Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday, hunny boo boo's. Time for a weekend round up, yeah? 

1. Friday night my naughty patient Nicky poo and I went to my bestie's 2nd annual Halloween party. So we all took pics with our husbands and we had to act out the person/thing we were dressed as. We shall see if Nick really reads this ol' bloggy poo by if he mentions this picture for the world to see. Love you, babe!

2. How cute is this dude? Reading the car section out of all the ads there are. Coulda been worse - coulda been the Real Estate section. 

3. Flashdance anyone? Saturday I did laundry (yay), and who wanted to wear daddies socks? 

4. My Bible. I know I can't be the only one who writes in their Bible. I underline and circle things constantly. Things that I find convicting or just never want to forget.

Hope your weekends were fun :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Because I have the most amazing...

Blogger Bffilicious! 

So as you may remember, September 27th was my 26th birfday. Well Ms. Amber from Bugs, Barbies, and Wedded Bliss remembered! She is seriously so cute and needs to be on the Real Housewives of Alabama STAT. She has the car, the house, the looks, she has 1 sassafras little girl, 1 HILARIOUS little red head boy, and the cutest marriage. If you don't already follow her? I am so sorry for your loss, but go check out her blog and I promise you'll be hooked within 1 post. 

So anywhooot, Amber told me there was something coming for moi in the mail. That news alone got me excited! So Ive been lurking around our mailbox every day at 1:48pm (The mail comes at 1:50 on most days) to see what that handsome mailman distrubtes into the mail boxes. Well it came!!!

Why yes, these would be workout tank tops! How well does she know me?! Amber and I were reading 50 Shades of Grey at the same time and would compare our notes we took away, discuss how society can be so judgmental of a little harmless red room activity reading, and also how sad we were going to be by finishing the last book #wewillmissyouChristan #theybettercastyouwellforthemovie  
As for the 13 point freaking 1?! Y'all might remember this post. I REALLLLLLY love this tank top. There are no words...

Check out the back!! 

Along with the tanks, Ms. Thang got me some Mac lipgloss, cause even if Im sweating, I must look decent. The T Rex got to be my kiss tester 

I wasted no time in getting it all sweaty - hello stomach sweat! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dayuuuum, Jessica

So we all know how Jessica Simpson had her baby and how she signed a deal with Weight Watchers to lose the baby weight. She hasn't lost it as ridiculously fast like some other celebrity women *Any and all the Victoria Secret sticks models, but that's ok. As a mom who worked out before her baby, during her baby, and after her baby and through the crazy toddler days, I know it's hard work. I get to the gym at least 3 times a week and train hard and intense and Im STILL not where I want to be *wine may play a part in this...or my little bites of Troy's lunches and dinners*. And I am almost 2 years post partum. So to me, Jessica looks freaking good! Look at those legs?! Ummm, hello shredded calves! Jessica has always had amazing legs, but that's not the point. The point is, she needs to tell me where she got those shoes! She had baby girl Maxwell Drew Johnson about 5 months ago & lets not all forget where we (peeps who've had babes is what I mean by "we") were 5 months post partum. Way to go Jessica, keep it up girl!

picture from here

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eat the Floor

So there I was last Friday at the gym like a good girl. The weight room was empty and I could see 1 chick in the cardio room - my kinda morning at the gym. When Nick makes it big, I want a full weight lifting room. And a personal massage therapist that comes to my house once a day. But that is a story for a different post for a different day :)

So it was leg day for moi. Everything was going good, I was blasting some PitBull, and just in my zone. I stacked up my weights on the Smith Machine and started off with my squats

in case y'all aren't familiar with what a Smith Machine is, this is the beast that runs my ass...literally

So after weighted squats, I stack up some blocks and add a step platform to give me more range of motion for my calf raises. They look something like this...and that is totally me NOT me, I know some of you were thinking so ;-P that'd be Jamie Eason. 
This is what it looks like when stacked properly and EVENLY for calf raises 
Well imagine my SHOCK (and heart attack, embarrassment, urine in my spandex, fright) when as Im on the raise part of the movement, the flat platform buckles back (maybe due to the fact that I didnt have it balanced on the blocks? That coulda been it). Which in turn makes me lose my balance and fall forward, which makes my form go from perfect to 0 and the barbell slide more on my back than my shoulders, pushing my face FAST towards the ground. Thank the good Lord above the safety stoppers (they act as a spotter since you most likely dont have one), stopped the barbell from pushing my face totally into the ground. The LOUDEST crash I've heard in a long time, so Im sure that little Miss Cardio in the other room heard the ruckus. 

Now that I think about it, it cracks me up, and I'd probably laugh my butt if I saw this scenario play out to someone else (After I rushed over to see if they were okay, of course). You know how when cats fall or get startled, and they eat it? Then they get up like nothing happened, almost like they meant to fall and just carry on? ME ME ME! I looked around to make sure I was still alone, re-stacked the barbell, fixed the blocks and the platform and carried on. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lame Sauce

Am I the only blogger who feels sometimes like they are forced to come up with something witty to blog about? I know Im not the only person who feels pressure to talk about something people will actually want to hear about *Im looking at you, Barrack* Like I seriously think to myself, "Why would anyone care to read about Troy & I going to the park today?" I feel as tho this blogging world can be uber competitive. Obviously, you tell yourself you aren't going to get wrapped up in it, and that you blog for yourself, but cmon. Lets be honest: You care about those followers you get. Every time you see you have new followers or you've lost followers, it effects you. You can admit it or not. So that is why I think about how I can entertain those new people, or those dedicated people I've had since the beginning. But when I have nothing, it's sort of a forced post.

This is like an online diary, right? I started this blog to document my life, my workouts, to be inspired, to inspire. Then it was documenting the move back home from North Carolina to California. Then it was about mine and Nicks California job hunt in a shitty economy. Then it was about moving out of my parents house, then it was about my pregnancy. And now? My days are full of chasing Troy around, "All About Helicopters" on repeat on the iPad, my mental battle with my my butt in the gym by 5am M-F, trying to take care of the house like Im supposed to (Read Stay at Home Wife/Mom definition), having days where I hit and miss with potty training seriously, that explains my lack of presence.

I hate that in a way, I've let the "followers" number get to me, or trying to "Keep up with the Joneses" of the blog world. In February I got a tattoo that reads, "Alis Volat Propriis" (Translation: She flies by her own wings).

Well friggin A by your own wings! This is an online diary of a sorts so document all you want about how you basically ate it at the gym when the Smith Machine was trying to press your face into the ground or how Troy has nicknamed his "stuff", "Nanny" (aka Banana. Yes, my son is confident at his young age). Its definitely time I stop worrying if Im going to be funny. I already know, I am HILAR. I shall start with my gym story.....starting tomorrow :) Be back for this short little tid bit that's sure to bring a smile to your face.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Random Facts of Life

Well its been a hot minute since I last updated the old blog. Probably because nothing super eventful has happened, just little things here and there:

1. Troy has stopped doing his business as often on the potty - gah! Im really trying not to be discouraged because he's not even 2 and I've always heard boys are harder to fully potty train. I think I've figured out why that is - Troy cannot keep his hands off his jewels long enough to pee in the potty!

2. I have been absolutely atrocious with my eating. You would think I just dont care anymore & my workouts have been skipped way more often than they should be. I mean to be fair, Im working out on average 3 days a week, but it needs to be more and the nachos, homemade chocolate chip cookies,! I expect so much more from myself. So this week I've buckled down & I am staying tight to my Weight Watchers Point system. Also, I will be going to the gym 5 days this week and sticking to my workouts tighter than spandex and a chunky thigh.

3. Fall has FINALLY arrived here in the Nor Cal area

Now is the time, I have no problem spending forever outside with my outside loving T Rex. Parks, trips to Apple Hill, walks? Sign me up! 

4. I have started making my Christmas Amazon list. Other than clothes and a few other outside decor things, I got nothing. I am asking for those Benjamin's - we have a basement that NEEDS NEEDS NEEEEEDS to be finished. My parents were uber gracious and gave me some money to get a proper door down there which will jump start the stairs to the basement. I see all these Pinterest decor ideas and getting major itchy fingers - I wanna start some fun projects. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lake Tahoe Retreat - Good for the Soul

Okay, so I have been at a loss for how to write this post. 1st lets start with the pictures and the "appealing to the ears/eyes" stuff. This trip was something I want documented in my online diary (because lets face it, this is seriously what blogging is).  I recenetly went to Lake Tahoe about 2 weekends ago, and it was like healing for the soul! So let's begin...

It was with a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group through Jenni's church & since I have hung out with these ladies before and loved them, it just seemed right. Plus, hello... we were being whisked away to Lake Tahoe in a cabin, sans kids & hubbies & a Beth Moore study was on the agenda. BOOM -  I am sold. 

THE Lake Tahoe

The most amazing cabin was THAT nice. This cabin was in the Zephyer Cove area of Tahoe and was about a 1 mile walk to the lake. The accomidations were more than nice. And see that master suite to the bottom right? That was the room Jenni, Ryan, and Angela got to bunk in. It was so SO nice with the most slippery/fun soaking tub in the world. 

During the days we filled our days up with Bible Study with a Beth Moore series called, "Loving Well". It focused on letting God love you. That you have to let God love YOU before you can love others well. She walks through how to deal with the Joys to love in your life, the Testy people in your life, the Foes in your life, and the far's in your life. 
The Joys to love: obvious - the people you love to love
Testy: The/those testy people in your life that you really have to control your temper around and grit your teeth and continually pray to God to shine love through your eyes even if it kills you!
The Foes: The people you really don't like/love whatsoever. Dare I say, you even hate these people. It baffled me, how quickly I could picture my foe. Never did I ever want to admit I hated this person. Beth Moore explains it that your Foe is someone who there is a fine line between love and hate. 
The Far: The stranger you can love and possibly witness to. Her example was the hairbrush story, and if you haven't heard that, click here NOW. I promise you will laugh even if you may not be a Christian. 

In between the 4 sessions of the 1 hour Bible Studies, I filled my days with: soaking in the glorious soaking tub, eating a ridiculous amount of junk (I purposely bought my "no no" foods so I could stuff myself), went on a walk to the lake, soaked in the jacuzzi, indulged in homemade facials, girl talk which means sharing funny stories and sad ones. Every night I went to bed exhausted NOT because I finally got rest from my T Rex and hubbinator, but because of laughing and crying basically all day. Some of the things us women go through as moms or even things us women have gone through growing up, it just sucks. There is no other way to say it. So being able to empathize with these girls, just drained a good way I guess. 

This trip very much was something I needed for the soul. Without exposing my entire life, I have had issues with a certain person in my family since I was young. When I grew up and got married to my amazing, prince charming of a husband, I still carried those issues. I developed more issues that were in conjunction to my adolescent issues. Am I confusing you yet? haha. Anyways, I have gotten self help books in the past, tried to talk to my girlfriends, to Nick, and nothing seemed to be that "magic potion for my heart" if you will. At the retreat, a couple of Mentor Moms from Jenni's church attended. Mentor moms are basically very wise older women who know The Bible & how to give spiritual guidance and sorta give you that "Christian Counseling" you may be looking for. Well, during out free time, the 2 Mentor Moms were available to all 10 of us ladies and all of our problems (God bless them, seriously! 10 women needing guidance/a prayer/wisdom, etc.). So, I of course, went first. I was in there for almost 45 minutes delving into my past, my present, and my worries for the future if I continued to carry this issue. It was amazing. They prayed over me and for me, and talked with me, and made me look at things that I have never looked at. I think I can psychoanalysis myself pretty well & I thought I had, but nope- they did it better. I walked out of that room with such a weight off my shoulders & about 5 used tissues in my hand. It was as if something they said/they prayed just clicked with me. I was able to get the tools I needed to stop hanging onto my past and present issues and just give it to God. It is that easy - I gave it to The Lord, The Father, The Creator, The Protector, The Almighty, God! My soul felt brand new!

I came home on Sunday, and loved on my boys. I feel/felt like a whole new woman! Even the day after, Nick made a comment about how I looked and seemed so happy. I am and I was. I am always a happy person, but my soul is happy. Does this even make sense? I know some of you ladies are out there with issues you feel weighed down with, and I cant tell you enough, that y'all need you some Jesus. I know that sounds so Evangelical, but it's true. He makes it all better. His words were the magic potion for my soul. I just needed someone else to tell me them.