Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 Some

Menage a Trois WINE that is... Im copying Miss Taylor and having a nice adult refreshment on this Tuesday evening. Don't judge. To go with that classy wine? Some chicken flavored top ramen.

We keep it classy around here.
So let me tell you an addiction lately - Pintrest. I know, I'm late in the game cause I've seen a lot of you girls post about your love for this addicting picture site. Seriously dudettes, I have been "repining" things left and right. One of those things would be holiday stuff.
Tell me this isn't the best (and easy on the wallet) way of getting your house ready for Halloween?

I mean, you could get all this at Michaels
And to keeping things within budget for Christmas decor, check this version out

Darling, just darling

Friday, August 26, 2011

Snakes. I HATE Snakes

Okay girls, so last night Nick and I were going to bed when I started to hear a rattle. And no, this wasn't a rattle my infant son was playing with. This was a rattle SNAKE! Yup, you heard right. I heard it right out our bedroom window super close so Nick and I look out and there is a white cat having a little boxing match with a baby rattler! Brave ass cat in my opinion. I was seriously telling the cat through the screen that it was going to get its neck bitten off. But did it listen? Nope. Balls of steal this one. Anywhoot, after watching the cat and snake go at it, the snake tried to slither away where it had come from...MY FRONT SHRUBBY GARDEN AREA! Oh no he did'int! Seriously, I walk by there all the time and I wear flip flops. And there are areas that are covered in in plants that make it so you can't exactly see the ground...aka, they could be hiding!

Seeing a baby made me realize "If there is a baby, it has brother and sisters and it also has a mama rattle snake" Oh shiiiiiz. I would really like to invest in a cheapo BB gun because like Hell I'm going to get close enough to Anne Boleyn those SOB's.

I know we live in the country, and this just comes with the territory, but ugh! Snakes are my phobia, but I HATE being startled and that's what they like to do - startle you when they strike you and bite you unconscious. I will forever be wearing these thick bad boys on my feet. Lord knows I would go in panic/dramatic mode if I got bit.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This and That Thursday

Its Thursday and mama aint messin no more. We are moved in, we are starting to get a hang of our morning routines, so its time I get a WORKOUT routine more into play, right? Right! I really think I look pretty good for having a 7 month old (as of yesterday the crazy monster is 7 months old!). My stomach for the most part is flat again, I have some muscle definition back, but Im still not where I'd really love to be as my "Finally got my body banging and ready to wreck havoc" body.

With that said, I haven't signed up for the gym in town yet. I need to and will, its just buying a house sorta drains your bank account, so its 30 Day Shred & BL & Treadmill (courtesy of my mama's house) for the time being.

So ladies -
Monday - OFF
Tuesday - Shred & Run 2-3 miles
Wednesday - Shred & BL workout
Thursday - Shred & BL
Friday - Shred & Run 2-3 miles.

Its almost September which MEANS Fall (my favorite season), duh! But it also means my birfday is coming up - the 27th ladies, just ask for my bday wish list & I'll send it. Scratch that, I'll do a post on it. I do know Im getting some more ink from the hubby and its another reason I want to be looking more toned - so I can show it off!!

On my right side...gonna hurt like a mo fo.
On a way more serious note. THIS disturbs me. Actually down right pisses me off & I think she needs to be dropped off a parking garage structure. That is all.

And who had a dream about being pantless in the men's locker room with this guy? Yours truly... Football Season must be among us!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

My Mister and I going shopping with G-ma
My delicious lunch - thank you Lean Cuisine for fulfilling my pizza craving
After what seemed FOREVER, someone can actually hold their own bottle. Check that off the list of "I need mommy to ______"
My mama made me homemade blackberry pie. Its sort of a tradition every SUmmer. The blackberries are off their blackberry bushes, and not to brag, but my mom makes the best pie crust in 3 counties.
MAYJA' closet organization happened. I hadn't unpacked all my clothes and last night I got motivated and organized all my shoes on a rack instead of thrown into a bin. Nice, huh? I still don't have as much room as I'd like, but when we finish the downstairs, Nick promises I will have a closet that will put Mariah's to shame.
and Mariah's...

I got in a super creative mood and painted our bathroom. Im not sure if it does justice, but the color is like a soft tan/mocha-y color. Next up is Troy's bathroom

Friday, August 19, 2011

Its A...

BOY! My cousin told us yesterday that she is in fact, having a bouncing little baby boy. So excited Troy will have a little boy to hang out with and get rough and tough with. T Money doesn't have many boys he can hang out with, so this is bomb dot com! Congrats Shelli and Jay!

Ive said it before, but seriously people, I'm ready for Fall. FALL AND WINTER! I'm really not a Summer person. I don't like going to lakes or rivers. I know shocker being from CA. Buuuut hear me out - you can't see the bottom of lakes for starters and God knows whats in there and #2, I HATE the feel of smooshy mud going between my toes when getting into said lake. I do like laying by the pool and I DO love being tan, I love corn on the cob, being refreshed with a nice smoothie, wearing my shades and having my windows down while driving...... but other than that, I'm ova' it! Bring on the crisp Fall weather,

leaving the windows open at night and actually having cool air blow in, sweaters and jeggings & boots,

hot coffee & holiday flavored creamer.....

yup, I could go on and on.

And let me just freak you out. I had this countdown on my computer last year and bookmarked it FAST and Im sharing......wanna know how many more days left until Christmas? Have a seat and click HERE

Thursday, August 18, 2011

PInk or Blue?

Morning girls! So I am going to lunch with my gma, mom, and cousin today. My cousin is preggers with her 1st & she is going to find out what she's having then unveiling it to us at lunch.
Im sure there are perks with either - I personally love having a crazy energetic boy, but Im sure girls are all sugar and spice too. The hubbinator has 1 more chance if he wants a girl, then shop is closed. Speaking of babies and soon to be mama's - I was watching Raven's Vlog the other day, and she said the worse advice she was given as a new mom was "Sleep when the baby sleeps". AMEN SISTER! Or how about the whole "Better sleep now, cause when that baby comes, you won't be getting any...". Okay, my beef with this is it's not like you have a "Sleep Bank" that you can tap into once the baby is here. Sure, you should enjoy resting and not being on call 24/7, BUT regardless if you sleep 24 hours for a week straight pre baby, your STILL going to be a zombie at those 11 o clock, 2 o clock, 4 o'clock, 6 o'clock feedings. Just sayin....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hey girls, happy Tuesday. Hope y'all are having a fabulous one thus far. Im currently sitting next to a pile of laundry that needs to be folded ASAP to avoid wrinkles, but as you can read, Im typing instead.

So Im constantly getting my current events straight at one of the most knowledgable sources, US Weekly dot com, and this is what I stumbled upon...

Beverly Hills Housewives' Russell Armstrong Commits Suicide

How sad is THIS?! Im not sure if you guys watch classy shows like Real Housewives, but Lord knows I do. We all watched last season as Taylor and Russell's marriage fell apart and just recently she filed for divorce. I've seen promos on the next season of RHOBV and it looks as though we were going to get a peek into Russell and Taylors marriage, so since Russell has now passed away, Im wondering how they will portray everything?

Not that this justifies it, but Russell was a total stick in the mud when they were out at functions and just sorta seemed controlling. Just sayin my opinion peeps. You can read all about it here

Monday, August 15, 2011

Setting Down Roots

Here it is girls! Im so happy to debut our house. Just a warning. Im not sure why, but in every picture the ceiling height looks like we live in a hobbit house. Thank you iPhone. I swear my ceilings are higher than that.

Please come in...

Living Room

Living Room 2

Where the magic happens

My ADORABLE garden that I know nothing about. Seriously, Im horrible. I have no green thumb whatsoever. Hoping my mama and/or gma can come help me learn

Where MORE magic happens...FOOOOOD is made. The best room in the house!

Side Deck. This wraps around to the backside too, but this is the entertainment area

So there you have it! We have a lot of plans for this place:
1. Downstairs we are knocking down all the walls and putting the master bedroom/closet/bathroom and Living Room down there. I didn't take a picture of the downstairs, because well....this guy is down there and Im home alone

but...here are my ideas...

2. After the downstairs is done (production starts this winter baby!), we are starting on the kitchen. We are knocking down a side wall and expanding the kitchen out

3. The living room is going to have carpet pulled up and then we will be turning that into a nice purdy dining room with a long table to fit all family and friends.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Well its Happening

Im doing a Vlog. Yup, this weekend, I'm doing one. So send your questions/comments/marriage proposals this way!!

Have a FABULOUS weekend. Be looking for my house pics, coming at ya TODAY!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vlog? Open Question Sesh?

Happy Thursday peeps! I know I promised new house pics, but honestly my house hasn't seemed clean enough for me to take pictures. Baby toys are everywhere, but once the little dude goes down for a nap, I'll take some pics and post them soon!

So one of the most hilarious bloggers out there, Miss Raven, posted an open question session & answered in the form of a Vlog. Well I have never done a vlog because I didn't think there would be much interest in it on California Dreamin. So my question for the day is this - do you have any questions for moi? Would you like me to answer them in Vlog form? Im not the shyest of girls (sorry mom), so any question (within reason) is acceptable!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So What! Wednesdays...

The Just Moved in Edition

So What...if I haven't worked out in 2 weeks. Surprisingly I don't feel or look as ginormous as a I should.

So What...if I still haven't signed up for the gym in town like I've planned

So What...if I still haven't returned comcasts equipment even though its been due for a week.

So What...if I refuse to go down into our basement after dark. Even though there is tons of lights down there, I know this guy is waiting in the dark for me.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bachelorette catchup

Photo from here

Its no secret, I was pulling for my boy JP on the Bachelorette. To those of you who don't watch the classiness that is The Bachelorette, JP Rossenbaum. But can I just speak on a few things for a moment? A couple things that sorta rubbed me the wrong way with Mr. JP.

First - when JP was on a group date with 2 other guys, he got CRAZY jealous when other guys got their turn with her. Like he was pacing sorta pissed. Then when a guy had an alone date with Ashley and didn't come back until the following morning? OOO WEEEE. The boy didn't like that and stormed out of the room. He says its all because he is falling for Ashley and has these deeps feelings, blah blah blah. Honestly, I don't really take any of these dudes feelings for real. Your on a TV show looking for love with 20 other guys competeting and there is a sexy little vixen on the line that may or may not hook up with you.

But with all that aside, JP was always my favorite and he won the game! Err...I mean, won the girl. The ring he picked out was gorgeous. A 3.5 carat Neil Lane diamond baby! Honestly though, I really liked the ring Ben had picked out better. It was a little more unique than the diamonds across the band and the mother of all diamonds on the top. They were both gorgeous, but just in my opinion, I would have liked Ben's on my finger more than the one JP picked

JP's Pick/Ashley's engagement ring she chose

Oh and what did you guys think of Bens reaction? Im actually really happy he reacted that way. I mean, Ashley actually let him go to 1 knee and propose and then she expects them to still be all friendly when she turned it out? C'mon girl, get real!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't Call it a Comeback

Check 1, 2. Check 1, 2. Is this thing on?

I'm baaaaaaaaaack. Did you miss me? I missed you girls so much! We just got out internet hooked up at our new house and I am going to spend all night catching up on all your lives since mine has been filled with boring stuff: packing boxes, unpacking boxes, painting, hanging pictures, putting new furniture together, cleaning, blah blah blah. I promise to have pictures of the new digs as soon as I deem it acceptable to post on the world wide web. Until then, you'll just have to be satisfied with knowing it's coming along. Just a few more touches here and there, and we're good to go.

Having more space, I have an excuse to shop for more things, so a trip to Home Goods, or Marshalls is a must in the near future. Mr T Monster is loving his new pad, and girls you will not believe - my 6 month old is THIS close to crawling (imagining your seeing me with my index and thumb a smudge apart). He can get his knees under himself and his arms locked and ready to move, but just can't seem to get the entire swing of things. Give it 2 more weeks, the kid will be on the loose and wild.

Just wanted to check in with y'all and let you know Im alive and kicking, just getting things settled and I'll be back for good, mooahaha!