Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Raise your glass if you're ready for Fall

Ello' lovelies. I was gonna post about how hot I am. Not the way you're thinking, I mean actual temperature hot. Ya see, our A/C busted and it's been quite the pain in the ass adventure getting our Home Warranty to nail down a dependable Heating & Air Company to fix it. Oh and did I mention it was 105 yesterday? And muggy? How about how it's cooled down to a frigid 79 degrees a night?

Yeaaaa....moving on.....

If you gals havent downloaded Katy Perry's new single, Roar, I HIGHLY recommend it. It reminds me of a female version of "Eye of the Tiger". Maybe that's because there is a line in there that says, "I am the eye of the tiger..." ? That just MIGHT make you think of the famous Rocky anthem ;-) But seriously, if you're ever having a down day where you feel like the worst mother/wife/woman or you just can't push through that last leg of your cardio? Katy Perry is where its at. She makes you feel all kinds of good and powerful. 


Misty said...

Hand raised! Ready for fall!!