Monday, August 31, 2009

Well hello Monday morning

Its here again! MONDAY!!! N woke up and went to work!! Yay for N!! Even though the drive is a little bit of a commute, I know he enjoys working now. I on the other hand am continuing my job search as a I lay here in bed. I woke up when N did, and can't go back to sleep, which is odd since I had some wine last night and that usually always makes me pass out after 1 glass ( I know, I am a light weight).

So yesterday my boyfriend whom I keep in the back room, was calling my name so loud! "KARLI!! YOU BETTER GET IN HERE AND RUN!!" I kept that door shut. I tried to tell him, "Tred Mill, I have ran 3 miles from Tuesday to Saturday faithfully, but he wasn't satisfied. He wanted more than that and when I told him that Saturday I had actually ran outside, well then I could tell he was jealous. So today I HAVE to visit him, and I am sure he is going to take out all of his aggression on me every second of those 3 miles!

So how was your weekend beautifuls? Mine was pretty uneventful. We rented I love you, man and it had some funny parts, but I would rate it a 6 outta 10. It didn't have me rolling on the floor. On Saturday I went for a run in the country (much better than watching tv while your run)for about 35 minutes(it was SOOOO HOT!!), then I came back and washed my car since it was a mess, then layed out by the pool. It was most def a hot one and a made for working on your tan. Sunday was church and laying out again :) Man it's gonna be a harsh wake up call when I work (But the paycheck/security) will make up for it all :D

Have a GREAT Monday lovelies!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Productive Friday!

I love La Bou. I feel for any of you who don't have a La Bou, as I was once one of those people. NOT ANYMORE THOUGH!!! I met my Bestie Bon Bon for lunch today and had a delicious turkey on wheat w/avacado, lettuce, tomato and onion. SOOO delicious!! Then I got a half garden salad that had tomato, avocado and the usual lettuce and such. In the words of Rachel Ray, "Yum-O"! Bon Bon and I pretty much closed the place down too!! We were there from 12 to 3:15 and the closed at 4:30! There is nothing like 2 girls when they get talking and laughing.

I had an interview call today!! Next Tuesday at 2:30!! Its for a CPA firm and its not too far from my house which is amazing!! That's what I've been looking for! Something not too far and pays great. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I've never NOT gotten my hopes up. Just the ABC's of me baby!

Today N started his new job!! So exciting! He said it went great and next week will be is offical 1st whole week working. Today was more of orientation where he got his clearence badge and stuff. Totally off topic, but man I hope I get a job next week. I had a feeling something good was coming this week so I'm thinking that good feeling was connected to this interview I have on Tuesday. Also my hiring agency also submitted my resume to another place today, so hopefully I wil be getting an email with that company soon too! Things are really starting to look up! :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!! I will let you all know how the interview goes!


Thursday, August 27, 2009


Running. I am always asked why and where I get my motivation for it. There is nothing else like it. I stumbled upon a girl's blog today and I hope she doesn't mind that I give her some . I read some of her blogs and she really has some amazing posts about running. I was on mile 2 today with my boyfriend, Tread Mill, and I just felt such a high. Running relieves my stress, clears my mind, makes me feel stronger, detoxes my body (I drip buckets! Kinda gross, but I am keepin it real here), makes me happier. When I haven't ran, I can tell. I am crabbier (poor N!), and I just feel so blah and unproductive. I used to HATE running in High School. My bestie since I was 4 years old and I used to make up every excuse we could come up with to get out of running the MILE 1X a week! ONE MILE PEOPLE!! Today, I run 3 miles everyday!! AND I SMILE WHILE DOING IT!! Well...maybe not smile WHILE I'm doing it, but after I've showered and eaten something delish and downed a huge glass of water, I am smiling. If you would have told me in high school that would run 5K's in an actual race and run 5K's on my own at home, I would laughed and walked away (Literally- WALKED away, that's how much I despised running).

A lot of people will argue that running is bad for your joints and walking is better. While I agree with this statement made by mostly family physician's, I also think there is something to be said about chasing the pavement, concentrating on controlling your breath, and for that 20, 30, 60 minute run, you are the only thing that matters. For me running is so therapeutic (although I do believe in REAL therapy. Like with a Dr and a couch), and I get such a high/relaxation cocktail that is better than anything I could ever get in a box (or pringles can :D). Now, this brings me to this: Karli's tip of the day: If you like to walk, you should walk. You should try to get in at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity 5 times a week. Since running IS hard on your joints, and if you have had problems with joints in the past, I am going to recommend something a little less impact. Such as an elliptical, stair step, recumbent bike or a rowing machine. All give great workouts and are low impact on the joints. N is more attracted to the elliptical due to the fact that while he was in the Marines (OORAH!), he was always training and jumping out of huge tall trucks and helicopters, which screwed up his knees, so elliptical is a great choice for him. PS. On a side note, I LOVE working out with him. It makes it way more enjoyable and I do consider it quality time together. Giving you a couple of options of aerobic equipment, I am also going to add that you should switch up your workouts often to keep you body guessing. Especially if your goals are to lose weight.

So what motivates you? Is it that picture of Marissa Miller's abs plastered all over your treadmill? Or is it that thing your pig of an ex boyfriend said on that last text? Whatever it is, find it and keep it!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sushi and jobs

How was everyone's Wednesday? Mine is slowly winding down here at la casa de California Dreamin. Today was a day at one of my favorite places. COSTCO!!! I could do some major damage at Costco, but I was good and got a book:

I am only on page 10, but I can tell this is going to be a really good book. A deep/makes you think, but makes you laugh book. Sorta an oxymoron, but I promise you that is a good description. The word on the grapevine is that Julia Roberts is filming the movie right now, so its the perfect time to read the book before watching the movie. The books are usually always better than the movie anyways. Its a great book to read out while I lay out and soak up the sun.

So last night when I said I was going to Thai, we ended up going to a Japanese restaurant instead that was right next door. My Bunny Boo loves Mi so Soup and that was the whole reason we wanted Asian food last night, so when the Thai place said they didn't have Miso Soup, we headed over to the Japanese place. I ordered the most amazing sushi! I will say right now that whenever I can get fresh sushi, I do. That store bought stuff is NOT real. I like a good California roll here and there, but for the most part, it doesn't cut it. I ordered a roll that had white fin tuna, avocado, and white fish. 8 pieces total for a awesome dinner. We got to sit outside and enjoy the nice breeze and I of course had to order a glass of Cabernet. We all decided that we will most def be coming back. The service was great and they gave Bunny Boo all the miso soup her heart desired! They even gave her a "to go" cup FREE!! The price wasn't bad either and they give HUGE portions. The place was called Kobe Sushi Bar and Grill for all of you guys in California.

So I am sitll looking for jobs....I get offered certain jobs and they just don't sound promising or like something that would be good to start and then once I find something better, leave it. A few of them that have been brought to my attention have been from the hiring agencies, so I feel bad for turning them down, but I have to stay true to me and what I'D be happy with, you know? My dad keeps telling me that in time, I will get a good job, and you can't rush time, but cmon,'s me, Karli, you are lagging on me big time!! Lets get a good job pronto!! I still have a good feeling that something is going to come my way this week, so I'm staying positive. Like my favorite blue fish says "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming..." (Its from "Finding Nemo" for all you people thinking I'm crazy).


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Houses and Thai food!

So N and I drove down to a part of Sacramento that he is going to be working in and I LOOOVE it! I have heard mixed things about this area and I wanted to see for myself. So to my surprise, it was really nice!! It reminded me of another area of Sacramento that is newer with the Mediterranean style homes and green trees and palm trees everywhere. There are tons of new shopping centers and I mean TONS with all the major store's and restaurants and fast food places. It had a super Target and that is all a girl needs :D. It makes me happy cause it has the beautiful houses I want in our price range. It is about 50-1 hour away from where my parents live, so that's really not too bad in my opinion. The drive seems to fly by, so its not too shabby in my opinion. PS...I'm not sharing where we are thinking of buying since the whole privacy thing :D

Tonight we're going to a Thai restaurant while my sister goes to back to school night. I'll let you all know where and how it was!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Productive Day!!

Happy Monday beautifuls!! I had a wonderfully productive day today with N. We spent the day at the wonderful DMV! LOL! I of course mean wonderful dmv in a sarcastic way :D So N and I got there before my sister and it was already getting super crowded. It was Monday AND its the DMV, it was bound to be packed! So we wait in line and show the super giddy, happy go lucky woman at the counter (another sarcastic moment I just had), get our cars inspected by the Mr. Inspector, go back, stand in line, see the same super giddy woman and get a number and wait to get our registration on our cars and my new California drivers license. I love to people watch, so to be honest, it really didn't bug me too much to sit there. A pleasant surprise walked in the door too.....MY FAITHFUL READER, MY GRAMMA!! She stayed around for about 10 minutes and kept N and I company. I will tell you, I was SO nervous for those 2 hours prior to our number being called. My stomach was in knots! I knew I had studied, but still. I get crazy nervous right before anything that matters. Like Dr. and dentist appointments. I am silly I know, but anything like that makes my stomach twist. N was trying to calm me down the whole time(thank you baby xoxo), so towards the end I was doing my yoga breathing and it works! Believe it people, yoga breathing is something you should practice and put to use when you feel the urge to flee to the nearest bathroom and risk losing your place in a government run building. So, anywhooo, after all of that, I PASSED!! Just like N and I knew I would! I missed 1 on my test and you can only miss 3. N and I were starvin marvin after the long successful day, with our registration done and my offical California license(we got there at 9:15AM and left at 1pm), N was wanting to try those new jalepeno nachos over at Taco Bell, so I got 2 fresco crunchy tacos and he got his nachos. A great way to celebrate the productive day!

After we got home and devoured our Taco Bell, N crashed on the couch with his book and I grabbed the laptop and cozied myself on it to apply for some jobs. My mom read to me that California is #43 out of the 50 states where its hard to find a job. YIKES!! I thank the good lord above every night that N got his job. Such a blessing in so many ways. I can feel something good is coming this week though. I can just feel it! Oh speaking of this week: I have a goal. To run 3 miles EVERYDAY and pick a DVD to do (Either shredding it up with Ms. Jill Michaels or Bootcamp with Bobby Harper) 3 times. I have 5 days, so I confident in my capability to do this. N starts his job on Friday (more like orientation, work offically starts on Monday), so that will be a day that I run and do a DVD. Maybe I'll meet Bestie Bon Bon and little Miss Aly for lunch on Friday? Hmmm..... La Bou *drool*.

I hope you all had a fabulous Monday and have an amazing work week! Trust me, I am a bit jealous on all you guys that have a job...with health insurance :D


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Birthday wishes

I hope everyone's Saturday is going great so far!! The day is starting to wind down, which means its a great time to relax with a nice glass of wine and put your feet up and catch up on Real Housewives of Atlanta. I am a NeNe fan. She's my girl. Her and Lisa. I can't STAAAAND Kim!! She is so fake and so irritating. Wanna slap that wig right off her head!!

So guess what?! Its almost my birthday!!!!! I am so excited!! I am going to be turning the big 2-3! I think its about time I commpose my wishlist for my birthday/Christmas....

A Pink Dell Laptop!

A pink Canon digital camera. I had this same one and it broke and the part the broke, couldn't be replaced :(

Last but not least, a subscription to Oxygen magazine!!


Friday, August 21, 2009

So. My interview yesterday...

It went really good!! I met with my hiring agent and she was wonderful! She was so upbeat and positive about everything so I got a great vibe. This job market right now is crazy and unpredictable people, so I am willing to bend a bit on what I want in a job. Like her and I were talking yesterday about if I would be willing to take a bit of a pay cut, if the job were super close to where I live and if I would be willing to drive a bit further if I was compensated more for it. Its something I gotta do. She said she is going to be in contact with me a lot to let me know what jobs come by her and she said there are a few companies that she knows of that are getting ready to hire a receptionist!!! I am so excited to start working too cause #1, I get health insurance(more on that later) and #2, N and I are going to start looking for our very first house!!! I am so excited about this due to obvious reasons. If we could close on a house by the end of the year it would be even more brilliant since we get that tax credit of up to $8K! VERY NICE!! We already have our areas where we are thinking and we already know what real estate agent we are gonna go through. She was the one who sold my sisters house and they loved her. We've also already been in contact wither her :D Do you think we're excited?

So to refer back to the #2 reason why I am excited to have a job like N, is because of health insurance. I had my prescriptions transferred to the CVS here and I went to go pick them up and I had a nasty taste of reality served to me. One of my prescriptions WITHOUT insurance was $237!!!! This is medicine for my asthma mind you and it still wasn't worth the money to me. I almost choked when that little cashier pulled me aside and was like "Are you sure you wanna get it?" No thank YOU! I'll figure something else out. I think what we are going to do is wait till N gets his health benefits 90 days after he starts his job. So hopefully I will have a job by then too that offers benefits, but if I don't I'm not gonna get benefits till October with his company.

Have a great weekend blog readers!! I have no plans other than a birthday party for Bestie Bon Bon's little baby who is turning 1 on Sunday. Then on Monday my sister and I are planning on planting our butts bright and early at the DMV so we can take our driver's license tests and get our registration for California!! Wash that North Carolina stuff right off!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh my goodness

I am so ready for the season 2 of True Blood to come out on DVD. That way when season 3 starts, I can be all caught up. N says he wasn't as impressed with True Blood as I was, but he still liked it. My dad as you all know watches it and he keeps saying how good this season is.

Not much new to report, gonna go lay out and study for my CA license test by the pool. While I'm doing that, please feel free to look over these photos of Ryan Kwanten, the guy who plays Jason on True Blood and who is pretty much always naked. Betcha wanna watch the show now, huh? You can check out the mini article and more pics here


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Assessment tests round 2!

So remember how I had that one interview with that other hiring agency? Well I had to do like 3 or 4 assessment tests that they had emailed me and I had to come on down to Its a Grind to get good internet connection to do them. Guess where I am now? Its a Grind getting ready to do more assessment tests. This time it is for a different hiring agency, and thats who I am interviewing with on Thursday. That way I can just go in and speak to the lady and already have them done for her to go over them with me. Makes the whole process easier. I am really excited to go interview with this lady cause the way I look at it with the hiring agencies is the more people out there looking for you(and that have the connections), the better. Right? Right. So here I am sipping my regular non-fat iced mocha in an oversized ridiculously comfortable cushioned chair. I would love to have this chair in my living room(when I get my own living room, ha ha!).
Today our other car is FINALLY coming! I am so excited since all my clothes, but 2 dresses are in there. I have been wearing the same clothes over and over (Washing them of course). I swear the places I visit frequently are probably thinking that I live in the same clothes, but I can somehow miraculously afford $3 iced mochas almost daily.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Interview and picy pic's

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope your weekend was fabulous!! My little Bunny Boo was dropped off at 5th grade today and we got to walk her to her class and all!! It was bringing back hella good memories being back at my old elemtary school :D Oh they were the best years of my life! 5th grade was by far my favorite!! I had the best time with Bestie since we were 4 years old and the field trips were awesome! So after we dropped her off, my sister and I went to pick up our driving manuals to take our California test to get our licenses back! Oh I can't wait cause I think the CA licenses are prettier than the NC one's. So I have to study up and hopefully I can take the test and get my car registered either this week or by next Monday....we shall see. So when I got back, I had a message on the answering machine and guess who it was from?! Another hiring agency and they wanna meet with me on Thursday to interview for a couple receptionist jobs they have avilable!!! The lady who I spoke to sounded promising :D So I am excited about that.

Oh and N and I have a date night on Thursday!!! I am so excited!! I am taking him to that Afghan restrauant I told you guys about that I went to last week. It's also a hooka bar, so we are gonna do a hooka while we are there. I am happy cause N and I need a date night just the 2 of us. Maybe have a glass of wine or 2 as well :D

So here are the pics of us driving across country like I promised :) I am at the coffee house so I have mucho internet connection to post them all

PS: You guys would be so proud. I am doing great with my workouts!!! I plan on working out this afternoon on the tready (treadmill) and then visiting Ms. Jill!