Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Random Facts of Life

Well its been a hot minute since I last updated the old blog. Probably because nothing super eventful has happened, just little things here and there:

1. Troy has stopped doing his business as often on the potty - gah! Im really trying not to be discouraged because he's not even 2 and I've always heard boys are harder to fully potty train. I think I've figured out why that is - Troy cannot keep his hands off his jewels long enough to pee in the potty!

2. I have been absolutely atrocious with my eating. You would think I just dont care anymore & my workouts have been skipped way more often than they should be. I mean to be fair, Im working out on average 3 days a week, but it needs to be more and the nachos, homemade chocolate chip cookies, need.to.stop! I expect so much more from myself. So this week I've buckled down & I am staying tight to my Weight Watchers Point system. Also, I will be going to the gym 5 days this week and sticking to my workouts tighter than spandex and a chunky thigh.

3. Fall has FINALLY arrived here in the Nor Cal area

Now is the time, I have no problem spending forever outside with my outside loving T Rex. Parks, trips to Apple Hill, walks? Sign me up! 

4. I have started making my Christmas Amazon list. Other than clothes and a few other outside decor things, I got nothing. I am asking for those Benjamin's - we have a basement that NEEDS NEEDS NEEEEEDS to be finished. My parents were uber gracious and gave me some money to get a proper door down there which will jump start the stairs to the basement. I see all these Pinterest decor ideas and getting major itchy fingers - I wanna start some fun projects. 


Amber said...

You had me at nachos. Girl you fine. Whatev.