Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cover it Up

It has come to my attention that I now REQUIRE concealer. There is no question on if I can just go without it. I have dark circles on my eyes worse than any Big Brother marathon can give you, that's for sure.

The culprit for these dark circles? THIS child

Troy the Tiger


Anonymous said...

He is too cute!

I hear ya. Worse than EVER, those darn dark circles under my eyes. I just said that to Jarrod a few nights ago, and today I tweeted, asking people which concealers work best! I'm ready to splurge on a great one, because Maybelline isn't cutting it.

erin said...

Ahh, he is so cute!

Mrs. Mama said...

um troy the tiger, please come play with my elli the cow!!! I LOVE IT!

Raven said...

A freakin MEN. we will never look as good as we did pre-kids, will we.

oh well, totally worth it. That little Tiger is GORGEOUS.

love him. that little nose :)