Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Holy Hiatus

Sorry for the breather ladies (and gents who are afraid to admit they read my blog). You know when you just have nothing to talk about and you don't want to blog just for the sake of blogging? Yeeerp, that was me. I had a great Labor Day Weekend. Summer has gotten the memo that this is it's last hurrah because the weather this past weekend AND all this week?

Im sure you people in Texas are cursing my name because I've seen your weather forecast and it's 1 degree cooler than what Im sure Hell is like.

I have a confession...I miss working. GASP! I know, right? I love being home with my little monster man 24/7 and doing fun mommy groups with him and stuff, but I MISS having my own thing going. There was a girl at my old office who told me she thought I'd be like this once Troy arrived and I thought this chick was sniffing glue. How could I, the girl who HATES having a boss, HATES having to follow orders (my poor husband), and HATES having to be somewhere at a certain time, miss working? Simple

1. I miss the social aspect of it. I miss having coworkers (that I love). I have had some good jobs in my short working woman career where I had 2 or 3 AWESOME coworkers that made my day worth it. I would think twice about "calling in sick" aka flaking on work, just because they were there and I always laughed my ass off with them. We could bitch about work together, go on lunch walks/lunch dates, etc.
2. I miss dressing up. So some days I didn't want to wear anything other than yoga pants. I love being comfy. But heels, sexy black slacks, a cute top and jewelry? Doing my hair all puurdy cause I knew I'd be face to face with over 20-30 people that day? MISS IT! Just to keep my name in good graces tho, I DO shower, do hair and makeup everyday even with the little dude. Nick can't come home to a rough lookin country bumpkin, now can he? Gotta earn my keep, know what I mean?

3. I miss having my own space, aka my own DESK!! Good Lord above, I miss having my own space. A space I can make look girlified and cutesie and no one can tell me it's not happening. I had frames with huge diamond rhinestones, once upon a time, I had a pink boa I had received as a Bday gift laying across the border of my desk. I had cute little knickknacks, and cute pretty calendars and pens, and staplers. Yeah, I was THAT obnoxious girl. But you know what? People loved coming to my desk cause it was bomb! It was bright and cheery to go with the bright and cheery girl sitting there. Just sayin - my workspaces have ROCKED


Tricia said...

yep,its about a billion degrees here. :)

I'm a stay at home mother, and the best thing I found is to get out and be ACTIVE with your little one. Join/organize mommy groups or mommy workout groups.

babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, oh my! said...

I totally know what you mean! I work but I do daycare! Its insane! No one in their right mind does what i do! I also feel that need to be around others, dress cute, and have my own space! I can't even take a bath without being reminded that I am surround with kids!