Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I ask Nick "would you rather I stay home from the gym and we just hang?" secretly hoping he will say he wants me to stay home so I can be lazy

Always: I always go no matter what he says knowing bikini season is so close I can feel it

Sometimes: I secretly fantasize about having no responsibilities in life other than myself

Always: I always look at my boys playing legos and know it tops any bachelorette lifestyle I could live

Sometimes: All I want to do is be in my sweats all friggin fraggin day & sometimes will be

Always: I will throw on the cutest outfit I can find, minutes before my hubbinator walks through the door just so he sees his wife still cares about her appearance even if I've had yogurt thrown at me countless times all day

Sometimes: I want to call it a day at the gym after I've done weights

Always: I always kick my butt on Mr. Tread Mill. He always knows how to exhaust me and it feels so good


Amber said...

OMG!!! I know we always say this but I do the same thing about the cute outfit before hubs gets home! You crack me up!

Jenny said...

Found you through the linkup!

HAHA! I do the same thing about throwing on a cute outfit before the hubby gets home!

Alyssa said...

I admit, I totally stay in sweats all day if I'm not going anywhere! I just can't make myself wear jeans when I'm home.