Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday ladies! Can I just be real? I love the weekends. DUH, who doesn't?! I love when Nick is home tho. I know this is rare and all, but even after 7 years, I look forward to him coming home & being home all weekend. He's my buddy! Mk, so I don't know if its "rare" necessarily, but it's definitely not something I hear my girlfriends saying about their hubbies. Maybe that just means mine is kick ass?

Im linking up with Sami at Sami Shenangians for Weekend Wrap Up because it was sorta a busy weekend, and it deserves a post!

1.) Last Friday night, yeah we danced on table tops, and we took too many shots.... kidding! So my Ms. Jenni and Ms. Ryan came over (5 kids between us all) and it was chaos. No other way to say it. Our hubbies were out in the acreage that surrounds the valley we live in scouting out deer hunting places come fall, so us womenfolk had the kids. It makes me realize more and more that since Troy is older now, I need to make his room more "friend friendly". I've started to put more toys in there because he does like to walk in there and play when he's bored with what's in the living room, but I need to make it more playable for when friends come over. Because giiiiirls, there were 5 kids in my living room, tearing it up, toys everywhere, and fighting over! Troy was the only boy, there were two 2.5 year old little girls, a almost 4 year old, and a 6 year old. The 2.5 & 4 year old were doing the "MINE!!!! MINE!!! WAAAAAAAAH!!!!" game. Good thing for my 'rita. I always wonder what Troy is thinking when he's around all the craziness that is a girl because he just stares at them like their cray cray. Get used to it, my friend.

2.) I had my first Stella & Dot Trunk Show - BOO YA!!! It was actually more of a meet and greet for my girlfriends baby girl that is 3 months old, but she wanted to make the meet & greet more fun, so she had myself and 2 other girls there that had their own home businesses. We all had our tables set up and her guests were free to come around and take a look. Lots of fun & I couldn't have had a better "warm up" show. It was a great crowd for my first show. My actual launch show is August 10th, and thats REALLY gonna be some fun - about 20 really fun girls having already RSVP'd! And with Christmas only 147 days away (yeah, I said the 'C' word - Im SO excited for it!), I highly suggest everyone starts their shopping so its not a mad dash at the end of the year. Lucky for everyone Stella & Dot has recently added to their Summer Sale selection. Some stuff may or may not already be in my cart.

3.) LOOK at this bad boy that was in my tire! Holy moly, Im so glad I got this looked at. My tire light came on in my car for the tire pressure, and I thought it was just cause of the crazy weather we've been having here in Nor Cal, that its been screwing with my tire pressure. Im happy I didn't just brush it under the rug cause it would not have been cool sitting on the side of the freeway with a popped tire, and a very active 1.5 year old, waiting on AAA.

4.) This little T Rex of mine deserves a shout out. This picture was actually from earlier in the week, but ohmygosh- love this face, truly my lady killer. That spaghetti sauce just adds to the cuteness!

Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend & did something fun in the sun! Can you believe its going to be August here in a couple of days?! Holy smokes, where has the year gone!?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Letters - Link it up, homies!

Dear Self: You rocked it yesterday. You were like superwoman! Making a surprise dessert for the newbies  on your hunnie's team at work. Then tackling that mound of dishes in the sink, while running outside to do more coats of paint to your Pinterest inspired Stella & Dot display set up? Bravo! Girlfraaaand, first Trunk Show is tomorrow, and you're gonna rock it - we got this. Dear Hubbinator: I know you're exhausted from this new management position. So much so that when you get home all you wanna do is collapse on the couch and just XBOX the heck out. Please know, I notice how hard you bust that ass for our family & it's been duly noted my friend. Dear Mom: I am thankful I have you so close. When I see how much fun Troy has with you and dad, I never wish we still lived in North Carolina still - Troy loves y'all to pieces...and his new helicopter. Dear Old Lady & Old Man (I shall refer to them as "The Dems") at the gym: So Im taking this week as the week you've made your point clear. Ever since y'all started coming to the gym when I do, we have had a war in the cardio room. A war that has been going on for years all over the USA: CNN vs. Fox News. I understand you like to have smoke blown up your asses watch your liberal media, but I like my conservative media. That is fine, lets agree to disagree. But now you both have mean mugged me while in the weight room, where what was on TV was not an issue. Lines are drawn, liberals! Just know if I can help it, you will not have your free healthcare come next year. Dear Sister: I miss you. Home isn't the same without you and the Boo living in our hometown. Come back ASAP. Dear People who are making a deal about Chick Fil A: If you don't like what this KNOWN CHRISTIAN ESTABLISHMENT believes in, then don't eat there. Plain and simple. Way to hate on people with different beliefs as yourself - oh wait, isn't that what YOU'RE bagging on them for? For believing something you don't believe in? Hypocrites. And for the record, stop making it out like Christians hate homosexuals because that's false. Dear Weekend: I am so excited for you! I am going to show you how much by sleeping in tomorrow waking up when Troy wakes me up.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Say What?!

Bad move K Stew. Rob Pattinson is a tad bit out of your league and you go and cheat on him with a MARRIED director with 2 kids?! Girlfraaaand, something besides that attitude of yours needs to get checked. Here I was giving Troy his breakfast when I opened up my daily news favorite gossip site and BOOM! I gasped, which in turn Troy gasped as well. For reals, there are pics and everything so there is NO hiding it. Poor Rob. I know plenty of girls who would fly to him this instant to comfort that man vampire.

Read all about the story here.

Today Im having a movie date with the bestie Jenni, and we're seeing Miss Katy Perry's Part of Me movie/documentary. Have a great hump day!

Friday, July 20, 2012

What is wrong with people?!

Now I know it's Friday and while Im STOKED for the weekend, I have some serious bizzzness we need to discuss.
 So Im assuming y'all have heard about the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting early this morning. If you haven't, a 24 year old guy named James Holmes, kicked in a movie theater exit door wearing a gas mask and released some sort of gas from canisters and then opened fire on the theater. As of right now there are 13 confirmed dead, 50 injured. In that number injured is a 3 month old baby! I was in the middle of running on the treadmill when I was seeing this story on the news, and I had to stop after I heard that. As a mother, or just a decent human being, my stomach flops at hearing a baby was injured. 
I don't get our world anymore or the people in it. Im gonna be real: People need Jesus. Im serious as a heart attack, this world is so broken. You can't go to a movie without fearing some idiot is going to pull something like this. Or you worry about someone being high off bath salts (or whatever that guy was on), and getting your face eaten off! Or as young ladies, we have to worry if someone might try to snatch us up & do God knows what to us. Or these mothers I hear about who had no business even owning a uterus! Only 1 man can save us. He DID save us, and 1 day, He will be back again. 
Please keep the people of Colorado in your prayers. Pray for the families of the victims and those fighting to make it through their injuries. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Besties Dirty 30th

Hey everyone! Sorry for the glitch in accessing my blog the other day. I had to take it offline for a day or two due to a crazy ex family member. I took it down just to reevaluate what I want to be public, but lets be real, Im a stay at home young mother. My blog is not THAT interesting so if I have any stalkers, you must be pretty bored. 

Anywhoooot, this past weekend was my Besties 30th Birthday! So we planned a weekend getaway where all our kids would stay at their grandparents house and we'd have some fun sans kids and responsibilities!
We headed down bright and early Saturday morning and went straight to the Winchester Mystery Mansion. If y'all have never been, it's pretty interesting. Basically, it was the house of Sarah Winchester. As in Winchester firearms and all the other bajillion things they had their hands in. Anywhooot, Sarah Winchester sounds like she was a paranoid crazy lady who kept adding on to the house with confusing type rooms and features, as to confuse the spirits of those killed by the Winchester rifle. You know, for when those spirits decided to attack her. So she had her workers build doors that opened up to a wall, staircases that led to ceilings, bedroom doors that you would open and if you took 1 step, you'd fall to your death since these said doors were built to open up to the side of the house. We weren't allowed to take any pics, but I found some online for y'all. This chick even had sayaunces to communicate with spirits so she could please them with her add ons to the house. Whatever they "told her" to build, she built it. Straight nutso if you ask me. 
Jenni's uncle is a big deal down in San Jose, so he got us VIP at the comedy club, Improv for Saturday night. Sort of kicking our wild night off with some laughs. And srrrrsly, MAJOR laughs. The main attraction was Michael McDonald from MadTv. You know, "Stuuuuuart"
Ladies, he was SOOOOOO funny. He did this bit about his mom who hates cats which had me crying and doing the silent seal clap laugh. 
After we got some laughs and adult bevies in us, we headed out on the town and laughed & drank the night away. Even ran into some chick who came up to us all creepy like and was stalking our lounge area, telling us how funny the face in the hole app is? I put a question mark because it was so puzzling. Obviously this chick had 1 too many cosmos & was endless entertainment. 
Being the oldies we are, we were back in our fancy shmancy hotel by midnight. Speaking of our hotel, have y'all ever heard of a pantry raid? Its where the hotel has this little snack area with supplies to make sandwiches, an area of cookies, fruits, peanut butter, etc. So you can could just walk in there and make yourself as many midnight sandwiches as you wanted. 
The next day we headed to Six Flags. Now, I have been so excited about this part of the trip. I LOVE roller coasters. I could ride them all day long. So you can imagine my shock when my body decided I was too old for them, and decided they cause motion sickness. What the heck?! I rode my 1st roller coaster and once that baby came to a complete stop, I wanted to ralf. So we tracked down some Dramamine and it STILL didn't work. I swear, my body is dead set on being sick with any sorta motion other than a straight walk or run. I cannot even go on a tour boat of the SF bay without being stuck down in the NASTIEST rusty ship bathrooms on my hands and knees, face in the NASTY toilet bowl, puking for the whole 2 hours. True story. No idea how those fellas on Deadliest Catch handle all the tossing and turning. 
So after catching the Dolphin show and eating ridiculous amounts of fattening, but delicious food, we took the 2 hour drive back home. 
My body is STILL detoxing from all that food. You ever just eat so much crap, you don't have any interest in eating? That has been me all week so far. My body is so not happy with the amount I ate, I've been feeling sick all week and I still continue to go to the gym. I aint takin it easy whatsoever.
Now for the picture overhaul!
Don't we look puuurdy in our hard hats?! Headed towards the supposedly haunted place of the mansion - the basement!

Getting ready for the night - middle of teasing my huuuur

Again, me mid tease. Sterotypical girl pictures aka bathroom pics

Heading out with my luva

Again, this man was HILAR

Table full of fun

Drinky Drinks!

The Bfast after the celebration night. Seriously, best breakfast EVER! The food was like something you'd see on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives

Lovebirds for life

After we paid $18 to park and waiting 20 minutes in the traffic, we were walking and saw this smarty saving a spot. Apparently he wanted attention cause he striking poses as he talked on his phone.

We were SOAKED after the Rapid Waters ride. Not fun walking around in skinny jeans when their shrink wrapped to your legs. 

Drying out at the Dolphin show

 And we're out...

Monday, July 16, 2012

What I Want

So there I was running on my boyfriend, Tread Mill this morning, and I started to go over the things I want in life. You know, the stuff that REALLY matters. Obviously, we all want financial stability for life, which includes extra money for splurges, a nice house, a Pinterest worthy wardrobe, etc. But when it REALLY comes down to it, these are the things that when I am on my death bad, I want to be able to say I had:

1. I want to be a good mom.
I want Troy (and my other unborn), to look back and have memories of me being a good mom. To be doing fun things with them, getting dirty with them, building living room forts, laughing, not worrying about messes, and loving them unconditionally. One day when Troy's future wife says, "hey babe, we should have your badass mom over for dinner!" I want him to be like, "Hell yes, lets do it!" Rather than, "ugh, why?". Im no dumby, I know he's not going really like me during his ridiculous teen years, but he'll get over it when he is in his 20's.

2. I want to be a good wife.

Ask Nick, we can check this off the list, like yesterday! Im not trying to be conceited, I know I have many faults, and am no way perfect, but I know Im a pretty decent wife. I just want to continue to be. We've been married 7 going on 8 years, and I always here, "Well you may like each other now, but wait until you've been married 30 years!" As Brad Paisley sings, he's the rocking chair I want rockin right beside me and I hope he'd agree.

3. I want to get my body in border line fitness competitor shape.
Miss Felicia Romero
Like those chicks you see on Oxygen Magazine? Yup, I want that! Im on the road to it, but far from it. I just REALLY need to clean up some of the things I put in my mouth - Im talking to YOU Bud Light Lime.

4. I want to live a Christlike life.

Im so not perfect in this, but Im working on it. Its a good thing God doesn't expect us to be perfect or even TRY. He takes us as we are and forgives those who have accepted him. I am throwing myself into the Bible lately and daily devotionals, just to be closer to hear Him. I did this Beth Moore study on the book of James called Mercy Triumphs and I swear, it changed my life y'all. Seriously. Everyone takes away something different from their studies, and I took away "The Royal Law" (Im not making this up, James says in the Bible that this is the Royal Law) that we should all love one another. Have mercy on people. Obviously I don't LOVE what Obama stands for, but I don't have to hate him. I can love the person, hate the sin (or political affiliation).

Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Brother is Back!

Top Row Left to Right: Wil, Kara, Shane, Jenn, Frank
2nd Row Left to Right: Ashley, Joe, Danielle, Willie
Bottom Row Left to Right: Jodi, Ian, JoJo

YES YES YES! Summer time = Big Brother time. Lets discuss...who watched it and who do you love? 

I actually don't have any favorites as of yet. Wil, with 1 L, is going to get on my nerves with that hair, just warning you now. I don't think Danielle is going to last with competitions. The only way she'll stay in the game is if she hooks up with a really strong alliance. Why did she lie about her occupation? I don't see how people would say, "Oh you're a nurse?! Dang you're a MAJOR threat!". So Im confused on that. JoJo will be on the same boat - she better hook up with an alliance or get in with some guy who is in a good one, cause she doesn't look to be the best at the competitions. 

I had never heard of the band Kitty, and it was Nick who was all impressed that Jenn is from that band, is someone on Big Brother. I guess they were a heavy metal chick band. 

I never watched the season when Jenelle was on the show, but from what I gather people either love her or hate her. When she came on, Nick goes, "Who's that giant?!" hehe ooooo silly boys. 

And judge me all you want, but I thought Willie was sorta cute? Am I wrong in thinking this? Anyone? Anyone? Everyone is already onto him with knowing his aggressive game playing brother who was on Survivor and their not liking it. They figure if his brother was infamously known for playing a dirty game, he will be too. Which he straight up said, he will cause chaos, which lets face it, makes for entertaining TV. So game on Willie! He's gonna need a tight alliance too if people are already thinking he's sketchy. 

I was sorta bummed they didn't bring back Evil Dick for one of the coaches, was anyone else? I really liked him and how CBS played 5 seconds of a guitar rift whenever he was about to appear or talk. Please, 1 look at Dick or word out of him , and this man needs no musical introduction, we know what kinda guy he is.

I am SO excited for this weekend - My bff, Jenni turned 30 yesterday. So to celebrate we are going on a getaway to Six Flags, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Winchester Mystery House, and then out wreck havoc at night. Only kidding on wrecking havoc - we are all parents which means we will probably be dog tired by 11pm :) Her uncle has a bar down in San Jose and has hooked us up with a bunch of places to bar hop and also a swanky hotel. So pics to come on Monday from this cray cray weekend! Have a great weekend lovely readers!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The OC Reunion Recap

Picture from here

Oh my goodness, who enjoyed the Real Housewives of OC Reunion as much as I did? I think it's HILAR that Andy was the only one who flew up out of their chair and freaked out. These are all high maintenance women and they kept still with their screaming. I kept rewinding it over and over because I couldn't get enough.

So less discuss Tamara -
picture from here
did Gretchen do her hair? It was very big Texas to me, and Gretchen loves that big hair. I don't like Tamara. I think she is/was a terrible friend to Vicki and just wants to hang out with Gretchen cause she's younger than her and is "cool" and obviously prettier. There is an underlying reason for them being friends, I just can't put my finger on it. And side note - she is NOT a good fake crier. It actually makes me sorta mad when she does it, cause its so ridiculous and no one feels sorry for her. Like when they recapped Eddie proposing? Pu-lease sister. Good idea, cover up your face with the fedora because we don't wanna see your fake cry face.

Gretchen -
I had to add an untainted from the OC pic of Gretchen.

I can tell she's sad about losing Alexis & I think she should be. Even tho Alexis isn't the brightest crayon in the box, her and Gretchen seemed like good legit friends. Typical how fast your friends turn on you in the OC. I actually love the color dress she is wearing and love that her lipstick matches even more! She wears a TON of makeup on that face tho.

Heather -
Picture from here
I actually like Heather and her quirky plastic surgeon hubby, Terry. She is a straight shooter, will tell it to your face and will "own it" (like Vicki says). I liked the poof she had going on. "If everyone says your dead, it's time to lay down." You tell her Heather!

Vicki -
picture from here

I think its HILARIOUS & honest, that she owned up to the fact that she doesn't care if Brooks is blowing smoke up her arse. Cause in my opinion, which I do throw around on here, I think he's bad news. I think he's using her for fame & money an is trying to come off as this quiet good ol' Southern boy from Mississippi. He has 4 kids that he doesn't pay child support on, which Vicki tore into Slade for last year *hypocrite cough cough* and Breanna (Vicki's daughteR) doesn't like him. I HATE that Vicki doesn't take her kids opinions into consideration. I don't care if you are in your 40's/50's Vicki, if your kids have valid reasons for wanting to protect you from some loser and don't like him? He's gotta go.

Alexis -
picture from here
she looked gorgeous and very feminine. She needs to cool it on that botox and lip stuff tho. I cannot believe she called Gretchen out that she's been lying about wearing extensions and having her lips done!! Okay, so I gotta say, shame on Gretchen. She pushes her makeup/hair products like cray cray on Twitter, and says its her lip gloss that plumps her lips like so. Riiiiiight, G. Ive never heard Gretchen say she doesn't use extensions, but seriously its NO surprise, I knew that from day 1. Then they talked about Jim, Alexis's husband. I think Jim does wear the pants in the family, and I think Alexis isn't one to argue back, and the other ladies give her such a hard time about it. I thinK Alexis's compliant manner is taken for Jim being this almost abusive husband. I mean, he is a little strong/blunt for MY taste, but Im not someone who holds their tongue either in my marriage. If I want to do something or go somewhere, Nick has a say in it of course, but if he talked to me how Jim does, I would be like "exude moi!?" Jim and Alexis marriage is very old fashioned & I can relate to that because I take care of the house/Troy and Nick brings home the bacon and wears the pants in the family, which I love.

So excited for part 2! What did y'all think?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why Stella & Dot

So if you missed my post from Friday, you will have missed the fact that I announced that I have decided to become a Stella & Dot Stylist.

It was honestly a long time coming. It all started when we bought this house really. Im not going to lie - I KNOW and BELIEVE that as a Stay at Home mom, I save us so much money. I stay home with Troy and if I did go to an actual out of the home job, my job would just be paying for his daycare. On top of that, my cost of gas would be higher, new clothes for the job, etc. Anyways, I've wanted to contribute financially and bring some money in. Our house has an unfinished basement, and the progress is going a little slower than what Nick and I would like it to. So I thought if I did work, it would have to be from home. Sure I have my Personal Trainer Certification, and I have in fact used it on a few friends in the past couple of months, but that was still something I had to have someone either watch Troy or I'd bring Troy and he'd play with their kids.

A couple of months back, I won a giveaway on Lindsay's blog where I was rewarded with a piece of the Stella & Dot jewelry , and that was the first time I actually took the time to browse Stella & Dot's website. I KNEW my girl Emily Maynard rocked it when she was with Brad whats his face, but that's to the extent. So anyways, I was on their website and OH.MY.GAWWWWD girls, this stuff? I mean, there is not 1 piece I don't want. Have you checked it out? Please do. You can click HERE and it'll take you to my site.

Anyways, so I was in contact with the Stella & Dot representative Lindsay was going through to get her readers a free piece of jewelry and we started talking. Turns out I have NO OTHER REPS IN MY AREA - "OOOO really now?" Obviously being a Stay at Home mommy, I know a lot of other stay at home mommies who would LOVE this stuff. Anyways, she told me to think about it, and get back to her.

I talked to Nick about it, and we weighed the pros and cons and left it alone for a few weeks. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, I went to a charity being held in honor of my friends little boy who has Cerebral Palsy and there was a lady with a Stella & Dot table set up. And it was then and there, I KNEW I wanted to do this. Not only was I hypnotized by all the hot pieces on her display table, but women were swarmed around this table, so it was there I knew there was a market for it. These women loved this jewelry like I did. And if THAT was the case, I knew I'd succeed in this.
So I contacted my original point of contact at Stella & Dot, and it's history ever since and I haven't looked back. I have already booked 3 shows, and my entire month of August is full!

Another perk is for the first 30 days as a Stylist I get 50% OFF, yes FIFTY PERCENT OFF, whatever I want to order on top of the $350 of credit they already give me to start up my collection for my business (averages out to be about 6-7 pieces).
Something else that truly blew me away, and I am going to sound like a saleswoman here for a second, but I can't help it - the hostess rewards! Girls, hostesses make out like bandits! If your guests buy a minimum of $300 of jewelry, you walk away with $45-$75 worth of FREE jewelry PLUS 2 pieces of jewelry at your choice at HALF OFF! If your guests buy more? You get more credit AND the number of pieces at half off.

Well, there you have it! If you go here you can like my Facebook page and HERE to shop

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Fav's

Happy Friday/Weekend's Eve ladies!

I hope y'all had a great 4th of July. Pretty low key for our household - we putzzed around our house and I took a cat nap until about 1ish and then we headed down the road to my parents house for some pool fun. Absolutely no pictures - I know, major fail. To suffice, how about a little bit of this guy on his quad

The picture below is hilarious - he was still clueless that you put your feet on the feet rests, so he was lifting them up over the handle bars. Flexible little booger isn't he?

So let's get to Friday Fav's shall we?!

First off, lets start with Stella & Dot - ya know, that amazing company The Bargain Blonde, Lindsay reps....its my FAVORITE accessory line EVER. This week I took the plunge and am now a legit Stylist for THE Stella & Dot and couldn't be happier with my decision *a blog dedicated to this choice coming soon!* I cannot pick a favorite piece, and was first introduced to it on the The Bachelor whenever that freakishly perfect Emily Maynard wore it when she was dating Brad.

She just can't stay away from this stuff. Giving credit, where credit is due - Lindsay was an added factor in me deciding to take the jump with this great company. So, Im taking a page out of her book, and if any of you ladies are looking for funky fun jewelry or jewelry that will never go out of style, check out your favorite stylist site, MOI! Im telling you, that wish list is going to grow fast!

Another Favorite this week - THIS preview for the Real Housewives of OC reunion.

I cannot tell y'all how many times I've hit rewind to watch Andy's face in slo mo again and again. I have a feeling, I am going to have to empty my bladder completely before I see the whole thing when it airs, because I cannot stop laughing. Seriously, am I the only one? Please tell me this is cracking you up as much as me. His true fufu comes out with the reaction.

My dad is another favorite this week! So my dad who NEVER shops unless it's dude stuff or it's Christmas time, decided he wasn't going to use this little sweet thang and gifted his daughter with it. I just don't understand how people can NOT use a Target gift card? I tried (ONCE!) to decline, but he insisted, and girlfraaaands, you aint gotta tell me more than once when it comes to spending free cash at Tar-jay. This may or may not be spent today.

My favorite song that gets my donkey booty shaking?

Happy Friday ladies!