Monday, November 14, 2011

A Parents Biggest Fear

Seriously. Last night, Troy woke up from his afternoon nap, GASPING for air. He couldn't stop crying, sounded super "froggy" and was drooling uncontrollably and he couldn't open his eyes fully. Oh and he was sweaty and very hot to the touch. So Nick and I strapped him in the carseat, and away to the ER we went. After tests, an epinephrin breathing treatment, a chest x-ray and a fever reducer, my little dude has croup. Seriously, I LOVE this time of year. Ask anyone, Fall and Winter? MY seasons. Christmas? Fuh-get about it. Absolutely love Christmas. In fact, I will be decorating this week, but thats a different post for a different day. But the sickness that the cold weather brings, I hate! I never really minded getting sick until having a baby or being pregnant. I mean, I don't like getting sick, but I wasn't canceling dinner dates just cause someones kid had the flu & I didn't want to come in contact. I do look at this as building his immune system. I always have had that train of thought, that it's beneficial to a certain degree for kids to be exposed to germs. Wanna chew on mommies running sneakers? Go for it kid! Suck on that binki that was just on the floor of Walmart? why not! * Not that my kid does this........* BUT when Troy can't breathe properly? Not cool. You sorta need to breathe to survive. I was praying to God my hardest I've ever prayed in that backseat while my other half was going Nascar on the highway. All I could think was "what am I going to do if he stops breathing?" Telling you girls - SCARY.

Troy is doing a lot better, thanks for asking. Today we followed up with his normal pediatrician and he confirmed it's croup and his lungs sound perfect. His throat is a little raw, but that's to be expected with all the nasty barking coughs. Today he's been sleeping, coughing, eating solids here and there but mostly bottles, and sleeping some more. Don't know what croup is? You can read all about it here. From what the ER doctor said, he was the 3rd kid that came in that DAY, that had croup. When I came home and hopped on Facebook to update the world what I was just living the past 3.5 hours of my life, I saw that 2 other moms Im friends posted that their kids have croup (none were around Troy the past week). So weird I tell you.
The smiley boy POST hospital visit. Before the hospital, I could not get a smile out of this child which is weird.

So what does a woman/mom do to relieve all this stress from a sick child? A (or maybe it was 2) Corona and lime, of course! And run.

Stress does a body good

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Whats been happening

Its been a minute since we've last chatted. So I thought I'd bullet point my current happenings

* I have a feeling there is going to be a show on TLC "Intervention: I'm addicted to Pinterest". Seriously,

I could go on and on...

* I have been in uber creative mode with Christmas coming up, so I picked up a few supplies for certain DIY projects. Such as Stephanie's and other Pinterest DIY ideas <---- told you I was addicted

* I have a sticky cold that I just can't shake. And the kicker is its all in my lungs. Fabulous. This makes running harder. It makes it very unappealing to run my heart out when I gargle on my lung junk

* My little man is sick too. Poo! I've been super paranoid and watching him like a hawk since he's still susceptible to RSV. My poor love bug.

* Daddy Warbucks has some vacation days coming up. This makes me smile because he has been working OT like you wouldn't believe. Im living the single mommy life Tues-Saturday 5am-8pm. But my man is off working hard and building our nest egg back up, so Im grabbing a straw and sucking it up.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Workin on my Fitness, He's my Witness

Hey hey ladies! So lets discuss fitness, shall we? I'm really not having an issue with the working out. On average, I'm running about 3.5 miles 3 times a week. I shred before bedtime, etc. But food...FOOOOOOD is what my downfall is. It starts off great in the morning, later in the morning, lunch is superb, but when 3/4pm hit all the way through dinner time, all I want is crap. I want lots of ooey gooey crap. I never allow myself it, but what I do allow myself - a lot of veggies and hummus, I'll grab a couple 40 calorie rice cakes here and there, and then after T Man is in bed, I have a glass (maybe 2 depending on how he was that day) of wine. I have always said I run to eat. Its about 90% true. However, I'd like to lose a bit, tighten up a bit, rather than maintain.

I took some pictures this morning after my run of my progress. Of course I'm pretty impressed thus far, so hopefully by the end of my "The Body and the Baby 2012" program (ending sometime Spring/Summer 2012), I'll be one sexy mutha'.

Please excuse the dead animals and messiness - this would be my dads office/hunting gear storage. Just happens to be where the treadmill is

How you doin?

When my madre decides to come back stateside (hey mom!), I'm going to be signing up for the gym and she can watch Troy. I need to tone up. It's pretty embarrassing how bad my thighs jiggle.

I'm not sure if y'all read Ravens post about going vegetarian or about Laura's clean eating, but it inspired me mucho! Before Troy was born, it was salads everyday for me for lunch. I LOVE salads, so it wasn't some "girly, oh she only eats salads and water" sorta deal. I loaded them up with every veggie, tossed in a few beans, some cottage cheese, it was all fair game. So after reading those two lovely ladies posts, I decided I needed to get with it again and eat more veggies. My veggie intake has gone way down lately, so I bought a ton of (organic - holla at your girl, Raven!) veggies and a bunch of spinach. I ate/eat spinach in my egg whites in the AM, a handful (or two) in my protein shakes, and would even have a huge salad for a pre dinner snack. Getting back into it ladies, I'm getting back into it.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday evening. Since my darling (<----- insert sarcasm here) son has decided to NOT take advantage of the extra hour of sleep we get, I wake up an hour earlier so I'm going to bed. At 8pm. Yup, I'm one crazy living on the edge woman.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I interrupt your Friday...

To bring you some VERY large and in charge Kevin Federline.

So Confesh - I seriously had a thing for K Fed back in the Britney days. By "thing" I mean, "OOOO he's hot in a white trash/bad boy way". Not no more.

Okay, now back to tending to my 9 month old has found out how to throw tantrums. I don't care how cold it is here, once the monster, er baby, is down, Im hitting the bottle of skinny girl margarita.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where have I been?

Seriously, I know sometimes my music tastes can resemble that of a 13 year old girl (Spice Girls, anyone?), but as of late, I'm loving Demi Lovato's song, Skyscraper. Never heard it? Check it out

This chick can belt it out to the point of goosebumps. When she scream/sings (is that a teqnique?) towards the end, Im in luuurve. How have I not been introduced to this girl before? Nick loves her hair. Figures - I cut mine and he is all swoony over long hair.

Another song that has made it on my *listen to as I browse the web first thing in the AM* list is Bruno Mars new song he did for Breaking Dawn "It Will Rain". * Total random, but I just realized Bruno Mars initials are BM.....? That sucks, right?*

Anyone else seeing Breaking Dawn? Im not, what they call a "Twihard", but I DO appreciate a good looking man, and that Taylor Lautner is

{Oh, my word}
So you can bet your last drink that I am going to the midnight showing with a group of girlfriends.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Our first Halloween with T Money was as to be expected - we wheeled him around with our mommy group and while the older kids trick or treated, Troy sat back in his stroller all Tigerfied and kicked it. Here are some snapshots

The Group. Yes we cleaned out everyone's candy bowl in one knock!
The silly tiger and mommy
We had taken a ton of pictures before this one - clearly he was over it
We broke off into our own small group *that's my BFF's hubby in the back there*
The BFF and cat woman

My family