Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time flies when your having fun

Umm why is it Sunday night already? It seems like I was just laying out my bib and running shoes for the Turkey Trot? Either way the last 4 days were as enjoyable as Gerad Butler's abs

Thursday was of course the Turkey Trot - I was up and at em' at the bright and early time of 7:30 since I had to be at the starting line 20 minutes before 9:00am. N was such a great sport about it. Being the die hard football fan that he is, I know it was hard to leave the bed at the time of morning on a day off, but also I know how upset he can get when football is on allllllllllll day and he can't watch every second of it live and rewind "did you see that?!" play's over and over again. Thank GOD for DVR! (I forgot to mention that in the "thankful" speech around the table!) So when N and I got there, it was PACKED! I have never seen any race like it. There were easily over 1000 people there which was touching since everyone who was there paid the $35 entry fee and that goes to a hungry family. I had my iphone loaded with my 5K running playlist and I even thought that running while taking pics would be a great way to distract myself and make time go by faster. Ummm, have you ever tried to snap a photo while feeling as though you are in Spain running with the bulls? It is hard!! So even though I wanted to bring you all a little more excitement than 1 photo, your just gonna have to deal. I was trying to beat a PR people!

So fast forward to the finish line: N was there which made me sprint my way across that finish line. I dunno what it is, but there is something about seeing that finish line that kicks you in the rear, and puts you into fast gear and you sprint until your legs feel as though they are going to disconnect. Since I really wasn't in the mood to stand around and browse the swag stands, N and I decided to go home so I could shower and take a nap before our big duck dinner. Once we got home, I was checking the website literally every 5 minutes to see if they had posted results. FINALLY they did, and what did I see?! MEEEEE!! I beat my personal record too!! When I crossed the finish line, N said he tried to time it and he thought I finished in 30minutes (my PR WAS 34:37 btw), but I couldn't believe it. BUT, guess what...HE WAS RIGHT!! That N is so smart- I finished the race in 31:11 AND I placed 54th out of 500girls! Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Even though I was dehydrated like a mo fo after the race, I still had N snap a pic of my sweaty self just for the blog :)

Saturday we FINALLY celebrated the big turkey day since my sister and bunny boo got back into town on Friday. So I woke up and watched my mom stuff the most delicious turkey ever! That woman sure knows how to stuff em' (That's what she said).

I decided to stuff something to my own liking into a little thing I like to call the oven. NOTE: THE OVEN WAS NOT ON DURING THE MAKING OF THIS PICTURE. I LOVE MY CAT SO DON'T GET YOUR PANTIES IN A KNOT.

Now the big news (as if it could get any better, sheeesh!), N and signed papers on an apartment!! We will be moving in either January 9th or 12th and we couldn't be more happy about it! It is so so so nice and we are so glad that we didn't sign papers with any of the other ones we looked and at believe me, we looked at them all. Amazing location, granite, some hardwoods, and it comes with a 37 inch flat screen for the bedroom (N's 55 inch will be going in the living room of course), wood burning fireplace and really nice grounds. We couldn't be happier. Home sweet home

I have been so excited about the holidays, I rushed to Petsmart and Target in search of the perfect Christmas outfit (and new holiday sweater) for my Daisy Mae- What do you think?

There was absolute bird madness going on in the house

That was my holiday. It was wonderful! It is now time however for the week to come to an end and this little lady to hit the gym once again. I haven't worked out since the run just out of pure laziness. I hope your holiday was great- I know mine was!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The holidays are amongst us

I am most def ready to eat some turkey, although my turkey day is going to have to wait until Saturday. My sister and Bunny Boo (my niece for those who are just joining us) are in North Carolina for Turkey day so Bunny Boo can see a horrible "man" whom she calls her father (all I'll say about that!). So since my mom and dad also just arrived home from their little getaway to their condo in Mexico, we thought it'd be best to wait until Saturday. So tomorrow we will be eating something less festive, BUT it is still a bird. What could it be?!

I'm claiming the beak!! Num num num! I'm just joshin, what kind of woman do you take me for?! The duck will be there, but the beaks will have been removed well before I dig in.

Prior to Ms. Carnivore here eating some deeelish duck, I will be participating in my 5K!! The day has come, the iphone is loaded with some pretty vivacious tune's that are guranteed to keep me moving for 35 minutes (thinkin positive). I went and stood in line for 20 miunutes after my holiday party at my bosses house and picked up my race packet complete with my bib, running chip, and the overpriced $35 hanes tshirt that I'm proudly gonna rock at the gym come Monday.

Oh and did I mention the gorgeous(AND FREEEEEEEEZING, and asthmatic's nightmare!) trail I get to enjoy while running?

I'll be sure to take pics on the trail. I won't be blogging tomorrow and barely any on Saturday (my REAL turkey day), but I will be back and I'll fill you in on everything from my run to the duck dinner and the black Friday sales I find!
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Trottin my way to Thursday

Let's get Thursday here all ready. Its Thanksgiving and we all have the day off!! I have so much to be thankful for this year and yes I am going to name a few so get over it, this is my blog after all LoL! I am so thankful for my husband and how God has blessed me with such an understanding and loving man. I am thankful for being with my family and friends again and how God provided jobs for both N and I and quick at that. Yes ladies and gents God is good.

I am so ready for Thursday to get here. I didn't run this weekend and I didn't run today after work, BUT rest assured, that I WILL be getting my hott butt up at 5 AM tomorrow morning so that I can get 3 miles in before work and then I will be running after work and probably shredding it up with Ms. Jill too. So no worries :D Then Wednesday, I'll probably only do an easy 1 mile run so I don't burn myself out. If I run up to the day of a race, I am NOT wanting to run. I gotta baby myself. In fact a little bit of this looks great right now

And on that note, its time for beddy by and Twilight (the book) - total peer pressure


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Early to bed, early to rise

How the heck did google images take my picture? Seriously though- this is my brain on Cafe' World from Facebook. It is so addicting. All I want to do is make my restaurant perrty, but I am not liking this 1 coin per meal crap! I need to feed a family and remodel a restaurant people! Don't be so cheap! You may be asking yourself, "Karli, how does N feel about your staying up till 1am playing a lame facebook game that is made for addictive personalities such as yourself?" Well, I am simply going to answer that with he does not mind one bit. My partner in crime is right here next to me in bed doing what any 25 year old guy is doing at this time of night/morning. Why playing Assassin's Creed 2 of course! He is also requesting that I go back and forth between my cafe and his so he can see how much money he is accumulating. Ahh, our children are going to be such gems

Not only have I been spending my weekend accomplishing important entrepreneur activities, N and I went and got some professional portraits done of us and some goofy ones. You will love them!

On the to do list once I actually go to bed and sleep for 10 hours, and shower? Thanksgiving dinner shopping!!!! Have a great Sunday peeps - Catch on Monday


Thursday, November 19, 2009


Word to your mother! There has been some stressful things going on this week, so please bare with me with the lack of posts.

Worked it out good at the gym today. Kicked it on the tready and ran for 2.5 miles & pumped those muscles. Maybe you didn't know but I am all about the weights. On top of training for my first most women who use steroid's competition, I aspire to look like this one day:

Just so I can see N's face look like this:

Yeah, I married a middle aged guy. Body building and oldies- totally my thang

I'm sorry MK and Ashley Olsen. I loved you two on Full House. I'm a product of the 80, the tail end, but still the 80's. I know you two have more money than I could ever make in my life time, so why in the name of Britney Spear's extensions, are you dressing like this:

OMGSH, are you as excited as I am about New Moon?! AHHHHHHHHHH. NOT! I'm sorry ladies, I just don't get it. My very good friend Bon Bon, is obsessed with all things Twilight. The books, the movies, the characters. N and I rented the movie, and I'm sorry, the acting was horrible. The story was good and all, just not a fan. I think its something about this chick, Kristen Stewart. There is something that bugs me about her. She whines waaaaaaaaaay too much about being a celebrity and she just seems like she is always depressed. Get over it Kristen! We get it- life is sooooooo rough

It'd suck going to work and having these 2 characters fight over you (and one of these gentlemen wanting to nibble your neck!)


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shout out for Saturdays!

YES!!! SATURDAY IS HERE SATURDAY IS HERE!!! I believe I speak for everyone in the corporate work field when I say, this is a pretty accurate picture of what I was doing at 4:59 pm yesterday. I followed the girl in the middle's lead, praising God for showing mercy on me. This girl needs a break!

How is your Saturday going?! Mine has actually been super productive for it only being 10:55 AM here. I am have been pooped all week due to my killer work out sessions at the gym M-F and I really wanted to sleep in, but my sister and my niece had an early flight out of Sacramento back to North Cackalacky to take care of some biz, so I rolled out of bed at the bight, er dark, & early time of 5:45. EEEK! Can we say nap is on the agenda today? It was all good though cause I got to see them off and I won't be seeing them till the day after Thanksgiving, BOOOO!! Since I was awake anyways and just I just so happened to have been in my workout clothes, this obsessive, er crazy lady went to the gym. I wanted to get a good run and some lifting in cause I knew the rest of the day I'd be laying bedside catching up on The Office and Fringe with N. I just love lazy days where it seems to go by so slow cause your just locked in your bedroom kickin it OG style. I made bfast for N and I when I got home and later today we plan on looking at.................... CARS!! Now I just got my beloved 09 Corolla last year, but they really had us bent over when we signed the loan agreement with the ridiculous interest rate. Since N and I do want to start our own family in the sometime near future, we need to take that payment down a notch so we can afford to live on 1 income. Oh and get THIS! N's supervisor has submitted his resume and application at 3 different job positions at his current place of work, which would give him higher ranking AND pay! He finds out more about it next week, so please keep us in your prayers that if its meant to be, it'll be.

Also happening today is N is calling around the couple of apartment complexes we have narrowed it down to, and seeing the availability for January 1st leases since most places told us to call back around Thanksgiving. Having our own place again is coming up!! I am really excited to decorate! I'm such a girl :D

Have a great Saturday lovelies!!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thank you veterans

As you all know, N is a war veteran. He served our country for 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. He served 1 tour in Iraq during the elections, and protected the US from Japan when he was stationed there.

The Marine in the sandbox

I want to say thank you to my Marine and all the other men and women who have and who are serving our country. What they are doing is the most honorable, selfless thing anyone can ever do. A big thank you and shout out to the families of the troops, because I can speak from experience when I say, its a tough job being a wife of a Marine (or soldier, airman, seaman ;) )

I hope everyone should thank troops not only on Veterans day, but EVERYDAY. If you see military, whether it be active military, reserve, or former, thank them! Weather they have been overseas in combat, or just worked from the US, thank them. As most of us learned last week with Fort Hood, being on base, on US soil, does not mean our troops are 110% safe at all times.

OORAH and thank you to all veterans and present military!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What have you done today to make you feel proud?!

That's right: BIGGEST LOSER IS ON TONIGHT! I am watching as I type! Can't you just feel the motivation streaming across your computer screen?! I figured I most def needed to log in and update you all on the happenings. I have been running for my life! I don't know why 3.1 meazly miles scare me? I mean I am a personal trainer and I used to run 3.5 miles every day. Been there, got the tshirt, ya know what I mean? Doesn't change the fact that my gym membership is getting used more than Paris Hilton's credit card. I love it though! It makes ME so proud to know that if I have done nothing else, I have conquered 2-3 miles (depending on what I decide to run) and no one can take that away. On the way to the gym, I try to talk myself out of it. I tell myself, no Karli, you can totally just go home and do a dvd or go run on your BF Tread Mill later tonight. I never would follow through so thankfully my logical side wins :D I get on that treadmill and pump out mile after mile imagining Jillian Michaels herself sitting ontop of that treadmill screaming at me to PUSH! and to FIGHT FOR IT! Or my favorite quote from last season "Unless you puke, faint, or die, KEEP RUNNING!!" MUA HA HA!!! She is so awesome!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Its official - THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!!

Thank you Starbucks for informing all of us that the holidays are amongst us with those red cups! I have said it before, and I'll say it again, I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!! I cannot wait! First we have Thanksgiving which I have to reveal, I signed up for the turkey trot here in my area and I will be running that at 9:10 AM sharp! Have some mixed feelings about it for various reasons, just because my last 5K, I was regretting it right when the gun fired, BUT I loved it at the end and was so glad I did it. I just hope I can stay excited about it. I AM excited that I won't feel as guilty when I eat a piece of pie that night though :D Back to the holidays, after Thanksgiving, we got Christmas!! My favorite by far! The lights, the decorations, the Christmas spirit. Oh I love it! What's your favorite holiday out of the two?

Oh and on a side note, we had a little visitor at work today - I think N has some competition. His name is Bosley

He sure knows how to work that camera


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Apple Hill Sunday!!!

Happy Sunday everyone! How was your Halloween & Sunday? Mine and N's Halloween was really good. We had a lot of fun going out with Bon Bon and her hubby. I will post pics ASAP, I promise :) We got a lot of compliments (mostly Bon Bon and I and they were from guys, but our costumes were sorta egging it on). The adult haunted house was so scary! I am a huge baby when it comes to being startled, so I have no idea why I paid $35 to have someone scare me. Poor N's arm was blue from the lack of circulation going to his arms for the 10 minutes we were walking through it. We were total oldies at the end of the night, we called it a night at the ridiculously late time of 930pm! HA! Beat THAT Paris Hilton!

Today N and I enjoyed and soaked up our last day off for another 5 days by relaxing. N's way of relaxing is....? FOOTBALL!! I LOVE the game too, BUT this Sunday it was all about a place us Northern Californians like to call Apple Hill!!! When fall hits, its a MUST to go eat the most ridiculous amount of anything apple. Oh yes ladies and gents, this California girl devoured 1 moist apple donut covered in cinnamon and sugar, 1 mug of hot apple cider, 1 big block of the most heavenly homemade fudge, and 1 ooey gooey Carmel apple. Oh yes, my butt is HUGE now :D Not really, but it will be if I don't kick it this week. On a side note: Karli's tip of the day!!! Plan your workouts. It may seem to take a lot of time, but its worth it. Sit down with a calendar and write out a workout plan for the month (or week if that's all you can do) on what your plan is at the gym. That way once you get there, you aren't just wandering around the weight room just mindlessly doing a couple things on the machines. Now back to Apple Hill.... If you live near the Northern California vicinity or are visiting the area, please PLEASE stop and check it out. They have everything from Carmel apples to apple beer and wine! You may snicker at the thought of those drinks, but let me tell you, they are goooood. The air was so very much Autumn with the crisp cool breeze, the sky was clear with the sun shinning and the trees were turning that redish orange that I love. I wish I had brought Daisy Mae, but I didn't think all that walking would be good for her since she is the ripe age of 11. Don't get me wrong, my baby has spunk, but it's a lot of walking. I DID see a few cutie wienies though and it made me miss her. I told N when I came home that when Daisy passes away, I think I have to get another one. I just think they have the cutest faces and I am truly going to miss her. I mean, look at this face:

I am going to sign off since I have to go to work in the AM and yours truly has had a very busy weekend and I need my beauty sleep (HA!) before I start another sleep depriving, kicking it hard at the gym week. For now, enjoy these pics of Apple Hill

The Bunny Boo and I

You can't go to Apple Hill without a carmel apple!

Someone got their faced painted :D

Of course someone else had to join in the fun *cough couch* LOL