Monday, September 28, 2009

Its almost Halloween!!

I am still detoxing from the "go go go" this weekend. I feel like such an old lady with how tired I am these days. I am only 23 people, what the heck?! Omgsh, so so so excited that Halloween is coming up!! My Bestie bon bon and I went and got our costumes this weekend! We are gonna be sexy cops and N and Bon Bon's hubby are gonna be cops too. We are pretty stoaked! I haven't dressed up for Halloween and actually gone and done things (Except trick or treating with my niece) ever since leaving CA. But now that we're back, its time to parrrtay!! What are you guys doing for Halloween? I cannot wait, Halloween is seriously my 2nd favorite holiday!!

Oh and I have a killer workout plan for the month of October, and to be honest I cannot wait! I am waiting to start till Wednesday because bunny boo's bday is tomorrow night and I gotta be here for that of course! Plus my no carbs after I get home from work is in full effect. Today was day 1 and it was okay. My mom made this awesome spinach pasta dish though and I wanted some sooo bad. I just had a chicken breast, cottage cheese and broccoli. I was so hungry too. With my new job, I really can't have a snack in the afternoon. So I have to eat all my food at lunch and only then. When I start my gym routine after work I plan on snacking on a luna bar on the way there.

So what do you think of my costume? I am sure my g-ma who is an avid reader does not approve, but for Halloween, I am not going for tasteful hehe


Sunday, September 27, 2009

So my birthday happenings

Well this has just been a birthday weekend for meee! Since my actual birthday is today on a Sunday, I decided that I wanted to celebrate it on Saturday since I would be staying up late and I could sleep in! Great idea since we didn't end up getting home from dinner until 11:30pm. Needless to say I was so tired this morning for when I got up for yoga. Last night's dinner was soooo delicious though. We went to Cheesecake factory. I just love the atmosphere in there too. The lighting is great and the food and portions are great. My mom, me, and my sister shared a bottle of wine which was very good. I am not picky when it comes to wines, but my favorite ones are cab's and merlot's. They have a sweeter taste than the shiraz's in my opinion. I cut loose majorly on my eating last night and when they brought the bread and butter to the table, no loaf was safe! It was seriously like I hadn't eaten in 2 months. N kept laughing at me cause I was just so much about it, I kept tearing off more bread and grabbing a butter along with it. But I thought what the heck, its my birthday and I am gonna work out tomorrow. For dessert, what else, but cheesecake! Please enjoy the before dinner and during dinner pics.

I don't really feel older, just more tired. At 1:45pm today I kissed 22 goodbye for good by getting a mani/pedi and relaxing as I got the best leg/foot massage. It seriously lasted for 20 minutes. JUST THE MASSAGE! All you ladies out there know what I am talking about when I say how important the massage is to the pedicure. I tip on how the massage is.

I am excited to see what 23 brings. 22 brought change. All of it for the best too. Things fail so other things can happen that will bring more positivity in your life. I learn more about myself each year. In my 22nd year on earth, I have learned how strong I am. I have made fitness a priority in my life, lost weight and gained a healthy strong body, ran a 5K, obtained my CPT certification, moved back to CA where my heart truly is,started a new job in a new industry, and matured in how I value people and learned to let go of the people who shouldn't be valued. In my 23rd year I hope to: run 2 more 5K's or even a 10K, purchase a house with the man of my dreams/life, get our English Mastiff, watch 2 babies come into the world to 2 of the most valued friends I have, and maybe even start a family of mine and N's own. I believe that 23 will be a great year....I will let you know how it goes when 24 comes around :D

I hope you all have a great Sunday and soak up the last bit of weekend we have left! I wanted to show you all my new iphone that N got me for my birthday and how peerrty it is with its new hot pink cover!



Happy Birthday to meeeeee

I am 23 today!! I plan on posting more I promise, but its my party and I can delay if I want to :) I'll be back later on today! I got some yoga and some sushi planned :)


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We are offically headed down hill from here folks

It is Wednesday night, yay!! You know what that means. Its all down here from here till the beloved Friday! Its so funny cause driving home on the freeway on Fridays, everyone just seems to be in such a laid back mood. When you look in everyone's cars they have either taken off their ties from work, taken off that cardigan over that tank top, or whatev the heck they want. Cause it's Friday!!!

My plan (see Sunday's post) has been going pretty good so far. I have gotten up every morning (Except this AM, desperatly needed my sleep)at 5 AM and ran 3 miles. SO proud of myself!! I plan on waking up tomorrow morning too. Cause this Sunday is my birthday and I have a super hot dress and heels. Cannot wait to post pics! I am going to be 23 which I know doesn't sound old, but to me it feels old. I can't help but think that I am almost 25! That's halfway through my 20's and almost to 30! I am going out with N, my mom, my dad, my bunny boo, my sister to Cheesecake Factory. I don't even need to explain to those of you who have been there, why I am choosing CKF. I am also celebrating my bday on Saturday instead of Sunday so I can have some drinky poo's and sleep in on my actual birthday. Sunday(my actual bday) I plan on devulging in a yoga class to start my day and then later that night I will open presents, eat my mom's chocolate cake and go into my chocolate coma from there till I have to go to work in the morning. AH! That will be too much. I know age is just a number and I never thought I'd be one of those people who freaks over numbers, but I think I am starting to be. Do you get freaked out by getting older? I have religiously been watching my face every night and liberally applying Garnier face firming night cream. I tan in a box and I know its not good for my skin, but its addicting and its so relaxing. Belive it or not, my dad is an avid tannner. Which is hilarious cause if you knew my dad, you wouldn't think he would care to be tan. God forbid he skips a day of tanning ;)


Monday, September 21, 2009

Ha ha Mondays

Did you get through it? The inevitable Mondays! If I am being honest, my Monday actually went really good. I woke up feeling tired, but I went to bed before 10 last night which I never do (I should note it felt amazing) and woke up at 5 AM sharp to begin my run. I pulled on my FILAS running pants, pulled up my socks, laced up my shoes and set out to wake up my bf Tread Mill. He was awake of course (he always seems ready to go. A huge perk with him ;)) and turned on the best thing that was on TV....SELENA!! O I used to watch this movie all the time when I was growing up. I LOVE Selena's songs and I think Jenny from the block did a great job portraying her. Made those 3.15 miles go back like that! After my morning routine of coffee, shower, coffee, hair, coffee, make up, coffee & bfast, I was out the door! I drove with a kick ass attitude today which never really happens on a Monday. I was listening to a Girls Scout of America commercial which had me think of a email I got last week from a co worker. Once that email was in my brain, everyone on highway 50 probably looked over to my car in the traffic and their coffee mug in hand thinking "I'll have what she's having". So ladies and gent's. I present to you, the best way to start a morning. LAUGH!!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Get ready...set...GO!

This chick has a plan. Yup, a plan....and I need to stick to that plan. I have to think of a really good reward if I complete it. I have no friggin idea why getting my butt up in the morning or going to the gym after work has been so tough for me lately, but it has. True, I enjoyed the unemployment life for 1 month so I got used to sleeping in till 8 every morning(Yes 8am!! I don't expect much now do I? :D). But when N and I were in North Carolina, I got my butt to the gym everyday after work and worked it for an hour and a half! I need a plan. I am a follow a workout plan sorta girl. Like when you go in the gym, you gotta have a plan. Otherwise your that person that while you are on the treadmill, you watch them wander around like they are lost till they find a machine they wanna use. So. Here is my plan. Since N starts his new shift next Monday (he'll offically be out of training, YAY!!), I am going to go to the gym after work. He will be working until 9:30pm M-F, so I will have some major time to kill until he gets home. BUT this week, my plan is to workout M-F on the treadmill that's in my house. I will run 3 miles every morning before work! If I can do this I will buy myself __________....still don't know yet, but I will think of something really good and practical. My birthday is next Sunday and I cannot wait!! I already know the shoes I'm wearing!! *PICS WILL COME!*. I am sorta waiting to see what N and my fam and friends get me to figure out what my prize will be. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting myself 1 year Oxygen Magazine subscription, but I also asked for that for my birthday so I am waiting.

O and my eating plan next week is what I'm super excited about too. When N and I lived at the HOLEtel before we left NC, I didn't eat any carbs (other than fruits and veggies) for dinner. It worked really well. Technically you don't need carbs if you don't plan on doing much of anything or need major concentration for dinner. Since N and I won't be having dinner together (sniff...sniff :( ), it will make it easier to just scramble up some eggs, drizzle with some hot sauce, and voila! You got a protein packed dinner to repair those muscles I will have been working previously at the gym.

I will TRY to blog more during the week since I was so bad last week. I need to keep you guys up with my progress. Wish me luck!!



Saturday, September 19, 2009

Satisfying Saturday

How is your Saturday going? Mine has gone splendid. Its 8:35pm and I plan on staying up until 12am! WOO HOO! I am such a rebel :) Ya see I am having lunch tomorrow with a good friend tomorrow, so I am not going to be able to make it to church which in turn will give me some sleeping in time.

I finished my first full week at work and man, was it draining!! I had sooo many things to learn and certain people in my office are super picky on how things are done. Which just adds to the stress even more cause I want to make a good impression since techincally I am on my 90 day probatio. Which mean after 90 days, I am up for review and I could get a raise :) Over all I think I am doing great and people like me. I just hate being the new person. I hate having to hold back who I realy am (fun loving of course! he he) until I get to know everyone's personality. I was so tired when I got home (was so used being able to sleep in) that I didn't even get to work out!! So today I had a plan of yoga and an ab attack class planned at my new gym! I actually ended up just running about 2 miles and doing some weights. Pretty much 2 sets of squats, leg lifts, leg extensions. I didn't feel my grove today which shocked me since I hadn't worked out for a whole week. You'd think I'd be in the mood. My brain was there, my heart was on vaca, following me on this one? I was really bummed about this cause yesterday I was totally into it and all excited since I was gonna be doing some yoga (LOVE IT!), but alas, not the case this morning. So tomorrow I plan on running my 3 miles before I go have lunch with my friend. So this weekend, I will most def be making it up.

Oh and tonight N and I met up with Bestie Bon Bon and her hubby and little baby Aly for some dinner at this place called Islands. SOOO delicious and they give you bottomless fries. I LOVE fries and I never get them since I try to be good and get a side salad, but I decided to treat myself :) O and did I mention they have the best margaritas?! DEEELISH. We sat and talked forever and then even went out to the cars and talked some more till poor little Aly was fussing since it was close to her bed time.

Have a great Saturday night blogger world!!



Friday, September 18, 2009

Not dead!

Alas, I have no fallen off the face of this earth, but have been training my firm ass off! Whew, what a huge process this is. My office is really cool. There are 8 people inncluding me who work there, but this office could easily fit 8 more people. I have worked in all sorts of sizes when it comes to employee's, but I will say that I prefer smaller better. You get to know every single person. After the 1st day, I already knew everyone's names (snaps for Karli!). The office manager (my training guru) has off Thursday, Friday and Monday. When I heard about this and the fact I would be by myself after 2 days of training, my eyes almost instantly started welling up with tears. But never fret faithful readers, for I have the gift of grabbing the bull by the horns and hanging on :D. Today was actually not too bad, but I am not letting down my guard yet for tomorrow or Monday. Speaking of tomorrow, working gives you such an appreciation for the weeekends. I am so tired tonight (which is why I am keeping this short), and what I would give to just give to be able to sleep till 8 am tomorrow! Ahh, the good ol' unemployment days, ha ha. The sucky side of unemployment is no health insurance or money, so I'll take working thanks very much :)

So far I really like the people and my boss. He likes certain things done a certain way and I am going to try really hard not to mess up cause I don't like disappointing people. Its like Bestie since I was 4 years old told me, "Your new, its to be expected your going to have a few mistakes". SOOO true.

I know this blog is short and sweet, but I PROMISE to update more this weeekend. I am just so looking forward to getting in bed before 10, he he!!



Monday, September 14, 2009

She works hard for the money...

Hello bloggies :) So tomorrow is the day! My 1st day at my last job *thinking really positive*!!! I am so excited! This will be the job that I will be in until N and I start a family and I then go into my new position of being a stay at home mommy and wife (REALLY looking forward to it!)

I have no clue as to what I am going to wear yet, but I promise to fill you in with the outfit as well as how the day went. My office manager said tomorrow is basically filling out a bunch of paper work and then start training on the phones and shadowing her on how she talks to customers and how to handle situations. EEK!! So excited!! Then after I sort of get the hang of the commute, I can start going to the gym in the AM :)

Speaking of the gym, I didn't go today like I wanted :( I had to talk to Dell's customer service and was on the phone for 1 hour and 46 minutes trying to track down our repaired lap top!! By that time I lost my motivation for working out and since it was a dark cold day, I decided to go home and enjoy the weather :)

Is anyone else enjoying the football season?! N and I have been all about it this season (mostly N since I have to admit, I've been slacking on watching..BAD Karli!)

Have a great Tuesday people! OOOOO and I almost forgot, The Biggest Loser starts tomorrow. PLEASE watch it! You WILL get inspired and its so touching to see these people go through the struggles that they do. It will motivate you to add that 1 extra lap around the block or get the grilled chicken salad instead of the fried.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

New happenin's

I hope everyone's weekend went great. I had a very relaxed weekend. I didn't work out at all- GASP!! I know!! HOWEVER- On Saturday N and I went and got him signed up with a new phone plan with AT&T and got him an iphone 3GS! SO jealous! I want one so bad (with a hot pink rubber outer cover of course). I am hoping to get one for my birthday. Hint Hint to N...not that he doesn't know :D!

Oh and we signed up for California Family Fitness Gym!! How wonderful is this gym?!

It has SO many things to offer. Its open from 4:30 AM-12AM and it has 2 pools(HEATED!!) a spa, a food court, sauna/steam rooms booko workout equipment, classes(What I am super excited about!!) and TV's on all the cardio equipment :) I couldn't be happier. Oh and we'll have access to ALL of the clubs!! We got a really great deal thanks to a friend of mine who works there! I am so excited! Since I start my new job on Tuesday, I will be going to the gym tomorrow for sure!! The days of running on in the hot sweat room in my parents extra room are coming to an end, ha ha!! I think I am going to make my own mini schedule of what classes I want to do and when I just want to work out on my own. The guy who signed us up told us that we each have 3 free personal training sessions if we wanted, but N wants me to make a program for him, which I thought would be fun. The only bummer is we won't really be able to work out with each other except on the weekends since N will be working 12:30pm- 9:30pm M-F for the next 3 months.

Things are falling into place people!! Such a great feeling!! Its so great to be back in California. N and I have been back since the beginning of August and its like I never left! I couldn't be more happier!

This week I start my job and I am really excited. I talked to the office manager the other day and she said that they have a luncheon/initiation party on the first day they ever have someone new start and that person gets to pick a restaurant of their choice and we order in. I think that is a fabulous idea since it won't be that awkward "Hi." when someone walks by my desk. I have confidence that I will pick everything up, but starting a new job has always made me nervous just cause its the whole learning new things and developing new relationships with people. I will let you all know how it goes. I got GREAT deals at Ross and Marshalls last week when I went and got some new work clothes.

Tomorrow I am expecting a phone call from mine and N's realtor! EEEK!! So excited about this!! I will be discussing our wants and needs in a house and neighborhood. I am so excited!! I am going to also call her lender she really likes and see how much we can get pre-qualified for! So excited about this!!

I will be blogging from bed with my cup of coffee in bed tomorrow. My last day tomorrow as an unemployed woman enjoying her cup of coffee lazily in bed with the laptop on a Monday morning :)


Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't ever forget

I want to thank every man and woman out there defending our freedom "over there". N had the privilege of serving 4 years in the United States Marine Corps and he did 1 tour over in Iraq as well as being stationed in Japan for 2 years. Today is important to remember why we are over there and remember all those that were in New York City on September 11, 2001. We should all keep the families of those effected by 9/11 in our prayers and thank every service man/woman you see. I think everyone can remember where they were when they heard of the tragedy. I can remember not even believing it. I was a sophomore in HS and can remember not even comprehending the extremity of what happened and what would happen next.

I want to say thank you to my husband who is my biggest hero and who I think is so brave to have done what he did for our country. I love you baby

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beauty Giveaway!!

The lovely Jen has a giveaway on her blog! Look at the great stuff she is giving away:

You can visit her blog at . Her blog is one of my favorites to watch.

Speaking of beautifying things, it is after Labor Day which means summer is coming to an end, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! I do love summer, but I love Fall and Winter even more. I LOVE wearing cozy sweaters and jeans and boots and having that hot mocha or hot apple cider. Plus Christmas is my favorite holiday. I just love the decorations and putting up the Christmas tree. Just the whole ritual of everything makes me happy and more jolly. The hard work of trying to burn off what I am taking in, not so much. In the spirit of it starting to cool off and transition into Fall at the end of this month, I have decided to go back brunette with my hair. Last winter and I did brown and at first it freaked me out cause I've never been anything, but Playboy bunny blonde. However N loved it (it was like another woman w/out the cheating, ha ha) and it grew on me. I always felt that I needed another color in my hair though. So this past weekend when I was with Bestie since 4 years old, she helped me with that dilema. I have decided to go black on the underneath part of my hair and dark chocolate brown on the top. Right now its blonde ontop and brown underneath and I LOVE the 2 tone look + it solves my dilema with needing more than 1 color in my hair. Oh and also, my hair will get a break from the blonde fried-ness. I totally fried my hair a few months ago when I tried to bleach my roots TWICE IN 2 DAYS and it fried off some hair. I don't have a bald spot or anything, its just too short of a layer now on top. Since I WAS unemployed(cause I am NOT anymore haha!!), I just throw it up in a jaw clippy thing after the shower and let it air dry and I don't dry it out with a hair dryer and straightner. My friend who is a hair dresser and who is actually going to do my hair for me this fall, recommended this product to me called K Pak and its by Joico. Its like a deep conditioner that she recommends I use 2x a week. It has protein and will love my hair long time.

Do you guys have a special hair regimen that you like? I need something to help nurish my hair and help it grow! I am already taking prenatals, and its helped a tad.

This means I get to take a trip to my favorite beauty store, Ulta!! I need to get more shampoo anyways and they have crest whitening strips cheaper there than Target. Gotta have that peertty smile for my new job :)


Monday, September 7, 2009

Lets talk working out/nutrition, shall we?

Oh man this weekend has been great so far!! I am so glad I got a job so I can appreciate the weekends for what they really are. When we lived in NC, I used Saturday for my cardio blast days. I would do 1 hour on the treadmill or split it up with treadmill 30 minutes and elliptical 30 minutes, or something so my body was drenched by the time I left. Since I've been in California, I have ran at least 3 miles every day (Sunday's off to let my body rest) and have thrown in either 30 day shred or Bootcamp in every now and then. I have enjoyed the freedom to get my sleep in, eat my obligatory Peanut Butter on wheat toast, then hop on Tread and watch Baby Story on TLC to distract myself from the length of my runs. After running I get such a high. I have to thank NC in some sort of way for making me realize how much I really do love running. That was where I first started my 5K love and actually saw the benefits of running. As much as I bitch and moan about, I really do enjoy it. Half way into it, I am in my zone and yelling at myself in my mind telling myself I can do 1 more minute at this speed, or just make it 1 more mile then I will just do incline the rest of the way. I always feel such a sense of accomplishment. If I don't do anything else that I day, I know I at least worked my body in such a way, that it will benefit me (And my heart) in the long run. Not to mention, but running is really good for those gams ;)

People seem to think that when you work out you can eat whatever you want. NOT TRUE. I don't know who let this evil rumor out onto the streets, but its not so. Ya see my friend, 80% of what you eat, is going to effect what your body does. I don't like it as much as you do, but just because you met with your personal training for a kick ass session, does not mean you can go to Coldstone for a Gotta have it size Mint chocolate chip w/a brownie and fudge mixed into it(ps, that sounds amazing!) and expect for it not to effect you. I try to eat as clean as possible. A basic easy way to define clean? Something that hasn't been processed or even easier, if its man made, don't eat it. I don't always stick to this, but for the most part I do and it works. Tosca Reno is the official spokeswoman for Clean Eating. In fact, she has a whole cookbook dedicated to it and the recipes she creates, are not super complicated and she uses ingredients you can find at your local Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or even some Safeways and Vons. Once you start incorporating more clean foods into your eating and pairing it with your workouts, I guarantee that you will start to see a difference.

If you have ANY questions regarding eating clean, I would most def recommend going to Tosa Reno's website for more information. You can also leave me a comment or email me and I will be happy to help you in any way :)

Have a Happy Labor Day!!

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Brief but worth it

Hello ladies and gents! I am just wanting to post these pics from this weekend. I didn't have much camera time, but these I took right before we left this morning outside Dennys(classy!). I am so glad the boys hit it off. N looks like he is nervous with Shaun grabbing him, ha ha, but they had a lot of fun and Bestie since 4 years old and I had a blast!! Her belly is getting so big!! I'll post tomorrow AM, but for now I have a game of Rumicube to attend to!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hi, its Karli, I'm not here right now, leave a message..

That is what everyone will be hearing on my VM today and tomorrow!! Wanna know why? This weekend N and I are going to Ukiah to see my Bestie since we were 4 years old and her fiancee!! I am sooooooooooooo beyond excited!! I am packed and ready to go! Just gotta eat some Greek yogurt and some kashi and we ready to go!! We have plans for some fun! So watch out Ukiah!! I will most def post pictures on Monday.

Speaking of Monday...I GOT A JOB!!! That interview I had the other day at the CPA firm, I got it!! I am officially a receptionist @ ________ and ________. HA HA!! So not going to make it public for safety reasons, but just know that little miss thang got a job!! I got called back for a 2nd interview on Thursday to meet with the owner, aka my new boss, and I guess I totally rocked it!! Fun thing is too, that they have dogs in there. And I don't mean little Paris Hilton dogs, I mean a Mastiff and German Shepard! I LOVE big dogs! I grew up with a Great Dane and I loved him so much that N and I plan on getting one when we get a house. I am SO excited for that!! They are so great with little kids and they just love their owners so much. Oh and while we are on the topic of dogs, get a load of this! A new mom and her husband were home with their 6 month old last Monday night and the woman fell asleep. Not a total biggy, right? Well they have a PIT BULL, and the pit bull chewed the 6 month olds TOES OFF!!! Now what the friggin eff?! That is the most discusting thing I have ever heard! Oh and p.s., guess where it was? Good ol' North Cackalacky! The couple didn't realize this till they changed their sons diaper the next morning! The woman apparently didn't hear the son's cries due to her "medication" she was on (I believe we call it crack), and slept through it. Ugh, so sad. I don't have a personal vendetta against pit bulls, but cmon people, they get bad press with these sort of stories. So sad. Now the babies foot could have to be amputated.

Have a safe and happy Labor day everyone!!



Thursday, September 3, 2009

You give me Fever...

Babies that is. A little background on N and I...we have been married for almost 5 years (yes I got married young, don't wanna hear flack) and we both want to start a family in the near future. I am beyond ecstatic because when N was in the Marines when we first got married, I was ready then. I have always always always wanted to be a young mom/wife. N and I both want for me to stay home with our kids. #1, it is SO important to raise your kids in my opinion. I am not bashing any womans choice in working while having young kids at home, but for me, it is so important for me to stay at home and raise our kids. When I look back when I'm 80 years old, I don't want to be in my bed with N next to me in bed reading Stephen Kings 100 millionth book, and regret not raising our kids because we HAD to have a new car. Or we put them in day care because we couldn't budget correctly or frankly just going out to dinner/lunch 1 time too many times a month. I hate to get Dr. Laura on everyone, but even that woman pushes how important it is for YOU to raise your kids, not your mom or dad, not your sister or brother, a friend or neighbor. Being around Bon Bon and her little Aly, I watch them and Aly loves Bon Bon so much and Aly is SOOOOOO close to walking its not even funny. I can't imagine missing my babies first step because we were at work.

Now on that note, like I mentioned earlier I want to be a young mom. Let me rephrase that, I don't want to be a young mom like I really want a new purse, my maternal clock or whatever you want to call it is ticking and has been for about 4 years. I don't believe there is any time that is the "right" time. People make it work constantly and you have to BUDGET and MAKE SACRAFICES. But in the end it pays off and you get to raise the kids. I think if you keep saying "lets wait until the car is paid off" or "I want to be in this job for at least 1 year" or "I want to wait until we buy a house", you will keep putting it off and putting it off and putting it off. Lets face it, there are ALWAYS things that are going to come up. A car that needs major work, a freezer that breaks and you need to buy a new one ASAP, just about anything and everything can come up. Heck, you could even LOSE your job. Nothing is ever guranteed. Plans change so you have to make what YOU want/need in life work. I don't mean give up any fun weekends or dinners with your hubby (these you should most def keep to stay connected. VERY IMPORTANT). You are going to be fine no matter what happens and you can always make it work.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Jerry Springer white trash women

Dear white trash women on Jerry Springer,

You don't know me, but millions of us who are unemployed know you. I have taken it upon myself to tell how sad and funny you are all being. I will confess that at times in your interview with Jerry, I feel sorry for you. You have no idea when Jerry takes little jabs at your ignorance and makes the crowd laugh at you. You look up at him with that deer in the headlights look and your sad toothless mouth and just look like he is speaking some sort of foreign language to you. I really think you need to pop in some dentures and buck the heck up and say "Jerry, I don't deserve to be humiliated more than I already have. Don't you think that finding out that my husband sleeping with my mom AND sister is enough?" Cmon ladies, you can do it. Take some pride in yourselves. I appreciate the afternoon laughs you give me though when you rightfully beat the shit out of your son in laws for cheating on your daughters with your other daughter. I think watching him run around stage like the little boy he is hilarious! You had every right to kick him out of your double wide!

Your faithful viewer,