Monday, December 31, 2012

Because everyone is doing it

Happy New Years Eve! What is it about the New Years that makes everyone want to write resolutions or just plans in general? I'll tell you what it is: it's the fresh start, the clean slate, the "its okay that I didnt follow through in the previous year, I'll do it THIS year!" attitude, the feeling of a new year & a new YOU. It makes total sense to me. I mean, really the 1st of a new year is like any other day, except those 4 numbers at the end of the date are different than what they used to be the day before. Its that clean slate, baby! This girl isn't any different, it's exciting, there is anticipation for 2013, and it'll be fab-u-lous!

So lets discuss what *I* want (and pray God wants for me too!) want to accomplish & to do this new year. 

1. Finish our basement! I know you as my followers know I've been talking about finishing our basement since we moved in. Well, 2013, it's happening. We start end of January/beginning of February - WHOOP WHOOP! Seriously, I am so excited to get this going. Thank the good Lord above Pinterest has been invited and I can "pin" all these ideas I have

2. Have another (ADORABLE!) baby

This is a (God willing) for sure thing happening this year. T Rex and the new little family addition would be about 3.5 years apart, which in my mind, seems to work out perfectly. I keep seeing all these pictures of my fellow bloggers being all cutsie with their 2nd pregnancies and just all the changes and I want it...bad! But, I have my reasons on why I want to wait until after Summer of 2013 to tackle pregnancy. There are so many questions that go through my mind: Will I love being pregnant as much as I did with Troy? Will I get lucky and just be sick through weeks 7-11? Will I bounce back as well as IMO I did with my body? How will breastfeeding go this time around? Will this next one be as good of a sleeper as T Money? Will be/she have a fun little personality that is as carefree as my little mans? And most importantly.... will I have a wild mini me

or another sweet, wild, mini Nick?

Lastly, I need to be more in the word. I need and WANT to be more in the word. I feel like in 2012, I grew a lot spiritually. I did this study through church in the book of James. It was a Beth Moore study (y'all know I love her!). The book of James is actually short, so its a good, STRONG, convicting, soul awakening, informative, full of love book. Seriously, its all those things to me. I refer to my study guide a lot and read my notes or just side things I wanted to remember and it refreshes my soul all over again. I walked away and felt like I was put in check with sins I was/am guilty of. I say, "am", because its in my/our nature to sin, but I am a lot more conscious of it. There were so many things I feel like God was wanting me to bring to him, things I was guilty of doing. I am starting another Beth Moore study mid January at church (I'll get back to you on the name), but I am praying God speaks to me through this one like he did of the other one. 

Bring it, 2013! Have a SAFE and fun New Years Eve, ladies!!! 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry CHRISTmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Hope you all have a blessed Christmas with your families!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!


Christmas is definitely different/way more fun with a little cotton headed ninny muggin running around. He seriously is getting so much fun stuff, Im pretty excited to play with it all for him to see it all. Which also means, it'll be time to purge most of his toys he has now to make room for the new ones. Maybe not ALL his toys, but ya know how it is, kids accumulate so much stuff. And once we get this basement done (keep your fingers crossed for our big move downstairs this year!), Troy will get our room, aka his BIG BOY ROOM! WHOOP WHOOP!

The Nickmesiter has been a very good boy this year. He has worked so hard in providing a good living for us and he's kind of a big deal at work. I kid you not, he has posters around the building just to show people how awesome he is. So, "Santa" thought to herself, "You know, what can I get Nicky boy that he's wanted for soooooo long and that will get him grinning from ear to ear?"

As if, I sure as heck wont be giving Nick a little eyeful on a street pole. But really, who knew Lisa Vanderpump could work it like that? I had a sneaky suspicion. Anywhooot....where was I?

Oh yes, Nicks Christmas bomb dot com gift. Lemme just have these pictures do the talking

World, meet Peyton! Isn't he the sweetest mole lookin black lab ever?! Seriously dat face is so squishy! If I have even a smidge of baby fever, this will take care of it for sure! Y'all know we are a family that bleeds blue and orange, so I dont need to tell you where the name 'Peyton' came from. We get to take him home in January since he's so itty bitty, he needs more time with his momma. Which had me thinking, do these momma dogs miss their 9-12 children? Or are they like, "Hallelujah, my 8 tips can go back to normal and I can lay off the lanolin". You moms out there can easily understand that one. 

Merry Christmas Eve, ladies!! In all seriousness, lets not forget the REAL reason of Christmas...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I workout...sometimes

I have seriously been in such a workout funk this week. I havent gone to the office, aka gym, all.week!

 I think its cause I've been pushing it like cray cray for Nicks work Christmas party, that Im just pooped. Which is so unlike me, I've never felt like this. Like no interest in going. Ive done a few at home Pinterest workouts

Do this one 2 times in a row

Do this one 3 times in a row and you've got arms you can't lift the rest of the day - SUCCESS!

So yeah, there is that, but I think this week I'll continue with the Pinterest workouts and then go back to the gym with a new workout routine to kick me off into the new year. A refresher if you will. Maybe add some new workout songs, and boom chacka lacka! Things will be right on track at the gym. 

Speaking the new year. 2013?! Holy moly its almost here

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things I am loving as of late

This time of year makes me full of love. Not that Im not a lover most of the year, but this time of year, I got a little extra pep in my step and Im telling everyone and their mothers Merry Christmas & to have a fabulous day. 

So with all this love, it's no wonder I am finding love for other things in other places. 

1. Christmas is 13 days away, y'all!

 There, I said it.  It is creepin up on us like woah. Which makes me sad and happy. I look forward to this time all year. Then it comes and its glorious, and then it leaves. This really makes me realize I need to put the peddle to the metal and get to finishing up the rest of my shopping and I need mail presents off. 13 days, people!

2. Obviously, I am loving this new blogging trend Im seeing - Reality Tv GIF's. It's actually really funny cause the Nickmeister and I will chat while he's at work and I constantly send these to him for a response to something he says/asks. Whats even better? They are from all the shows I watch, so it makes it that much more fun and hilarious for me. 

3. I LOOOOVE, love love love High Carb days.

 So Im doing this thang where Im carb cycling. You have heard of it, no? Well its basically how it sounds, you cycle your carb intake.

 So I do 2 days without carbs

2 days I do low carb

2 days I do high carb

As much as I HATE not being able to eat carbs, I mean ZILCH, not even a crumb, I am loving these results. My body is responding to it real well and Im leaning out. I havent weighed myself, and one of the reasons is because I want to put on more muscles and we all know muscle weighs more than fat. So putting in time at the gym has been key. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

All eyes on us

I interrupt this rainy Northern California day to bring you Mizzzz Britney -
Judge me all you want, but I want her hair (er, her hair piece!) in this video

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So I was going to post yesterday about how I ran across some recent pics of J. Simpson at an event, and she was looking FAB-U-LOUS!
pic from here So imagine my surprise when I open up my US Weekly tab this morning and it tells me that Jessica Simpson is pregnant yet AGAIN! The girl makes adorable babies, so I understand the enthusiasm to get back on the horse (so to speak...), but she looks like she literally JUST lost all the baby weight & didnt make it a secret about the struggle. I dont know, to each their own. For me, I just wanted to get rid of all the weight and then enjoy it before I get preggers again. Or was it cause I wanted to enjoy margaritas? :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Its Okay...

Linking up with Amber & Neely for It's Okay Thursday...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay... that I've only gone to the gym 3 times this week even tho I really coulda gone 4

It's Okay... that during my "High Carb" day of carb cycling yesterday, I took that opportunity to down 2 cupcakes from a bakery.

It's Okay... that Im going to the midnight showing of Twilight to surround myself with screaming and giddy teens and pre teens.... and grown women.

Its Okay ... that I am getting a leg twitch over the fact that I want to decorate for Christmas. If it werent for my husband, Christmas decor woulda been out the day after Halloween. #sorryImnotsorry

It's Okay ... that I thought I was 12 years old again and climbed a giant black oak tree in my card in order to reach a branch to cut down #countrygirlatheart

It's Okay ... that Im seriously losing interest in Real Housewives of Miami #snooooooze

What are you letting roll off your back?

Monday, November 12, 2012


Just another manic Monday am I right? My day will be looking like this: hit the gym, come home and make the hubby bfast, kiss the hubby & send him off to make those Benjamins, give Troy and myself bfast, head to my besties house for a bit of life catch up/coffee/play date with our chitlins (MUCH overdue), go to Tar-jay, go to Trader Joes, go to another grocery store, come home, unload said groceries, feed Troy and myself lunch, put Troy down for a nap, empty the dishwasher and load Sunday night dishes (nasty, I know), do the laundry, shower, change the laundry, nap or watch Netflix, feed Troy dinner, bathe Troy, put Troy to bed, make dinner, welcome hubby home with a big ol kisser, put my feet up and get ready to do it again. Sounds fun, huh? Welcome to my every Monday, ladies. I cant complain tho, right? Some people have it worse. 

** those things crossed off have been done and done...writing this on Sunday evening**

You know what you'll never hear me complain about? My beautiful family. We got our family pics done on Sunday evening and check out the teaser our photographer posted, EEEEK! LOVE LOVE my boys

Have a beautiful blessed Monday, girls!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Ladies, long time no talk, yeah? Lets get down to some huge news & no Im not talking about our Commander in Chief. I have been asking Nick foreveeeeeeer if Apple is going to have a Christmas party. Ever since he's worked there, I've wanted to go to a Christmas party. Just the idea of getting to put faces to the stories I've heard, and lets be honest, I want to dress up!

As a stay at home mamacita, I never get the chance to dress up in a semi formal dress. Well and if Im totally honest, even when I was working out of the home, I never got the chance to wear a semi formal dress. So imagine my excitement when Nick sent me an email with a Christmas party invite from the company!! Not only is it a Christmas party at a hotel downtown, but we are staying the night at the hotel - aka no T Rex - aka Mommy and Daddy time with drinks and dancing, BOOM!

So I am in a serious predicament - a dress! I have been looking at , 6pm, Kohls,, and Kiki La Rue. I LOVE SOOOOOOOO many of them, but none that make me go "OOO thats the one I want to wear in the spotlight wear that night.

Nick has told me his "requirements": A little lace is okay, but not overkill, CANNOT be shorter than knee length (something about not wanting his coworkers to see the goods, I dont know), and it cannot be TOO MUCH sequins (is there such a thing?).

I am going to the mall in 2 weeks with 2 of my bestest girlfriends to try on every dress find "the one" if I can't find it online by then. Here are a few I've pinned on my "Holiday Dress ideas" board on Pinterest.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday, hunny boo boo's. Time for a weekend round up, yeah? 

1. Friday night my naughty patient Nicky poo and I went to my bestie's 2nd annual Halloween party. So we all took pics with our husbands and we had to act out the person/thing we were dressed as. We shall see if Nick really reads this ol' bloggy poo by if he mentions this picture for the world to see. Love you, babe!

2. How cute is this dude? Reading the car section out of all the ads there are. Coulda been worse - coulda been the Real Estate section. 

3. Flashdance anyone? Saturday I did laundry (yay), and who wanted to wear daddies socks? 

4. My Bible. I know I can't be the only one who writes in their Bible. I underline and circle things constantly. Things that I find convicting or just never want to forget.

Hope your weekends were fun :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Because I have the most amazing...

Blogger Bffilicious! 

So as you may remember, September 27th was my 26th birfday. Well Ms. Amber from Bugs, Barbies, and Wedded Bliss remembered! She is seriously so cute and needs to be on the Real Housewives of Alabama STAT. She has the car, the house, the looks, she has 1 sassafras little girl, 1 HILARIOUS little red head boy, and the cutest marriage. If you don't already follow her? I am so sorry for your loss, but go check out her blog and I promise you'll be hooked within 1 post. 

So anywhooot, Amber told me there was something coming for moi in the mail. That news alone got me excited! So Ive been lurking around our mailbox every day at 1:48pm (The mail comes at 1:50 on most days) to see what that handsome mailman distrubtes into the mail boxes. Well it came!!!

Why yes, these would be workout tank tops! How well does she know me?! Amber and I were reading 50 Shades of Grey at the same time and would compare our notes we took away, discuss how society can be so judgmental of a little harmless red room activity reading, and also how sad we were going to be by finishing the last book #wewillmissyouChristan #theybettercastyouwellforthemovie  
As for the 13 point freaking 1?! Y'all might remember this post. I REALLLLLLY love this tank top. There are no words...

Check out the back!! 

Along with the tanks, Ms. Thang got me some Mac lipgloss, cause even if Im sweating, I must look decent. The T Rex got to be my kiss tester 

I wasted no time in getting it all sweaty - hello stomach sweat! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dayuuuum, Jessica

So we all know how Jessica Simpson had her baby and how she signed a deal with Weight Watchers to lose the baby weight. She hasn't lost it as ridiculously fast like some other celebrity women *Any and all the Victoria Secret sticks models, but that's ok. As a mom who worked out before her baby, during her baby, and after her baby and through the crazy toddler days, I know it's hard work. I get to the gym at least 3 times a week and train hard and intense and Im STILL not where I want to be *wine may play a part in this...or my little bites of Troy's lunches and dinners*. And I am almost 2 years post partum. So to me, Jessica looks freaking good! Look at those legs?! Ummm, hello shredded calves! Jessica has always had amazing legs, but that's not the point. The point is, she needs to tell me where she got those shoes! She had baby girl Maxwell Drew Johnson about 5 months ago & lets not all forget where we (peeps who've had babes is what I mean by "we") were 5 months post partum. Way to go Jessica, keep it up girl!

picture from here

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eat the Floor

So there I was last Friday at the gym like a good girl. The weight room was empty and I could see 1 chick in the cardio room - my kinda morning at the gym. When Nick makes it big, I want a full weight lifting room. And a personal massage therapist that comes to my house once a day. But that is a story for a different post for a different day :)

So it was leg day for moi. Everything was going good, I was blasting some PitBull, and just in my zone. I stacked up my weights on the Smith Machine and started off with my squats

in case y'all aren't familiar with what a Smith Machine is, this is the beast that runs my ass...literally

So after weighted squats, I stack up some blocks and add a step platform to give me more range of motion for my calf raises. They look something like this...and that is totally me NOT me, I know some of you were thinking so ;-P that'd be Jamie Eason. 
This is what it looks like when stacked properly and EVENLY for calf raises 
Well imagine my SHOCK (and heart attack, embarrassment, urine in my spandex, fright) when as Im on the raise part of the movement, the flat platform buckles back (maybe due to the fact that I didnt have it balanced on the blocks? That coulda been it). Which in turn makes me lose my balance and fall forward, which makes my form go from perfect to 0 and the barbell slide more on my back than my shoulders, pushing my face FAST towards the ground. Thank the good Lord above the safety stoppers (they act as a spotter since you most likely dont have one), stopped the barbell from pushing my face totally into the ground. The LOUDEST crash I've heard in a long time, so Im sure that little Miss Cardio in the other room heard the ruckus. 

Now that I think about it, it cracks me up, and I'd probably laugh my butt if I saw this scenario play out to someone else (After I rushed over to see if they were okay, of course). You know how when cats fall or get startled, and they eat it? Then they get up like nothing happened, almost like they meant to fall and just carry on? ME ME ME! I looked around to make sure I was still alone, re-stacked the barbell, fixed the blocks and the platform and carried on.