Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Did you know? Catching Up

Oh Lordy ladies, Im getting a breather from cleaning and getting my shizz together for my vaca in North Carolina next week, so I thought I'd sit my firm booty on the couch and blog. Lets play catch up on life de Karli, shall we?

Next week I leave for North Carolina. I am spacing out and cannot remember if I told y'all about how Im going to visit my sister and niecey poo and some friends.....so here is me telling you. Im going! I am a little stressed about flying with Troy, as its being broken up into 2 flights, which really is good, but that still means Im going to have a wild toddler in an airport. Im counting on him napping for 1 hour per flight, and the other 2 hours, I plan on being drunk. Kidding! ....kinda. Nick is seriously talking about laying out work clothes for an entire week cause Lord knows he will wont be doing laundry while Im gone. Men!

 Something else driving me to drink? My wiener dog, Daisy Mae. Girlfriend is about 13/14 years old (Im a terrible dog mom, I can't remember her year of birth. Do I get points for knowing the month and day?). Anyways, last week she woke me up by barking in her crate in the middle of the night cause she had a major blow out in there. I was so irritated. Im not a nice person to wake up in the middle of the night, let alone, a person who has a smile on their face when they get woken up to change crappy blankets for a dog. So, last night she did it again!! Im at my wits end. She is happy as a clam and isn't in any kinda of pain, she just can't hold her shit together (literally).

 In other bomb dot com news, Im happy to report, Im going to be famous by association. Ya see, my dear sweet Gretchen look a like blogger BFF, Amber, was contacted by non other than Bevery Hills Housweife, Dana Wilkey. Girls, Dana CALLED Amber personally. Well naturally, Amber HeyTell'd moi to give me the low down and told me she responded to Dana's tweet about needing bloggers to try her new product Thinshots. I tweeted Dana immediately and told her yours truly would be interested. And then...it happened. THE Dana (Did you know? $25,000) Wilkey, was personally tweeting Amber and I.

I die. So I am hoping and praying for my phone call from our future BFF, so I can be famous like Amber and we can all 3 have some drinky drinks while throwing our own game night party.


Amber said...

SHUT UP!!! I blogged about this today, too! Why are we not in the same town, doing shots and running and letting our babies play and stuff????!!! I LOVE IT! We re totes famous.

Megan said...

That's so exciting babe!!!

I really feel for you traveling with your little guy. Is it his first time flying? He might surprise you!

MAJOR lols @ Nick. Friggin men!!!

Andrea D said...

Huge hooray for vacations! AND for being contacted by famous people. I hope your phone's ringing right now! :)

Michelle P said...

Wow exciting!

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I seriously need to get on twitter so I can talk to some famous people!!