Friday, July 31, 2009

Out of Office

Oh man am I ready to go back to California! I am blogging 1 more time before I hit the road back to Cali, but I'll try to log on at a hotel we stop at and check in with you guys. I wanted to post some pictures of my party :D I'll check back in with you all from the West Coast :) I'M GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My girl Daphne and I :)

NC Bestie and I

My delicious cake!

The spread already half dug into

The day has come

Happy Friday all you beautiful people!! I hope you have some great plans for the weekend!

It is always so sad saying "see you later" (I refuse to say goodbye since I KNOW I will be seeing some of these people again). Its my last day at work and they are throwing me a party! So excited about that! What girl doesn't like a party thrown in HER honor? :D Christine and I already exchanged cards. I just love her to so much. We both cried like the silly girls that we are. Thanks to my niece, I had tissues on hand.

Tonight N and I are going to Five Guys since we don't have one on the west coast. Very fresh delicious burgers and fries. They give you the most generous amount of fries that N and I usually end up sharing an order. Then the car shipping people should be coming to get N's car and then we'll back the rest of my car up. We were talking about it this morning and I am going to be up at........2:45 AM!!!! I'm sure your reading this saying "Why the heck are you waking up at 2:45AM when you don't have to leave till 4?!" Well I'll tell you. I have to be up so I can shower, blow dry and straighten my hair and apply at least some mascara and stuff. I have to be presentable. It bugs me not to be and I'll feel really frumpy. I know, I'm weird like that :D


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So being the NC bestie that Christine is, she brought me flowers and a Congrats balloon! Congrats for what you may ask.......I PASSED MY FINAL PERSONAL TRAINING EXAM! You are now reading the blog of an ISSA certified personal trainer!!!! So instead of MD at the end of my name like others may have, mine will be CPT! So excited!! I have to admit I was super nervous and knew if I didn’t pass it would kill me, but I did! I passed with a 90% even!! Thank you VERY Much! I will post pictures tonight of the balloon and flowers. She is just so thoughtful sometimes :D They are fresh flowers out of her garden and that is Christine's fetish if you will. Anything home and garden! I have been to Costco many times with this girl and she is hypnotized at the site of the garden section. Those are just the ABC's of her and she's so awesome because of it!

So there was no gym this morning. I tell you people, I was so tired this morning; it was as if I had been drinking all night or something (I was NOT just to throw it out there). So that means its the gym for this afternoon after work :D Last night I packed up all of N and mine's clothes and was FORCED to choose only a few pieces of clothes to wear between now and the time we get back home to California. That is so hard for me to do, cause I just never know if I will want to wear the black maxi dress instead of running shorts in the car ride. Both comfortable and practical. We're stopping in Denver to see N's madre(that is Spanish for mom for those of you who don't speak espanol). That should be fun, we haven't seen her since last year. We're spending the night

at her house and then back on the trail and we should be back home within 8 hours after that!! Oh I am so excited!! My bestie since 4 years old, is going to be in the area, but only for a brief moment so she wants to stop by just to hug me! She is pregnant and a gorgeous one at that! I haven't seen her since like 2007! That is just 2 years too long! I'm so excited to see my other bestie bon bon. I haven't seen her since last year when I flew home and she was pregnant then! I get to meet her beautiful baby girl! Ahhh so many things I'm looking forward too. Especially a nice glass(or 2 or 3) of wine with my mama and sister when we get there!!

Have a great hump day everyone!! It’s a

lmost Friday!!

Me, NC Bestie Christine, and Miss Jill

My balloon and flowers


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do you like the new blog design?!

So what do you guys think?! Do you love the new blog design! A BIG thank you to Hilary over at Simply Yours Designs!! She was awesome to work with and she just did an amazing job! If any of you are wanting to start your own blog and need a blog design tailored to your personality/blog theme, Hilary is the girl!

throw them out!

Before I get to what I meant by my title to this blog, I have to start off on a positive note cause I want to keep my blog happy and positive, BUT and this is a big but, if something irks me, be prepared to read about it. Now, onto my blog....

It truly is a beautiful day. Its not too humid for me here in NC today, thank God! I woke up this morning at 5am , staying faithful to my workout plan and was sore from the bicep/triceps/shoulder day I had yesterday at the gym, so I thought today would be a great day to have a session with my bf Tread Mill for 20 minutes and then jump on his friend Elli Ptical (he's French, don't mind the weird name, LOL!) for 20 minutes. So that's exactly what I did. I always feel a little guilty if I don't do SOMETHING ab related, so I climbed up on the beautiful hanging bar and proceeded to do 3 sets of 15, hanging leg raises. This is where my tip of the day comes in: TRY HANGING LEG RAISES! I don't recommend them without lifting gloves just because they hurt my hands and if you are a girl reading this, it is not sexy to have callused hands, unless that is what your man goes for :D. It will get rid of that pooch that all of us girls hate and can't get rid of and they will also strengthen your whole core. I was introduced to these via Oxygen magazine (aka, the fitness guru's bible! (besides the regular Holy Bible of course!) ). Try them, if you stick to them, you'll see those results fast. They are 1 of the only exercises that gets my lower tummy flat. So after the gym, I came back to the hotel, showered, fixed N his breakfast, fixed my egg whites w/spinach with a side of wheat multi-grain toast and a 1 tablespoon of natural organic PB, and sat myself down in front of the TV. Now here comes my "throw them out" explanation. I never watch Fox News (I just heard my mom gasp all the way over here), and what do you think they were talking about? Some terrorist support system that was being organized in Willow Springs, NC. Right around my neck of the woods! If you would like to read the stupid idiotic man's story, click here. I am sorry, but I'm not sorry. If you want to support terrorists and aid their efforts and even fight with them and participate in their despicable activity, then please...get the heck out of my country! N fought for this man's right to have all of the weapons he has in his house and THIS is how he is using that freedom?! It just irritates the heck out of me when my husband served his country for 4 years and did his time over in the sandbox, and this happens. A total crock in my opinion.

So there you have it, your workout tip of the day and a little venting comliments of me ha ha. I promise to be back with a happier post tomorrow :D Have a great day everyone!! 4 days till this California girl is back on the west coast where she belongs!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome back to Monday!

You thought you could get away from it, but it gotcha!! Its MONDAY!!! Dun Dun DUN!! I hope all you guys had a great weekend. Mine was actually pretty productive in terms of my fitness goals. Since N and I were border than all heck..wait..let me rephrase that. I was bored as heck, N was happily occupied by Battestar Galactica that he rented. So I decided to put my boredom to good use. I was gonna workout! So I went to the gym and did 20 minutes of running intervals on my boyfriend Tread Mill and then 10 minutes of incline fast pace walking. I followed this by a few leg workouts. Okay, side note, if you are wanting a challenging leg workout that also works that glorious derriere of yours, its called a split squat. What it is, is where you grab 2 dumbbells (I use 8lb.) and then you have the top of your left foot on top of a bench and your right leg out in front of you at a 90 degree angle. You then lower down and push yourself back up with your foot that's out in front of you. Do about 2 sets of 12 on each leg to start and I guarantee you will be feeling it all throughout your backside the next day. It works those quads too. So that's my tip of the day :D So anywhoo, after all of that, I got bored around 4:30 and decided to shred it up with one of my favorite personal trainers, Ms. Jillian Michaels. Sunday came around and so did the boredom and I decided once again to workout it out, TWICE in one day! LOL, I love it! OH and since yours truly is on a body toning mission, I followed my plan and was up at 5AM this morning working it out at the gym. I hate it the whole drive there, then its like everything in the universe just lines up perfectly around mile 1 mile on that treadmill :D

This week is the week!! N, Daisy Mae and I are heading back HOME!!! In the words of Biggy Smalls "I'm going going, back back to Cali Cali..." :D I am SOOOO excited! This will will be filled with packing and saying goodbye to friends. It'll be okay though, I've made some amazing friends here in NC. Have a great Monday everyone!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

bitter sweet

I have worked here for 2.5 years. By far the longest job I've ever been at. My NC bestie Christine put it best today when she said "it is sad. Its like the last chapter to a good book and no one likes it when a good book ends". Something like that, but pretty dang close. It is just so true. Today I was so bummed. More bummed than I thought I would be. I was crying over stupid things. I'm really going to miss Christine. My boss too, even though him and I have had some serious ups and downs, I know he cares about me and wants me to be happy in CA. I really am, I am so excited to move back its I just hate hate hate saying goodbye. Christine has been one of the bestest friends I could ever ask for. She's only been here since September, but she means the world to me and I want to thank her for making coming to work so much better.

Enough depressing stuff. I totally flaked on the gym this am. I don't know why I was so tired, but I was and there was no waking me up. I really wanted to go too. I want to go running, but don't want to have to go back and change then go to the gym. So I think I'm gonna do a workout DVD. Maybe the Shred. Then I'll go tomorrow(Saturday yay!!!) and run & do legs tomorrow. N and I have to go get oil changes tomorrow, but as for that we got nada planned. Any suggestions? I don't think there are any movies in the theater we really wanna watch. Hmm.....what are YOU doing tomorrow? I really really wanna lay out, but got no where to lay out lol

Have a great weekend lovelies!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


So you guys are gonna think I'm a total grump, but hear me out. I am not a morning person. In fact, mentally I really don't wake up till about 10am. I like to ease my way out of bed and through my morning routine and carry out my "active sleeping" stage all the way through my first 1.5 hours of work and everything. Well since I am now a morning gym go'er( I went today, yay me!!), I was dreading it. There is this one guy who always likes to talk and he's all cheery with "Good Morning!!" Now that's really nice and friendly and all, but I just don't wanna talk and shout good morning to everyone I see at 5 AM or 8 AM for that matter. My biggest pet peeve is when N leaves all the lights on in the house in the AM before he leaves for work just to mess with me (BIIIIIG KISSES BABY!). I dunno why it makes me mad, its like the morning is like "ready or not girl, here I come!!" So lesson here is: don't shout greetings to me till at least 10 AM! :D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Hump Day!!

So I forgot to mention. I am on a mission. I have an interview with a gym as a personal trainer in about 2 weeks. This will be my first ever personal training interview and I'm super nervous. Like what if I don't know how to do something with a client. What if someone has a bad knee or back and I can't think of an exercise plan that would be the best for him? I'm super nervous, BUT I have to have faith in myself, that I know this stuff and just be confident. So amidst my nerves, I am focused on looking the best I can look. Which means:
1.) Hitting the gym in the AM's at least 4 mornings a week(SO HARD TO DO!! AND THIS DOESN'T INCLUDE SATURDAY'S). Training includes: running 30 minute intervals, lifting for 20-30 minutes.
2.) Tanning 4 times a week
3.) making sure I have a balanced amount of carbs, fats, and proteins and fiber! I think I'm going to say no carbs/or very minimal amount past 8pm EVERY night. Includes weekends. Most importantly, eat as clean as I can get!
4.) HYDRATE HYDRATE W/H20- should be no problem since I chug water like its disappearing from the face of the earth.
3.) Sessions w/Jillian Michael's (AMAZING PROGRAM THAT I'VE HAD SUCCESS W/IS THE 30 DAY SHRED. I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE AT ALL FITNESS LEVELS) and my one and only Bob Harper W/Boot camp at least 2x a week.

I think with this, I will be a lot more confident and ready to go. I am actually super excited to do this since I have a goal to work towards and I dunno about you, but I have such more motivation and will power, if I know I have something I'm working towards. So that's whats up lovelies! Best believe it! I will keep everyone posted on how its going. Happy Hump Day!!!

Dedicated to my Dad :D

So my dad has always been into all things vampires and what not. Like he has seen the Underworld movies so many times. He loves Harry Potter and just all things related to that sort of stuff. I also love that stuff! I LOVED watching Buffy the Vampire slayer starring the beautiful Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers and I was oh so in ♥ with Angel (David Boreanez). Interview with the Vampire was also a favorite whenever HBO decided to run it. Just fun stuff for us. So anyways, I knew my dad has been watching the series True Blood so since N and I are bored as heck in our hotel for another week and a half, we decided to rent this series and we started it last night. Guess what?! LOVE IT! It is really good so far. Things that make you go "DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!" are thrown into each episode and I love it! Some parts are scary like you know your gonna have nightmares, but that's the fun of it. Its almost like a grown up version of Twilight.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So I am so excited people!! I bet you were wondering what the big news was that I was talking about in the previous post, huh? Well, wait no more. I GAVE MY 2 WEEKS! Yup, this West coast gal and N and Daisy Mae are heading back home to Cali-for-ni-A for GOOD!! Ahhhh, just typing it feels so good and its out in the open. My boss took it pretty well actually and played it off like he already had a feeling something was going on(yeah right!). My NC Bestie Christine was crying though, so it made me cry cause the truth is, is that I do love Christine and she has been a blessing in so many ways. I needed a friend desperately and she was a friend and more. I will miss a couple of my co-workers. Everyone here was nice to me when I first started and everything, so I guess a girl can't ask for more. I didn't hate my job or where I worked and that is so important, cause you go to work everyday. That is where you spend most of your time, so if you hate it, get out fast! So my last day will be July 31st and Christine is throwing a going away party for me. *Tear* she's the best!! I cannot wait. Now being the drama queen that I am, I plan on wearing the pink feather boa that I have saved on my desk from when I celebrated my birthday last year :D You read right, I wore a pink boa on my birthday last year! Hey! Its MY birthday and I can do or wear whatever I want :D .

I am so tired, but guess what?! Since N and DM and I are moving back like soon, I need to hit the gym hard. My plan is to go in the mornings @ 5, but since an earthquake wouldn't wake me up this morning, I hit the snooze. I have to admit though, I'm actually really excited to go to the gym again cause I haven't gone to the gym in almost 2.5 weeks! Which almost means, I haven't gone tanning!! EEEk!! This California girl is losing that beautiful bronze I worked hard to get, but never fear, I'm hitting the tanning beds too! It's so relaxing. I know, I know all you people who are screaming "HAVEN'T YOU EVER HEARD OF SKIN CANCER?!?!?!" But its an addiction, and its not like I go EVERY FRIGGIN DAY....yet :P. So I'm hitting the treadmill and my plan is intervals for 20 minutes. I printed out this plan and I'm hitting it hard people!! Intervals are amazing. Let me tell you why. You get such a workout and you can do it in a short amount of time. You will walk away with soaked shirt(if your a sweater like me), and you will feel amazing. It keeps your body in top calorie burning mode even when you are resting. Then to the weights! SO IMPORTANT! To all those cardio bunnies, if you want to look like Heidi Klum or Jessica Beil, pick up some lead and work it! You can't just do cardio! Also, strength training is amazing since it tones and makes you stronger. Ladies, you will NOT bulk! You do not have enough testosterone to do this! Oh yes, and then some abs with leg lifts! You better believe this lady is going to be leaving for CA lookin like the trainer she is!! Plus running is such a great de-stresser for me. It just clears my mind and all the aggression or any sort of anything I had on my mind from the day or week or whatever. Its great to find that de-stresser from life, kids, husbands/wives, gf/bf's, work, money, ANYTHING!! What's your de-stresser? Its also so important to do something for YOU. If I don't work out, I usually feel so blah and usually crabby(sorry N). As for today, I need a coke zero bad! Some sort of energy!! I have nothing though, so I'm gonna have to run on pure love for the runs, ha ha!! Have a great Tuesday!! Tomorrow is hump day and brings me closer to my move!! YAYA! SO EXCITED!

Monday, July 20, 2009

California Dreamin runs on Dunkin

Hello lovelies!! How was your guys' weekend? Mine was pretty stressful due to family issues, but we won't go into it. Much Drama!! :) So this morning I woke up super early and last night I went to bed super late, so I really I got like 4 hours of sleep total I think, so since I wanted to sleep rather than wake up and make myself some bfast, I decided to stop by Dunkin donuts to try one of these DDSMART flatbread sandwiches. Now if you know me, you know that I am careful what I eat. I am a future personal trainer and enjoy eating healthy and cutting calories/fats where I can. So I ordered the egg white veggie flat bread sandwhich. IT WAS HEAVENLY!! Seriously.not.kidding. It has: 210 calories and only 9 grams of fat. It was sooo yummy and hot. Since I am a walking zombie in a way, I had to order my UNsweet tea w/lemon. Yes, I said UNsweet. Here in good ol' North Cackalacky, the person who takes my order anywhere always says "UNsweet? You want some sort of sweetener with that?" No gracias, I enjoy that caffeine loaded, bitter tasting(with a splash of lemon) tea of mine. So, this flat bread sandwich has my stamp of approval if your watching your diet (or just don't wanna eat pure grease and fat in the AM...hello McDonalds!!) and your in a rush.

Today is a big day! I got a few things on my plate that I need to work on here at work, but there is something else that's going on today that I will post about tomorrow in case my boss reads my blog, which I doubt he does. I have a lunch meeting with him and our AA, my NC Bestie, Christine. EEEEk!! Got the butterflies cause this is HUGE news!! Monumental! Do you know what it is? Any guesses? Have a fabulous Monday everyone!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What the heck?!

Hello lovelies! I am sorry for the no post yesterday, but I had some stuff going on. So this morning(and when I say morning, I mean 12:30AM!!!!) I woke up and was ridiculously nausea's and my stomach hurt super duper bad. I had a bad case of salmonella in October 2008 and that is what the pain in my stomach felt like. If you've never had salmonella, imagine somebody literally twisting your lower guts and wringing it like a towel, hurting so bad, it causes you to sweat and no matter what position you set your self in, it doesn't stop. Happy thoughts, no? LOL, no that I've freaked you out and you will probably think twice about ordering the chicken cordon bleu, I'll get back to today. So I woke up and ran to the bathroom. I won't go into all the gory details, but I promise you, it wasn't pleasant. I almost passed out hugging the toilet, but I dragged myself back to bed and curled back up with Mr. N. I dunno about you, but I'm a baby when I don't feel good. I don't want N to literally sit at my bed side and tell me about rainbows and kittens, but I want to know he is right there if I need him. He always is, but this California Dreamin chick is what some like to call, "A Drama Queen". I have no problem admitting it either. I am dramatic and I'm sarcastic, and some even say I'm funny, but hey, that's the ABC's of me. So when I'm sick, it kicks into high gear and I whine and make a big stink about it. I skipped my 5:30 wake up call for pounding the pavement since I think my body was crying out for more sleep, and when the alarm went off at 6:30, I felt a-okay. A little uneasy in the nausea department, but no stomach issues. I shower, eat some cereal since I don't think my stomach could handle my usual egg whites on a bed of spinach, and then..dun dun DUUUUUN!! My stomach starts hurting again! I talk myself down and tell myself, "Your fine, its okay, just get dressed, grab your lunch and go to work". So I attempted to dress, got dizzy and a sudden case of the nausea/stomach pains sweep over and its back to the bathroom. I just decided to call it a day after that cause there is no way I'm running back and forth to the bathroom all day at work people. I refuse to do any of "that" stuff @ work unless it was an emergency, and it would be an all day emergency if I had gone in. Thankfully my boss didn't seem to peeved about it since he responded back to my "out sick" email with "K". His famous word,!

This week has been funky. I had a bad case of the Mondays, I've been super tired all week which in turn my workouts suck and I don't push myself as hard cause I lag, then my eating its like "Umm, excuse missy, when did it become okay to sneak a piece of pizza right before dinner? Wasn't that you I saw eating 2 pieces at dinner AND you had dessert?" Hopefully it was all chalked up to this bug that has hit me, and I'll be up and running by tomorrow and the weekend. Ahhh, the weekend, how I love thee. Sleeping in with N, going for a run when I want to, not when it fits into the work schedule, le' sigh......:) Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So I've been looking at my work clothes lately and I think I need to refresh a bit. Like not buy a totally new wardrobe, but I can tell I've gotten comfortable wearing the same things that are too comfortable rather than keep a polished look. Especially since I've lost weight (and hopefully I'll keep losing), my paints get loose. Like these one black high-waisted sailor looking pants I Have are super cute, but waaaay to baggy now since I've lost weight. Since I mentioned it, I wanna give a shout out to sparkpeople. Not gonna tell you about it cause you have to go there yourself, but I will say that if you want to lose weight or just want to live healthier, go there immediately. My problem is, is that I will wear a certain pair of pants or shoes until they die, and before they completely die, they look unprofessional from all the wear and tear. So, I'm want to get a few things to revamp my style a bit for work. Get a couple new blouses and maybe a dress and/or carpi's for work. I got a couple new pairs of shoes cause I was wearing the same ol' shoes over and over and the seams were all coming undone and it was majorly embarrassing, but not anymore. Check out the new additions :)

Aren't they cute?! I had a pair of black pointy toe pumps that I'm starting to break in too, but have been too afraid cause I'm a baby about my feet hurting. Back onto clothes. I'm a Forever 21 whore! I admit it, I love the store. I'm 22 and until I can no longer fit (please God make it never!) in clothes at F21, I will shop there. GREAT prices and great clothes. I do want to get a couple tops there for work and such cause they have amazing deals and they are still age appropriate while still being "business casual". Any suggestions for on a budget, but still age appropriate/business casual wardrobe? Suggestions please :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays

How was everyone's weekend?! Mine was pretty chill..didn't do much of anything. I am so tired. I notice that if I go to bed at total opposite times, I drag during the day and nothing can wake me up. Mama is getting herself a nice large coke zero in about 10 minutes. Its only noon and I have 5 more hours of work. Point is: I NEED to wake up! This weekend N and I played World of Warcraft :) Now don't laugh!! I have officially crossed over. I'm a WoW nerd :) It really isn't as bad as I thought, even though I hate admitting it. I used to look at N like an addict, but now its one of our favorite things to do together. And we really do do it together. Our characters go on quests together. GEEZ even THAT last sentence sounded nerdy, lol. Oh well! I love it! Do you do nerdy/embarrassing things with your significant other??? So anyways, we stayed up till like 2AM every night. Then last night we went to bed at like 9:30, and it threw off my whole sleeping clock. I hate it cause I treated myself to turning in early and this is how my body repays me?! By making me a complete zombie the next day! O and by the way, its raining and dark outside. PERFECT snuggling under the blankets weather. Hope everyone's Monday goes good! I promise I'll have a better attitude tomorrow. I just got a serious case of the Mondays.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

On repeat

Breaking Benjamin-Breath

Having a rock addiction lately. I've always loved it, but lately its all I want. This song is wicked good too. Very climatic as N would say

Not a fan of humidity

I hear people say how great humidity is for the skin and what not and how they love the humidity much more than dry heat. Not this West Coast girl. Nope, give me a dry blazzing hot day w/cool breezy nights any day. Its humid here in Raleigh and somebody definitely turned up the heat. Nice day just to sit out on the deck w/a cold margarita (on the rocks if you please). O and P.S. Even MORE humidity to come. Tomorrow's high is 90 flippin degrees w/showers. Fan- friggin -tastic! At least I have to go to work and I have stay in the A/C all day long :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Welcome to California Dreamin's blog!

Sweet! I have a blog! Welcome everybody! Well my first post I'm going to introduce my current addiction: 1 small contrainer of oikos ORGANIC Greek yogurt(vanilla or honey flavor) w/ a healthy handful of Kashi Original Crunch cereal. I'm a cereal addict so it tickles my fancy :) If you've never had greek yogurt, I most def recommend it. I have heard of people using plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream on things and its way healthier/cleaner and I can totally see how they get that. It has the same creamy consistancy of sour cream. Anywhoo, this combo really is heaven and really good for a post workout snack or even a great clean/healthy/filling lunch paired with like an apple or something. You got your carbs, protein, fats. BAM! Heaven in bowl!

0005215953102_215X215.jpg (215×215)