Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To the Windooooows, to the Walls!

If you can't get down with the camel, I dont know if we could be friends. 

Hump Day, Woo hoooo!!! So during my hiatus, I started following SkinnyMeg. Where the bleepty bleep have I been? And Mama Laughlin? Apparently, these gals are all the rage via the internet. Glad I found them! I secretly want to live in Texas (or maybe its not so secret?) and these ladies reside there so I like to live vicariously through their shenangigans in the Lonestar state. So SkinnyMeg does Workout Wednesdays where you run down your workout to help inspire, give ideas, and what not. So, Im doing what all the cool kids are doing, and linking up!

So my workouts are split up during the week to look something like this: 
Mondays: crank the heat up and do Arc Trainer for 20-25 minutes w/30+ resistance, Legs, Stair Climber 20-25 minutes
Tuesday: Arc Trainer, Back, Delts & abs, Stairclimber 20-25 minutes
Wednesday: Arc Trainer, Shoulders, StairClimber 20-25 minutes
Thursday: Take it off or just hop on a couple different machines and do cardio for an hour
Friday: Arc Trainer, Legs, Stairclimber 20-25 minutes

As you can see, I hate love to finish up my workouts with the Stairclimber.

This bad boy used to be at my old gym pre T Rex, so Im familiar with it. My new gym has finally gotten with the program and got one. Luckily for me, since I go so early (we're talking 4AM, people!), its always free. My gym is on the small side, so it can be tough to get anything done (weights included) during a busy time. 

Anyone who has a stairclimber at their gym? GET ON IT!! I challenge you to do 20+ minutes on it at more than a snails pace and NOT feel like you're going to die. The beauty ass-kicker about this machine is the fact that you cannot step off it like you would a treadmill. This little devil keeps moving, there is no side bars to step off on when you need a break. It's grit your teeth, keep your head up and breathe! What I also like about this machine is it is low impact on those knees and joints. Personally, I feel like I get just as good of a sweat and workout on the Stairclimber in those 20 minutes as I would doing a HIIT workout on the treadmill. Its definitely the icing on my workout when Im already exhausted after weights. Proof it makes those fat cells cry (Yes, these are Instagram pics and Im posting again on le' blog. You love it ;) )

 Check out that sweaty back! Only thing dry is my sports bra apparently 


Davida @TheHealthyMaven said...

Ive never tried a stairclimber before! Now you have me motivated to hit the gym!

Traci said...

Get it girl! And 4AM! Say what?!? You're crazy.

Amber said...

I have missed your blogs! Glad you're back!! Always be werkin on your fitness boo. I love it