Friday, September 30, 2011

Fantastic Friday

So let's discuss all things that are FABULOUS about my Friday thus far. After all, this blog is about moi. Here we go:

1. Troy has slept through the night the past TWO nights! He has NEVER slept through the night more than a handful of times and never in a row like this. Could be the shot he got on Tuesday or maybe he's now with the program that mommy is less of a biotch when she gets a full 7-8 hours STRAIGHT.

Oh and a side note - while on Pinterest to find a "mom" picture to go with my post, Mr. Statham popped up (not literally of course). Not sure why he did, but I'll take it. ANOTHER fabulous thing about today

2. I get to go grocery shopping! Keeping it real with you guys, I love grocery shopping. Now that Troy is a bit older and easier in the stores, I love it. I love having bags of fresh food to bring him. And right now we have like ZIP. We are most definitely at the end of the week since we're scrapping the bottom of the fridge for crumbs.

3. The weather - its cool down here in my neck of California - AKA the country. Yeah, Im sure you all are sorta shocked to know California isn't just one big beach with hot blondes rollerblading down it (do people rollerblade anymore?)

4. Its fantastic that I've accomplished my goals of running this week. I set a 10 mile/week minimum and I have ran exactly 10. And it was harder than I thought it'd be, psssh. Im signing up for the Turkey Trot this year (5K) and then who knows where I'll go! ....The bar for a hydrating margarita?

5. My hair - since I've gotten this sexy mommy bob of a cut, I seriously wake up with great hair. Its not greasy or have crazy creases from where Ive slept. It actually looks best after I've slept on it and its my "2nd day of no washing" hair. Just saying. Nick gets grossed out by me not washing it, but he just doesn't understand that its okay not to wash it. At least Im not pulling a Julia Roberts and skipping that shampoo/conditioner for weeks on end! You read that right, the pretty woman goes weekS without washing her hair.

6. Oh and it's Friday - 'nuff said. The weekend is upon us and with it getting ready to be freezing (68 to this California girl is cold), Im celebrating by putting out the Fall Decor and watching Football all day Sunday - BOO YA!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Twenty Five Year old Math

1 Oyster Shooter...


Blast in a glass baby! And Im spent...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Its my Birthday and I can eat pancakes if I want to

Happy Birthday to ME (and West Sac Honey haha). So today marks my TWENTY FIFTH birthday ladies! In the past year, I have worked for a new company, bought a house, had a baby, adjusted to mama hood, and as of recent, cut my hair.

Today on the birthday menu, I had some protein pancakes and some scrambled egg whites. Im sure some of you are turning your noses up to it, but trust ladies...twas delicious and amazing. I usually let myself have things I don't normally eat on my birthday (and birthday weekend). Since I am pretty darn strict all year round, its called for. And these were PROTEIN pancakes, how bad could they have been?

Well ladies Im off to get a facial, run 3 miles, and do whatever else I want...its MY birthday.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Yup. That's my post title. Shoes ladies. Who doesn't love them? I like to say that I'm a purse girl. I seriously go ga ga over purses (minus the hair bow). Then I remember I love clothes, and then I think "Oh wait, but I LOVE makeup too". So I think I'm just a ...GIRL!

This fall I have revamped my shoes. Last Christmas, the hubs got me these sexy beasts

And then I picked up these pretty brunettes at Old Navy (on sale mind you, so I didn't spend a penny)

I've been wanting some comfy wedge boots to wear as an everyday shoe with jeans because 1, flats make me look fatter than I am and 2, I like to make people think I have legs for days. So my madre and padre got me these babies for my birthday!

So these are all totally practical Fall/Winter shoes, am I right? Well...I've never been one people call practical so when I asked for THESE for my birthday, and then got them....I was ecstatic! Ladies, feast your eyes on ma' bling!

I don't know if the moms in the mommy group are ready for this crazy mom

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh My Gosh, is that Jen Aniston?!

Would have posted this picture yesterday, but our internet was down pretty much all day - the perks of living out in the sticks, eh?

Here is the picture I showed my hair girl for the cut

I'd say it's pretty accurate. My hair feels UH-MAZING by the way. So soft at the ends. And I love that I can still throw it up in a pony tail. I am loving the color too. Its a little more blonder than I normally go cause she added a lot more highlights. I can't wait to play around with it and try curling it. Whenever the little man actually gives me time to be by myself (myself? what's that?!), I'll try adding some cute curls to it.

Today it's back to the workout/run grind. Since Nick's mom and her fiancé have been in town, I haven't worked out. So, before they leave to go back to Denver today, their coming over and watching T while I go out on a run. I have decided that I am going to sign up for the local Turkey Trot here in town this year. It's only a 5K and running 5ks now, aren't as easy as they once were. So I figure if I sign up for one that is a couple months away, that'll be more than plenty of time to prepare and it will force me to get back into more running - which I love (but sometimes hate) to do.

Oh and yes, I did just type that Thanksgiving is only a couple months away. ACTUALLY, since it's almost the end of September, we really only have about a month and a half until Turkey day. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. I'll sign myself up to run a 3.1 distance if that means I can eat an extra slice of pie. Shoot, who am I kidding? I'll eat it even if I don't run.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Yeah, so I took a bloggy break...moving on..

Alright ladies, so tomorrow I am going from THIS hair...

To this hair (and this body)...

Im going to ask very nicely to go as blonde as she'll take me. My hair is need for some MAYJA' blonde updating. I haven't had my hair did since May before Mexico...poor me...poor hubs.

Nicks 'rents are in town so today we took his mom to San Francisco. She had never been which to me is just bonkers because living (and paying ridiculous taxes) in California, it just doesn't occur to me that not everyone can just drive 2.5 hours and be in this international metropolis. I failed at taking pics other than this one once we reached the bottom.

For you out of towners, this is the windiest road in the world supposedly.

Be sure to return back tomorrow (or the next day...) cause I will be posting my new Jen Aniston 'do.
Just cause he's ADORABLE...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Nine Eleven

Have you girls seen any of those 9/11 reenactment sort of movies? There is one about the plane that went down in Pennsylvania and then there was the one Nicholas Cage did about the World Trade Centers. Its been almost 10 years since 9/11 happened and I still can't watch those movies. I try to just because I seem to be unable to pull myself away from everything that occurred prior and during the tragic events, but I always turn it off, or close the video online. I didn't personally know anyone who was effected by what happened in NY, PA, or DC on the day, but I was effected by the aftermath. Nick serving our country and being deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Some think we shouldn't have gone there, but me? I back what Former President Bush did 110%. I don't think we should have sat by and let evil attack our country and get away with it. Thousands of people were killed, kids never saw their parents walk through the door after work, kids never knew their parent(s), husbands lost wives, wives lost husbands, parents lost children. All complete innocent in what happened to them. It kills me to think about what they must have felt hearing that their loved one was lost. This September 11th, don't forget what happened, where you were, how you felt, how you STILL feel... thank a veteran no matter what war they served or even if they didn't serve in one, be the one to say sorry first even if you didn't do anything wrong. Say a prayer for a country and our president (Lord knows he needs em') that He will keep us safe and that our President and people in office will have the knowledge on how to keep this from happening to our country again.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cover it Up

It has come to my attention that I now REQUIRE concealer. There is no question on if I can just go without it. I have dark circles on my eyes worse than any Big Brother marathon can give you, that's for sure.

The culprit for these dark circles? THIS child

Troy the Tiger

Holy Hiatus

Sorry for the breather ladies (and gents who are afraid to admit they read my blog). You know when you just have nothing to talk about and you don't want to blog just for the sake of blogging? Yeeerp, that was me. I had a great Labor Day Weekend. Summer has gotten the memo that this is it's last hurrah because the weather this past weekend AND all this week?

Im sure you people in Texas are cursing my name because I've seen your weather forecast and it's 1 degree cooler than what Im sure Hell is like.

I have a confession...I miss working. GASP! I know, right? I love being home with my little monster man 24/7 and doing fun mommy groups with him and stuff, but I MISS having my own thing going. There was a girl at my old office who told me she thought I'd be like this once Troy arrived and I thought this chick was sniffing glue. How could I, the girl who HATES having a boss, HATES having to follow orders (my poor husband), and HATES having to be somewhere at a certain time, miss working? Simple

1. I miss the social aspect of it. I miss having coworkers (that I love). I have had some good jobs in my short working woman career where I had 2 or 3 AWESOME coworkers that made my day worth it. I would think twice about "calling in sick" aka flaking on work, just because they were there and I always laughed my ass off with them. We could bitch about work together, go on lunch walks/lunch dates, etc.
2. I miss dressing up. So some days I didn't want to wear anything other than yoga pants. I love being comfy. But heels, sexy black slacks, a cute top and jewelry? Doing my hair all puurdy cause I knew I'd be face to face with over 20-30 people that day? MISS IT! Just to keep my name in good graces tho, I DO shower, do hair and makeup everyday even with the little dude. Nick can't come home to a rough lookin country bumpkin, now can he? Gotta earn my keep, know what I mean?

3. I miss having my own space, aka my own DESK!! Good Lord above, I miss having my own space. A space I can make look girlified and cutesie and no one can tell me it's not happening. I had frames with huge diamond rhinestones, once upon a time, I had a pink boa I had received as a Bday gift laying across the border of my desk. I had cute little knickknacks, and cute pretty calendars and pens, and staplers. Yeah, I was THAT obnoxious girl. But you know what? People loved coming to my desk cause it was bomb! It was bright and cheery to go with the bright and cheery girl sitting there. Just sayin - my workspaces have ROCKED