Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh no she didn't

I was tagged by the gorgeous Amber over at Bugs, Babies, and Wedded Bliss to do a little get to know ya segment. I personally love these sorta blog posts. They can be really fun and you don't gotta think too hard :) It's Friday...who has any energy left to thing?

1. Mac or PC?
MAC all the way. I mean, my husband works for Apple, so it'd sorta be blasphemy if I didn't use a Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc, right? When I made the switch I was uber nervous, but from here on out that's all we'll ever own. So much better you guys. NEVER gets viruses and user friendly. Just sayin... Oh and it has photo booth so you can take ridiculous pics of yourself while your little one naps. Don't believe me?

2. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Hmmmm.... well the things I classify as "crazy" aren't that original. I've jumped of bridges (into rivers!) that were illegal to jump off of to impress a boy, I've ditched class many times, etc. BUT I guess something crazy is I got married on a whim. I used to go to Camp Pendleton when Nick was in the Marines, every weekend. So the weekend of Valentines Day 2005, Nick got off work early and was like "Wanna go get married?" YES I DO!!! So off we went to the county clerk's office and made it official. The drive home I just casually called my mom to tell her I got married.

3. Favorite housewife?

Oh my gosh, I'd sooner pick a favorite drink! Hmmm... I have so many from different seasons:
Kim from RHOA, Lisa from RHOBH, Bethanny (when she was on) from RHONY, Tamara from RHOOC, Caroline from RHONJ

4. What celebrity do you/other people think you look like?
Oh wow, hmmm..I've gotten a couple in my day. Some people say I've looked like Brooke Hogan, which is basically saying I look like a man. Thanks people! I've heard Ashley Tisdale (pre nose job)

5. Wine, beer or mixed drink?
Depends on what Im doing. I'd say overall its wine most def. But I have been known to have some SkinnyGirl Margarita in my wine glass

6. What is your dream date?
It's never happened, but I'd love to just on a whim Nick be like "Wanna go to London tonight?" and then we pack and head to the airport. On a more realistic level? I love dinner at a beautiful restaurant with a gorgeous view and then maybe spend the rest of the night walking/people watching in a downtown city. Maybe San Fran?

7. What has been your favorite trip you have taken?
Hands down London. My mom took me when I was a Senior in HS. Im the most obsessed person you'll ever meet with England in general. It all started with the Spice Girls - I loved them, their outfits, their accents and Baby Spice was my favorite. My gma was born in Blackburn, England and since I had "roots" there, I knew I could rightfully be obsessed. Seriously, the historic ancient buildings that kings and queens we only read about in history books, touched and walked in those buildings. Tower of London? Most amazing place if you like history. After reading all those Phillipa Gregory books on King Henry and Anne Boleyn, I love that I got to see where she was kept. Oh and where she got her head chopped off :)

8. How old were you when you got your first kiss?
Kindergarten. Seriously - used to kiss boys all the time. But if we are talking french/make out kiss? Junior High on the bus playing Truth or Dare.

9. Have you ever danced on a bar/table?
Are we talking about in public or in the privacy of our own homes?

10. What is your favorite movie of all time?
Ah! So many I can't just pick one. Along the lines of: Bridget Jones, Love Actually, First Wives Club, or The Holiday

11. Most embarrassing moment?
Eating pavement in front of Seniors in HS on the first day of Freshman year.


Ashley said...

I've been to London and loved it! Tower of London? Awesome! I agree. :)

Hannah @ The New Black said...

I LOVE that that is how you two got married...awesome!

Amber said...

I knew you would bring it, girl! I love your answers, you are hilarious! Thanks for responding. Love you mean it:)

Breanna said...

Love the Marriage story!! Dave and I almost did that!!

{I have you tagged in a post for later today :) }

hotpants™ said...

OMG, I love First Wives Club.

My first kist was in Kindergarten too. First french kiss was in 7th grade. #slut

Jamie said...

Hah. Great post.

Megan said...

I love your wedding story! Sounds very stressfree :-)

dina vanessa mercado said...

OMG!!! love love love this post!!! inspiring and so in love... great blog!!! following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kisses!!!

Laura said...

Pardon me, being WAY late in catching up on blogs. But I LOVE the photos. ;)