Friday, October 26, 2012

Because I have the most amazing...

Blogger Bffilicious! 

So as you may remember, September 27th was my 26th birfday. Well Ms. Amber from Bugs, Barbies, and Wedded Bliss remembered! She is seriously so cute and needs to be on the Real Housewives of Alabama STAT. She has the car, the house, the looks, she has 1 sassafras little girl, 1 HILARIOUS little red head boy, and the cutest marriage. If you don't already follow her? I am so sorry for your loss, but go check out her blog and I promise you'll be hooked within 1 post. 

So anywhooot, Amber told me there was something coming for moi in the mail. That news alone got me excited! So Ive been lurking around our mailbox every day at 1:48pm (The mail comes at 1:50 on most days) to see what that handsome mailman distrubtes into the mail boxes. Well it came!!!

Why yes, these would be workout tank tops! How well does she know me?! Amber and I were reading 50 Shades of Grey at the same time and would compare our notes we took away, discuss how society can be so judgmental of a little harmless red room activity reading, and also how sad we were going to be by finishing the last book #wewillmissyouChristan #theybettercastyouwellforthemovie  
As for the 13 point freaking 1?! Y'all might remember this post. I REALLLLLLY love this tank top. There are no words...

Check out the back!! 

Along with the tanks, Ms. Thang got me some Mac lipgloss, cause even if Im sweating, I must look decent. The T Rex got to be my kiss tester 

I wasted no time in getting it all sweaty - hello stomach sweat! 


Anonymous said...

The blue tank is so cute. Mine would say 0.0 though. No shame.

And yes, they better cast a damn good Fifty!

Amber said...

You are rocking that tank girl!! I love it!! I am so glad you like everything!! MUAH!!