Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Sun and Stars

WOOF. From 5pm-ongoing, its been a roller coaster of emotions.

About 4:30pm last night, my hubsicle came home from work saying his stomach hurt, which was odd because he seriously never ever tells me he is hurting or he's sick. So I knew something was up. By 5, he's telling me we need to go to the ER - uh oh. His stomach was hard and stiff and his pain was in his lower right side. Well, I am someone who definitely works well under pressure, but I will be honest; in those few minutes it took for me to get Troy's stuff together for Gma's and getting Nick in the car?

Long story short, after blood tests and a CT scan...dun dun duuuuun: APPENDICITIS! The freaking appendix! It hadn't burst, but it was uber swollen and that sucker had to go. Between all the nurses coming in and out of the room, surgeons coming in and telling us what the procedure would be like, my head was spinning. Basically, all the doctors confirmed what I thought and surgery was happening within an hour.

The thought of Nick getting put under scared me. Im not sure why, but it did. I mean, really, I KNEW he was going to be ok, but I think its just normal that when your significant other is about to be opened up, you get nervous. The unknown is scary, people. I have my Faith in the good Lord above, but Im human, fear at some points in life are normal.

So here we are not even 24 hours later, back at home and I am happily playing nurse to my patient. Its crazy that this sort of surgery is A) so common and B) how quickly they discharge the patients. I mean, my man IS a former Marine, so he IS tougher than most, but for real? He needs some nurse supervision with walking, getting outta bed, eating, etc. Which is where I come in....and there may be some extra entertainment for the guy


Anonymous said...

OMG! Where do you get these pictures!!??! They make me laugh!

Bunnie said...

Oh no I hope he is better!!

XOXO Bunnie