Monday, December 31, 2012

Because everyone is doing it

Happy New Years Eve! What is it about the New Years that makes everyone want to write resolutions or just plans in general? I'll tell you what it is: it's the fresh start, the clean slate, the "its okay that I didnt follow through in the previous year, I'll do it THIS year!" attitude, the feeling of a new year & a new YOU. It makes total sense to me. I mean, really the 1st of a new year is like any other day, except those 4 numbers at the end of the date are different than what they used to be the day before. Its that clean slate, baby! This girl isn't any different, it's exciting, there is anticipation for 2013, and it'll be fab-u-lous!

So lets discuss what *I* want (and pray God wants for me too!) want to accomplish & to do this new year. 

1. Finish our basement! I know you as my followers know I've been talking about finishing our basement since we moved in. Well, 2013, it's happening. We start end of January/beginning of February - WHOOP WHOOP! Seriously, I am so excited to get this going. Thank the good Lord above Pinterest has been invited and I can "pin" all these ideas I have

2. Have another (ADORABLE!) baby

This is a (God willing) for sure thing happening this year. T Rex and the new little family addition would be about 3.5 years apart, which in my mind, seems to work out perfectly. I keep seeing all these pictures of my fellow bloggers being all cutsie with their 2nd pregnancies and just all the changes and I want it...bad! But, I have my reasons on why I want to wait until after Summer of 2013 to tackle pregnancy. There are so many questions that go through my mind: Will I love being pregnant as much as I did with Troy? Will I get lucky and just be sick through weeks 7-11? Will I bounce back as well as IMO I did with my body? How will breastfeeding go this time around? Will this next one be as good of a sleeper as T Money? Will be/she have a fun little personality that is as carefree as my little mans? And most importantly.... will I have a wild mini me

or another sweet, wild, mini Nick?

Lastly, I need to be more in the word. I need and WANT to be more in the word. I feel like in 2012, I grew a lot spiritually. I did this study through church in the book of James. It was a Beth Moore study (y'all know I love her!). The book of James is actually short, so its a good, STRONG, convicting, soul awakening, informative, full of love book. Seriously, its all those things to me. I refer to my study guide a lot and read my notes or just side things I wanted to remember and it refreshes my soul all over again. I walked away and felt like I was put in check with sins I was/am guilty of. I say, "am", because its in my/our nature to sin, but I am a lot more conscious of it. There were so many things I feel like God was wanting me to bring to him, things I was guilty of doing. I am starting another Beth Moore study mid January at church (I'll get back to you on the name), but I am praying God speaks to me through this one like he did of the other one. 

Bring it, 2013! Have a SAFE and fun New Years Eve, ladies!!! 


Perfectly Imperfekt Me, aka Maya D. said...

Reading your post made me want to do a make-over in my basement… but wait… I don't even have a basement, I'd have to buy a new house first, Lol! Anyway, happy New year and I hope you are blessed with your beautiful bundle of joy :-)

Maya D

Anonymous said...

I think it's a safe bet that your second baby will be nothing like the first. That just seems to be how it goes. Ha!