Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prayers Needed

Lets get real and serious for a quick second, k? I feel like so many people need prayers lately. Obviously, so many people and countries need our prayers on the daily, but these 2 have stuck with me.

First off, we all know about Colorado and parts of Montana. I reposted this picture on my Facebook, it's just so unreal to me and scary.
This is in Montana during the round up, and I can only imagine the stress that would go into rounding them all up, while the fire is QUICKLY burning around you.

Secondly, a girl who's family goes to my church is missing their 19 year old daughter.
As a young woman, my mind wanders and I can only hope and pray that she's safe wherever she is. The police said that since this isn't her normal behavior to just not return home, or check in, that she is considered a high risk. If you're in the Sacramento area, please keep your eyes peeled. I guess anywhere, please keep your eyes peeled because she could be anywhere.


Amber said...

So scary about the fires and I pray that beautiful girl is safely returned or found!

Megan said...

So sorry to hear of the fires and the missing young lady. Keeping all in my prayers <3