About Me

I'm a California girl, who married her Marine at the ripe young age of 18. We have been married going on 7 years now, and just recently had our 1st baby, Mr. Troy Maximus on January 24, 2011. I've made the big plunge and quit my day job as a receptionist and am raising our handsome little dude, taking care of the home, and making sure the hubbs is a happy camper when he is home. We are an Apple family, and can find us on the couch with our Mac, iPad, and iPhone watching our Apple TV. In HS, I was NOT a runner. I was the girl forging a note to the PE teacher, saying how I couldn't run the mile today. I got the itch to run about 3 years ago and haven't looked back since. I am embarking on my 1st ever marathon in late 2011 as well as getting my hiney back into shape after carrying my sweet boy for 41.5 weeks! I am sick in the head and its safe to say Im a gym rat and actually LOVE working out till I wanna puke.
I love: stalking celebrities on Perez Hilton and other intellectual sites, finding healthy alternatives to my fav. fattening, carb loaded foods, Jillian Michaels and her kick ass quotes, working out, UNsweet Tea W/lemon after an intense cardio session, spending time with hubby,Nick, and our handsome little devil, Troy, shopping DUH!(especially at my ♥, Forever 21), my mini weiner dog Daisy Mae, Red wine, running (the best and most natural detox) and tanning! Things that describe me: quick witted, positive, silly, clumsy, stubborn, laid back. Things that I have on me at all times: Extra Spearmint gum, my phone, my aviator sunglasses (yup- I rock em'), chapstick, and water!