Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stop the Clock

Whew, seriously time is crazy people. It's flying higher than Kim Richards.
Seriously y'all...tell me her and that creeper boyfriend of hers aren't like High School stoners with the shizz that comes outta their mouths.

Anyways, okay so first up. T Max turned 1 on Tuesday. Time has flown, but hasn't, know what I mean other mommy friends? Those long nights/day draaaaagged, but now looking back it really did fly. As a matter of fact, there are STILL days that drag when the cutest 1 year old on the planet throws tantrums.

Some little someone's cake
His present from gma and gpa
I do the same thing when I eat cake

So you guys remember my fabulous friend who takes amazing photographs? Well, she is wanting to build up her portfolio and she's has never done a Boudior type photo shoot. Well guess who's always wanted to do a sexy (yet elegant and classy) boudoir shoot? THIS BLOGGER RIGHT HERE!! I've never been the model type, but hey, I can't turn it down :) So you can best believe I will not be missing one single day in the gym. Any tips from you guys on those last minute "Get rid of bloat/5lbs" trick? Im thinking lotsa protein shakes the week before and cutting carbs after noon.


Lizzy said...

My hubs and I were just talking about doing sexy pictures, but with no clothes! Once I get my body back into shape, I would love to do something like that that only we see! If she needs a volunteer, I'll volunteer! ;)

Melissa said...

Your son is adorable! And I don't really know any quick ways to drop 5 pounds but lots of water is supposed to help I hear.good luck!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Troy!! I can't believe it's been a year already!

Meredith said...

YES I agree about Kim and her crazy boyfriend. Wow, I can't believe Troy's one, seems like yesterday I was reading about you being pregnant.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering yesterday if I am the only one who thought that about Kim! And I really want to do a boudoir shoot some day. You must write about your experience more!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i can't believe our babies are 1

and here i started on the next one...haha catch up!!!

Megan said...

Nawww your lil guy is just too cute! Happy bday!

That is so exciting about your shoot. I really want to do a bikini type shoot once I firm up.

Tips: avoid artificial sweeteners, walk in the morning on an empty stomach (if you can, obvs hard having a bubba), low sodium etc