Friday, January 25, 2013

Woah, what?!

Yeah I know, Im just as shocked as y'all...I.AM.BLOGGING! What what?! Ever hear of Instagram? Well, sure you have. Well, I have been all about some Instagram lovin and I am hooked line and sinker over it. I can see what all you lovelies are up to on a daily basis and I love that! Especially cause I am so nosey and love seeing your beautiful families/friends and see your lunch from that cute deli downtown. So instead of blogging, I can just open that little app.

Another reason I havent been blogging, is the government. HAHA, seriously! I am in no way one of those conspiracy theorists or something like that, but all this gun control/banning talk? no likey. Talks of the government coming to doors and ripping our 2nd amendment rights right out of our houses? No bueno. So I really dont want Joe Biden or anyone in that giant house or even in the DC area reading my blog. Not that I think good ol' Joe reads this sorta stuff, Im sure "important" people ONLY read NY Times and the like. So really, I dont want people to know what Im doing. Not that its bad, its just none of the government's bidness. Know what I mean, Sister Christian? Oh, and another crazy I dont trust is a certain EX family member who just might be stalking me. Who knows.

Since its already government records that I have a BEAUTIFUL AMAZING son, theres no harm in giving a little update on him: He turned 2 yesterday! Say whaaaaat? Wasn't I just pregnant and doing his nursery, and prepping my hospital bag? In all honesty, I dont feel like it was just yesterday. Its more like, "woah, what's this newsletter from Pampers in my Inbox telling me I have a Preschooler?" Mhmm, PRESCHOOL! I am still on the fence if T Money will be attending Preschool this year. Out here they can be 2.5 and he'll be a little over 2.5 in the Fall when it starts. So it more like, will momma be ready? I know, Im not gonna coddle the child, but 2.5 IS a wee bit young. Who knows, I know he'd get a ton out of it education wise, and he'd get the social aspect of it, and so on. And since the littlest man who runs our house turned 2, we've snipped the tips off all binkis last night. Saying bedtime prayers, he took it out of his mouth and gave it a what the frick look, but stuck it back in his mouth. So if he still has it in his mouth when I go get him outta his crib this morning, Im gonna cut more off of them.