Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eat the Floor

So there I was last Friday at the gym like a good girl. The weight room was empty and I could see 1 chick in the cardio room - my kinda morning at the gym. When Nick makes it big, I want a full weight lifting room. And a personal massage therapist that comes to my house once a day. But that is a story for a different post for a different day :)

So it was leg day for moi. Everything was going good, I was blasting some PitBull, and just in my zone. I stacked up my weights on the Smith Machine and started off with my squats

in case y'all aren't familiar with what a Smith Machine is, this is the beast that runs my ass...literally

So after weighted squats, I stack up some blocks and add a step platform to give me more range of motion for my calf raises. They look something like this...and that is totally me NOT me, I know some of you were thinking so ;-P that'd be Jamie Eason. 
This is what it looks like when stacked properly and EVENLY for calf raises 
Well imagine my SHOCK (and heart attack, embarrassment, urine in my spandex, fright) when as Im on the raise part of the movement, the flat platform buckles back (maybe due to the fact that I didnt have it balanced on the blocks? That coulda been it). Which in turn makes me lose my balance and fall forward, which makes my form go from perfect to 0 and the barbell slide more on my back than my shoulders, pushing my face FAST towards the ground. Thank the good Lord above the safety stoppers (they act as a spotter since you most likely dont have one), stopped the barbell from pushing my face totally into the ground. The LOUDEST crash I've heard in a long time, so Im sure that little Miss Cardio in the other room heard the ruckus. 

Now that I think about it, it cracks me up, and I'd probably laugh my butt if I saw this scenario play out to someone else (After I rushed over to see if they were okay, of course). You know how when cats fall or get startled, and they eat it? Then they get up like nothing happened, almost like they meant to fall and just carry on? ME ME ME! I looked around to make sure I was still alone, re-stacked the barbell, fixed the blocks and the platform and carried on. 


Anonymous said...

I would have peed from embarrassment and from laughing at myself. I would love to work out more, but I hate going alone. I'd like Jamie Eason's body, but without all the work. Ha! ;)

Amber said...

Freaking hilarious and a bit scary, too! Be careful!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for your pseudo spotter.

Traci said...

I hate feeling like a dumbass in the weight room . The other day I just kept stacking weights onto the bar for bench press and I sat down and got ready and all of a sudden I'm like what the F*#%! I had like 150 pounds on there...whoopsie. I'm glad I caught myself before I tried to lift it crushed my chest. I think I was thinking I was doing squats..blonde moment.