Monday, July 29, 2013

Last Friday Night....

...I danced on table tops and took too many shots, last Friday night..... KIDDING! Mom, put down the phone, there was no table top dancing. But there WAS hanging off a giant horse statue in public. Don't believe I'd do such a thing?! Lets roll the footage into Sami's Weekend Shenanigans Link Up....

Friday Night Shenanigans
Feelin sassy & ready to hit the town. We went to the movies & dinner with our besties

 I forgot to take a picture of my juice box I snuck into the theater, but this is a stock pic I found online. This beauty = 3 glasses of wine and yours truly drank every drop. 

This was PRE wine & before the movie started. Told you, Im a bucket o' fun. Just trying on some brunette locks. I've gone brunette a couple of times and Im telling you - I have WAY more fun as a blonde

After the movie and my 3 glasses juice box of wine, I thought it'd be hilarious to try to ride these giant horse statues. THey're really tall and I obviously couldn't climb up, so this had to do

Moving right along to Saturday...

T Money woke up with a wicked fever. It started as a 100.4 degree fever and quickly escalated to 102-103 degree range. It wouldnt break 102, so Kool packs on the forehead and neck and tylenol was the best we could do....that and an early bed time. 

So I did what any parent on call would do: Opened Netflix and a bottle of wine....

He woke up on Sunday and you would never have thought anything was wrong with him. I'm He's a big Doc McStuffins fan, so he thought he needed another "checkup" aka, me checking his temp. 99.6, so not too bad considering it was just 102/103 for 3 hours straight. 

We still decided to take it easy, so Nickmesiter worked outside for the morning and then in the afternoon, I took a solo trip to the grocery store. Im crossing my fingers that I dont get sick, but I did my grocery shopping a day early just in case I get what he had. 

Can't wait to read what you hooligans got yourselves into this weekend!

Ps...isn't it crazy school is starting for the REAL hooligans (aka kids)!? I feel bad they dont get Summers like we all had growing up. 


Lindsey @ Life on Countryside said...

you do look pretty sassy!!!! and boo to sick children but thumbs up to netflix :)

found you on the linkup!