still makes me feel like it's a boy, but I guess it could be a girl? We shall see :)

So question for all you stay at home moms or people that known stay at home mom's: Since I will be staying at home with baby bean, I am wanting to bring in extra income. It doesn't have to be TONS, but just worth the squeeze and something that lets me stay at home with my baby. So are there any ideas of stay at home jobs? I know there are those "pay $50 and get all your materials you'll need, blah blah blah" Those are generally BS. So ladies (And gents), any ideas or thoughts thrown my way, would be much appreciated!!!

I hope your Mondays go well - my day, I'm anticipating will be very eventful haha