Sunday, September 25, 2011


Yup. That's my post title. Shoes ladies. Who doesn't love them? I like to say that I'm a purse girl. I seriously go ga ga over purses (minus the hair bow). Then I remember I love clothes, and then I think "Oh wait, but I LOVE makeup too". So I think I'm just a ...GIRL!

This fall I have revamped my shoes. Last Christmas, the hubs got me these sexy beasts

And then I picked up these pretty brunettes at Old Navy (on sale mind you, so I didn't spend a penny)

I've been wanting some comfy wedge boots to wear as an everyday shoe with jeans because 1, flats make me look fatter than I am and 2, I like to make people think I have legs for days. So my madre and padre got me these babies for my birthday!

So these are all totally practical Fall/Winter shoes, am I right? Well...I've never been one people call practical so when I asked for THESE for my birthday, and then got them....I was ecstatic! Ladies, feast your eyes on ma' bling!

I don't know if the moms in the mommy group are ready for this crazy mom


Liz Taylor said...

I just read your About Me and were we separated at birth?! I love to run and the gym as well. We need to swap healthy recipes, too! I love your hair blonde and the new cut!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I love the first boots..,sexy and the last mommy group not being ready:-)