Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughtless Thursday

Where the heck is Hulk Hogan's belly button? It's as if someone put skin over it?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Country Edition

What can I say? My heart is allll country. I love me some sexy heels and hot outfits & hitting the town, buuuut, Brotha' she's country!

Woah, how did Carrie high jack this post? Umm because she's gorgeous and a country girl, DUH!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The sun is shining ladies. This is fabulous news because that means the lttle dude and I can get out of the casa and look at all the fancy houses in the neighborhood across the street.
This morning I had to dig deep into my motivation bag and take a shot of Tigers Blood to get my arse to the gym. I woke up at 3:15 to feed T and pump (oh joy...) and when that was all said and done, it was 4:00. No need in crawling back into my nice warm bed where the hubbinator was slumbering *le sigh*. Once I got to the gym and started that belt spinning on good ol' Tread, I was feelin good. I ended up with 2.5 miles and did my ab workouts. I was feeling so good and awake (and sweaty) when I left. And now? I am pooped. No joke, I am PRAYING that Troy takes a nice afternoon nap so mama can get at least 30 minutes of shut eye time. I am feeling like such an old lady when Nick gets home. After we eat and have the time to hang out and talk, I wanna go to bed and he deserves better - so if I can get a nap, I'll be a bright eyed and bushied tale wife with dinner on the table and a smile on her face! I just have to keep telling myself, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico. FOURTY FIVE DAYS & I'll be lookin like this

{I will NOT be in the water tho - I am a firm believer I send out a radar for sharks once I set a toe in the ocean}

Drinking a couple of these -

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Morning all! So yesterday I was true to my word and ROCKED a 5K on that rubber track, I fondly call "Tread" (I also call him my abusive boyfriend to my new followers). Not only that, but I also pounded out my killer strength training routine for my gams! Yup, I'm feeling it this morning.
This weekend has already started fabulously - Nickmesiter and I went to the ATT&T store and I got hooked up with a sweet iphone4 A-YO! Then I had to stop by this place since it was right next door and I would have been arrested if I didn't grab a sweet deliciois cupcake. I got the Pumpkin one and it was a party in my mouth.
Today Im hitting the grocery store to fill up the joint with some grub, but not before I hit the gym to rock out another 5K, then tomorrow I'll be off, then back at it by Monday. Feels good ladies, Im not gonna lie. I fight myself the whole way to the gym, but once Im there? I am THERE, ya know? Tonight we are meeting with the Besties, Jenni and Chris for movie and dinner date night. Gonna see Red Riding Hood, anyone seen it? Thoughts? I think it looks pretty darn sexy and ever since Mama Mia, I have fallen in love with Amanda Seyfried.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Confession - I haven't gotten my arse to the gym since Monday morning. PULL.IT.TOGETHER.KARLI! Seeeeriously people, this jiggle isn't a good look. Every day I've WANTED to go. I really have, but Tuesday I slept through my alarm and don't even remember turning it off, Wednesday, I was just pretty flippin tired and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym. My excuse today? Nothing! I heard my alarm, and was actually somewhat awake and I just opted not to go. This is NOT like me. I mean, sure I'm tired, but I have it easier than a lot of mom's of a 2 month old. Troy sleeps the entire night except the one time he wakes up to be fed and changed. Tomorrow I AM going. It's Nicks day off, so I can sleep in till 6:30 (Troys start of the day time), and after I feed him and put him back down, I'm heading out to the gym. Same with Saturday. I gotta get it done and get it done good!I have 50 days I believe till Mexico and I'm really hoping I can look like this:

Amber Elizabeth

Lindsay Messina
HAHA, a girl can dream (and be motivated!) right?

Yup, so I have my work cut out for myself. I tried on my bikini this morning, (I need to get a new one), holy moly, I need to tone it up! My food is perfect, it's just getting to the gym and running and lifting. If I wasn't pumping/breast feeding, I would still have so much more jiggle on myself, but it helps ladies. I was pregnant and dying at not being able to workout hard. Now my excuse? I'm tired? I just don't wanna get up? I can sleep AFTER Mexico haha. No more excuses Karli, just do it!!!

Guess who is 2 months old today?!

THIS little monkey! Oh Troy, how you have grown and taught me so many things, patience being a HUGE one.

Things that are happening with you at 2 months:
* You have such strong legs. If we hold your arms up, you can stand. Your shaky and it lasts about 10 seconds till you bend them again and drop to your knees. But it only takes a couple seconds for you to try again. It impresses everyone. Mommy and daddy are so proud

*You are officially smiling "on command". Whenever people start talking to you in your language (a-goo, ooooo, num) or sticks their tongue out the way you do, you love it. You grin from ear to ear and I eat it up. Makes all the frustrating times worth it. You are gonna make the ladies swoon with that smile. Daddy is very proud

* You don't like being held in a cradle position for very long. You like to be facing out or held over the shoulder so you can look around. Mommy was brave and took you to Target yesterday after a very long day and you did great! You just looked at all the lights and things around us

* Your stinky butt is constantly waking you up from naps and bedtime. You sure know how to let them rip, and when you do, you fuss.

* Your head control is 90% complete! You can hold your head up and look around like it's no one else's business. Your growing up so fast Troy

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Windy & Wet Wednesday

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OOOO boy

So since the hubbinator got his tattoo filled, I am JONESING to get my rib tattoo. I am still looking at different ways for it to be designed and after googling a few ways, here are a few I'm thinking of:

I am thinking that I will maybe treat myself to the tattoo for a birthday present to myself. My bday is at the end of September, so by that time, my body will be back if not pretty darn close to what it was prior pregnancy. That way, I won't be all self conscious lifting my shirt up when people wanna see it. Oh man, it's gonna huuurt!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Operation get the bo-day back!

Good evening lovelies! Yes, evening. My day has been pretty hectic - in a good way of course. Troy has started to take shorter naps during the day. Shorter meaning 30 MAYBE 45 minutes at a time. Then he's up and he's a handful. Being the mama of a boy is gonna be a crazy ride, I can already tell. He was wanting to be held which can be a total issue at times since my plan was to clean the house. Since the little dude was ultra clingy to mama, I put him in the ergo baby carrier (which he can now face forward it, woot woot!) and got both bathrooms done before he started getting bored and fussing. So out of the carrier and into his swing he went. I started cleaning the kitchen thinking he was good to go, until I heard more fussing. So, needless to say, it took me foreeeevvvveeeeer to clean today.

Operation get the bo-day (aka BODY to those who don't speak Karli) back is still alive and kicking. Today was 2.65 mile run on Tread and abs. I used to do planks a lot pre Troy with ease. HA! Well planks just laughed at me in the face! My plan says I gotta do 3 for 30 seconds. Not too bad right? I was shaking sooooooo badly. I mean, BAD! I watched the sweat drip onto the mat under me and my arms shaking out in front of me. Thank GOD there isn't anyone really there at that hour. Twas pretty embarrassing for moi. But at least I'm there, right? Right! If Troy allows me - meaning he isn't a fussy butt this week, I will be going to the gym every day this week (Except Sat & Sun of course) .That will be my first full week of working out since Troy, what what? I know in a post a couple weeks ago, I said my goal would be back to running a 5K every morning. Well that "couple of weeks" is THIS week I believe, and yaaaaaa, that's not happening. I'm giving myself this week and next week to get back to it. That way it'll be a consistent 2 weeks of running again. I'm just gonna have to learn to roll with the punches since little dude is here - there are always gonna be hiccups with a baby. 53 days till Mexico ladies!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


So yes, I have been a little MIA these past couple of days. There hasn't been much to report other than the little dude continued his freakout fussiness (thank you 2 month old shots) until Thursday. Thursday night was like Heaven - he was back to sleeping and not making a peep until 2-3AM (feeding/fresh diaper time) and then woke back up for the day around 6:30AM (the norm). Same thing last night, so it's safe to say that those nasty side effects are outta his system. I get 2 whole months until this happens again, *le sigh*.

Yesterday the Nickmesiter and I went to the tattoo shop to get some ink. On him, not me, sadly - next time, it's MY turn. He has had a tattoo on his arm ever since he got back from Iraq that's needed to be filled. We're talking 5 years people! The arm needed some color. The guy at the shop did an awesome job -



Today it's been Fuh-REEEEZING. So it was gym, grocery store for me since we didn't have a crumb left in the joint. I rocked 3 miles on Tread, and then did some abs. It was a major argument with myself about going to the gym. The lazy part of me REAAAAAAALLY didn't want to go. It was cold, raining, and I wanted to just lounge. But then the determined and vain part of me, bitch slapped the lazy one and I got my arse to the gym. Needless to say, it was a good decision. I walked outta there with a wet tank top and a runners high (totally legal, I swear). Tonight is a MUCH NEEDED date night with my one and only. Gonna see Battle: LA and then headed to THIS place for some deeelish grub. If you have a Pete's Brewhouse, I recommend it HGHLY. Everything on their menu is so yum & their beer isn't half bad either and right now, mama needs herself a nice cold one after the sleepless week I've had. Have a splendid Saturday ladies!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day after shots = Fussy baby

Oh boy oh boy. My poor little dude was soooo incredibly fussy last night. I thought for sure he'd sleep like a rock (never got that expression btw - do rocks sleep?), but he whimpered and moaned and groaned in his swing, so he never got to sleep soundly. So that means, mommy had to get up numerous times last night. I was delirious every time I woke up - ran into the door, ran into the footboard of the bed, ran into the corner of the kitchen counter. It was a very eventful night. Then this morning, he is still whiney and fussy. You can tell he just doesn't feel 110%. So being up all night, it was not hard to listen to Nick when my 4:10AM wake up call went off, and just stay in bed and skip today at the gym. Not only because I was tired, but because I knew once I left, Troy would be awake again and Nick would have to be the one to get outta bed and comfort him and since Nick works, I don't wanna put that on him. What can I say, I spoil the man.

So today, I'm venturing out into this gloomy weather and meeting up with my Bestie Jenni. We're going to Babies R Us - the place where mom's can drop a fortune! WHICH, I will not :) I need to get Troy Maximus a humidifier (he's stuffy and his pediatrician said it'd really help and it would make it so I didn't have to use that suction syringe on his nose), and I gotta get some more infant tylenol. I am almost out and the nurses suggested he have some for the next 48 hours to help with his discomfort. I'm all for that - no need in having him be miserable....or mama be exhausted haha!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moring Workouts with a Baby

I am POOPED! You better believe I am one tired woman with getting up when it's dark, getting to the gym, then raising a baby under 1 year all day. WHEW! Honestly, Troy is on a predictable schedule. He goes down for bed time at 7:00, wakes up between 2:00 and 3:00 AM, then wakes back up again at 6:30-7 for the day. So that part isn't whats tiring me. It's the waking up at 3, feeding him/changing him, then pumping, and then getting back into bed for 20 more minutes before my alarm goes off for the gym at 4:10. I have been a naughty mummy and don't really do the whole "Sleep when he sleeps" rule. That was until I started going to the gym in the mornings. I take about a 20 minute power nap with him on the couch in the afternoon, and that is just enough to carry me till the real bedtime.

I found out I can take him to my gym's daycare (it's free too, woot woot!) when he's 3 months. The rules: they will come get me/page me, if he has a poopy diaper and/or he cries for 10 minutes straightI think this will be a lot more convenient since I can sleep till he wakes up, feed him, and theeeen we can go to the gym together. How he will do in the daycare, I have no clue. All I know is, I need some sorta me time and with a marathon in about 7 months, I HAVE to get some miles in. Along with some lifting, can't have things sagging now can we?

My workouts have been going smashingly. Today was all cardio, then tomorrow is 30 minutes cardio and legs! I love working my legs, they seem to get results fast, which is perfect for bikini season. Although, by the looks of it outside, I have some time before it gets even close to bikini season - it's raining cats and dogs right now!

2 month Check Up

So my little dude was less than thrilled about getting poked twice. Lets start with the happy stuff - he weighed in at 10lbs 10 ounces (in the 45-50% range), his height measured at 22 3/4 inches (50% range), and his head circumference is 15 3/4 inches (50% range). The good doctor got to have a conversation with Mr. Troy. Troy just couldn't stop gabbing it up with him, it was adorable!

The sad stuff - Holy crap, I was NOT prepared to cry. I mean, I always hear mom's cry when their babies get shots, but I didn't think it'd bug me. I mean, whats the big deal? Just a small shot and its necessary and it'll keep him healthy. WRONG! The nurse came in and thankfully they combined 4 of the shots into 1, so there would only be 2 pokes. She asked that he lay on the table to make it easier/safer (no problemo - don't want to get poked by accident if he squirms), and hold his arms across his chest. I put my mouth near his ear and started talking to him about what a good boy he was, that we can go home after this and chow know all the good things babies want to hear, and I then started to just stare at him, thinking he'd be distracted when he got poked. Right when the 1st shot happened, all hell broke loose! He looked at me and his eyes filled with tears and he took a deep breath in and let out a scream I've never heard before. It was the worst scream - the "Im in pain!!!" cry. I put my cheek to his and started crying, and trying to attempt my best comforting pep talk through the tears. I was so embarrassed and the nurse actually ended up rubbing MY back afterwards to comfort ME. She told me all new mommies have problems with this part. Whew, glad Im not alone :)

I calmed little dude down (via boobies!!) and let him just chill, then it was on our way home we went. He woke up when we got home, shot back 4 more ounces of the good ol' milk, and is now peacefully sleeping in his swing. His next appointment is on June 1st, where we get to do this again......Oy vey!

Morning workouts - WINNING

What up ladies? I thought I should do a little Charlie Sheen inspired blog post today. Little dude has his 2 month check up which includes yucky shots, so I'm keepin this lighthearted since he may not be a happy camper after his appointment.

* Owned 3.15 miles on the tread this morning - WINNING!
* Finally got the booger in little dudes nose that I've been hearing up there for awhile but couldn't get it - WINNING!
* Brad picking Emily - WINNING! In fact, pass the Tigers Blood * Speaking of Bachelor - Chantel & Brads shark date - ON MY BUCKET LIST, so I am a tad bit jealous

{Totally want her hair}

* Sippin on my gin and juice, er, Sbucks coffee while T is sleeping and watching my shows - WINNING!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting Into The Word

Good morning gorgeous girls! It rained buckets last night which made it soooo tempting to stay in my warm cozy bed with my warm cozy hubbinator, but visions of Mexico danced in my head. 2 months people. TWOOOO months! So it was off to the gym I went for some running and some abs. I ran 2.35 miles in 30 minutes - I'm slowly but surly imprvoing my time ya'll. My goal is in 2 weeks, to be back up to running my 3 miles in 30 minutes. We shall see, we shall see. Abs consisted of 3 sets of hanging knee raises, 3 sets of planks, and 3 sets of weighted toe crunches. I don't need to tell ya'll how much I LOOOVED it! It burned so good.
Now, onto some more spiritual things -

Every weekday morning, I've been tapping into Calvary Chapel Cary (NC)'s podcasts. I've talked about him before, but the pastor there was such a godsend to me. The way he preached and taught drew me in and made me want to listen. He broke things down and related things to real life. Plus he is just plane hilarious. I was baptized by him on May 3rd, 2009 and I've never looked back. I've missed going to that church, but luckily I can still get the word via internet. I've yet to make it to church since Troy has been born -- not okay. Sunday Im going. I NEED to go, and WANT to go. I grew up knowing about God, but I never KNEW Him personally. Of course He knew me, he created me and the Bible tells me so.

"I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb." Jeremiah 1:5

So anywhoot - listening to Pastor Rodney, catching up on reading some blogs, when he said something that stuck out to me and is so amazingly true. It hit home, it made me stop in my tracks, it made me LISTEN. He said, "‎I didn't find God, because He wasn't lost. He found me." How true is that?

Have a FABULOUS day girlies!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Dreaming of this...

While doing this....

And hopefully I don't come back looking like this...

OK, So I'm Only Human

This morning the gym did NOT happen. I REALLY wanted to go. I woke up around 2:30 to feed Troy and pump and I told myself "okay, I'll sleep for another hour, then hit the gym". My body had other plans. I woke up at 5:30 -- toooo late for the gym :( It's okay though - I shredded it up this morning with Miss Jill, and Im hoping to go on a walk later today with the little dude. It's chilly today, but the sun is TRYING to come out. So we will see. If the walk doesn't happen, I'll be just cleaning the castle which should burn a calorie or two :)

So off topic, have you ladies seen that show, "My strange addiction" ? I think it's on the Discovery channel or something. Anyways, I have never watched it, just seen previews - so I saw the preview for this woman who sleeps with her hair dryer. In. BED! Right next to her. When I first saw that, I thought that was sooooo fake. Why would some chick wanna sleep with her blowdryer? Sounds like a safety risk in my book. I thought this until Troy was born. The child LOVES the sound of my blow dryer. It calms him, soothes him to sleep, in a jiffy! If he is fussy, I'll go in there and run my hair dryer (or vacuums work too) and he'll be out. Doctors say blow dryers work because it sounds so womb like. So there you go folks - that lady in that show is not nuts, she just misses the womb!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good evening

Boy am I tired. I am such an old lady -it's only 8pm and Im ready to put on my slippers and moo moo, set my teeth on the bathroom counter, and call it a night. Not before I have some of these AMAZING ravioli's though

Thank you Costco!!!!!!

So this morning was my 1st day back at the gym, and guess what? It went FABULOUSLY! I got there a tad past 4:30AM (an unGodly hour!), and hit the treadmill. I pounded out 30 minutes ladies! I only wanted to hang out at the gym for an hour, so I could get back home before little dude woke up (want my hubby to get his beauty rest). So anyways, I did a 5 minute warm up, then ran at a 5.2 speed for the next 20 minutes, then walked the last 5. Sweat was POURING. I thought about taking a picture, but decided it was best I didn't. I figured I'd lose some follower's over that crazy and unpleasant picture. I was pleased with where I was at endurance wise. I was expecting a lot worse. I ran a little over 2 miles though, so I'm going to have to work on that. I used to be able to run a 5K (3.1 miles) in about 30 minutes on average. I'll get there :)
After waking up my heart, it was to the weights I went for my leg workout. I didn't feel anything when I left the gym, but now? OOOO Lordy! Mama has some sore thighs - SUCCESS!!!
My plan is to go tomorrow and Friday morning and then take Sat and Sun off (unless I hit up a yoga class on Saturday? Hmmm....). I am POOPED. I had a mommy and me date with Jenni and Sara so Troy never got a nap longer than about 20 minutes, so that boy was a handful this evening. After being bathed, lotioned, prayers said and swaddled, he is out for the count. Needless to say, I am looking forward to my head hitting the pillow. So say a little prayer that this determined mama can get her butt, that needs to be in a bikini in 2 months, up and out of bed and to the gym at 4:30.


So What Wednesdays

So what if.... I dyed my own roots and they look a tad red/brassy. I'm on a budget!

So what if....Nick and I have said we are on a budget, but he's been pretty forward that I need to fork over the money and go to my hair girl - he's not a fan of the job I did or the brassy roots

So what if...I'm white as Casper. Im sure I'll get some color in Mexico (May 13th baby!)

So what if.... I propped Troy on the couch with a pillow under his bottle so he could eat - I had to cook the hubbinator some brekkie. I was watching him, don't judge me

So what if.... I dont put on makeup till 3pm in the afternoon

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

6 Week Post Partum Check up

Well ladies it has happened - my 6 week post partum doctor appointment. I prepared myself to hear the worse (that I am only 10lbs down from my delivery day weight), but guess what? I am 7lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight, AY-O! Total, I gained 34lbs and I've lost almost every single one of those el bee's. Even though I'm 7 lbs away from where I was on my 1st appointment, I want to lost 10lbs and tone. I'm hopeful since I'll be starting my workouts ASAP, as in TOMORROW MORNING, EEK! Paired with breast feeding (er, pumping), I'm feelin pretty confident.

Everything else checked out perfectly, all my stitches are gone, and I go back in in about 2 weeks to get my IUD put in. My OB said it's perfectly safe to use for breast feeding and after hearing about all the risks, I still decided it was for me. I'm not wanting anymore babies for at least 2 years. Our plan is to wait until Troy turns 2 years old and then we'll start trying. Although I wouldn't be opposed to starting a couple months shy of Troy's 2nd bday, since we all know it takes 9 months to cook a baby. So there's our plan. Oh and for the waited 6 week post partum belly pic - this is what I'm workin with. I will keep posting pictures, but maybe not once a week. My belly has for the most part gone done due to the baby boy. So now it'll just be weight loss/toning progress. So maybe I'll post once a month? Or just whenever I'm feeling confident :)

Switching up topics, I wanna gag about "poor little victim, Michelle" on The Bachelor - the girls tell all, from last night.
She was a psycho! I don't wanna hear how it was just how her sense of humor is, or she puts so much pressure on herself because she's a single mom. No honey, your crazy and fit for a straight jacket. No one liked you and you talked MAYJA crap behind people's backs, so it's no surprise that you were getting insults hurled at you. End rant.
Oh and how GORGEOUS were Madison (aka vampire girl) earrings?!

Have a FABULOUS Tuesday ladies. Next time you hear from me, I will have hit the gym for the 1st time since my wittle bundle of love was born.

** Okay I can't leave without leaving you all with some pictures of my little dude from yesterday. I am in luuuurve**
Say Hi to all my followers, Mr. Troy Maximus!
"Whatcha talkin' about mom?"
"Hmm...I don't know mom, I'm gonna have to think about this"
"What do you butterflies think about what mom's talkin about?"

Monday, March 7, 2011

6 Weeks old

Somebody is 6 weeks today!! ....and a tad on the cranky side...
I love me some Yo Gaba Gaba
Thinking about rolling over - he actually rolled on his side, I'm so proud :)
"I think I can, I think I can"
Tummy time, woo hoo!!
Face all red from fussing
"Okay mom, no more pictures okay?!?!"
Mama KINDA caught a smile

Things that are happening this week:
* You have been going through a growth spurt - you are up every 2 hours, sometimes 1.5 to eat and/or be fussy. It's making mama's concealer come in handy for those dark circles under her eyes
*Your very close to smiling on demand. Mommy and daddy are so excited for that moment to happen and mommy is constantly trying to tickle you or say funny things to you in funny voices. You usually just look at me like I'm nuts and do little coo's
* Speaking of coo's - you are starting to talk more and sometimes you'll make a cry out sound just to hear your voice - just like mama :)
*Today we did some tummy time where mommy swears you are trying to roll over on your back. You did manage to roll on your side after a few grunts and gurgles.
*You are loving some Yo Gaba Gaba and Little Ms Spider on Nick Jr. Mommy is guilty of letting you watch this, but you do seem to get overstimulated in 30 minutes time. Sometimes you fall asleep, other times your ready to do something else with mama.
* You are becoming your own person and I can see different characteristics that mommy and daddy have given you. When you were born, you were a spitting image of daddy, but now, I see you have mommy's eyes, and MAYBE my lips, but the rest of you is all daddy.
* You are definitely showing mommy what it's like to not always be all about herself. Not that mommy is self centered, but I am learning that my hair is not always going to be done, and my makeup is going to consist of only mascara for a day since that's all the time you give me.
*You love taking our daily walks - weather permitting. You look around and up at the big blue sky, taking in your surroundings. I am dying to know what your thinking.
* Mommy is trying to get you on some sort of a schedule. I'd say 80% of the time it works, the other 20% of the time you just laugh at me and make your own schedule.
* Your going through a growth spurt - and eating 4 - 5 ounces every 1.5-2 hours, your sucking mommy DRY!
* You love looking at daddy and just absorbing his face