Friday, September 9, 2011

Nine Eleven

Have you girls seen any of those 9/11 reenactment sort of movies? There is one about the plane that went down in Pennsylvania and then there was the one Nicholas Cage did about the World Trade Centers. Its been almost 10 years since 9/11 happened and I still can't watch those movies. I try to just because I seem to be unable to pull myself away from everything that occurred prior and during the tragic events, but I always turn it off, or close the video online. I didn't personally know anyone who was effected by what happened in NY, PA, or DC on the day, but I was effected by the aftermath. Nick serving our country and being deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Some think we shouldn't have gone there, but me? I back what Former President Bush did 110%. I don't think we should have sat by and let evil attack our country and get away with it. Thousands of people were killed, kids never saw their parents walk through the door after work, kids never knew their parent(s), husbands lost wives, wives lost husbands, parents lost children. All complete innocent in what happened to them. It kills me to think about what they must have felt hearing that their loved one was lost. This September 11th, don't forget what happened, where you were, how you felt, how you STILL feel... thank a veteran no matter what war they served or even if they didn't serve in one, be the one to say sorry first even if you didn't do anything wrong. Say a prayer for a country and our president (Lord knows he needs em') that He will keep us safe and that our President and people in office will have the knowledge on how to keep this from happening to our country again.



Anonymous said...

I haven't watched any of those movies either. I can't.

Raven said...

you know I love this post and you know why. :)

Fash Boulevard said...

Karli, love, this post is beautiful. I agree though, I just can't watch the movies. too hard. i hope one of these days you'll swing by and maybe decide to follow. major fan of your blog. xoxo