Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I workout...sometimes

I have seriously been in such a workout funk this week. I havent gone to the office, aka gym, all.week!

 I think its cause I've been pushing it like cray cray for Nicks work Christmas party, that Im just pooped. Which is so unlike me, I've never felt like this. Like no interest in going. Ive done a few at home Pinterest workouts

Do this one 2 times in a row

Do this one 3 times in a row and you've got arms you can't lift the rest of the day - SUCCESS!

So yeah, there is that, but I think this week I'll continue with the Pinterest workouts and then go back to the gym with a new workout routine to kick me off into the new year. A refresher if you will. Maybe add some new workout songs, and boom chacka lacka! Things will be right on track at the gym. 

Speaking the new year. 2013?! Holy moly its almost here


Amber said...

When is the Christmas party?????? Have you picked a dress????