Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You either do or you don't...

...there is no in between with half marathon training. I want to be fully prepared in what I am about to do on March 11th, so there is no way in Hell I am skipping any runs that are on my schedule. As y'all know, I am weeks deep into Jamie Eason's LiveFit 12 week program, and there are so many days I either want to pick one or the other: the run or the weights. Both are hard in their own ways. Lifting is hard because well, those weights get heavy, duh! Running, I hit the mental block of not stopping, keep running, your feet may be on fire from how hot your body is right now, but that is okay. Not gonna kill you, only make you stronger, right? "Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going", "Sweat is fat crying". Not gonna lie to ya, I tell myself all of these when that mental road block pops up. It seems to pop up about mile 3.75/4. That's right, that is NOT a typo. The max on my schedule I've run thus far is 5 miles. Tomorrow, is another 5 miler and lifting via Jamie's plan. Oh and Thursday? I get to run 6 (SIX!!!!!) miles. Last time I checked, that was .1 miles shy of a 10K. Because I'm sick in the head and just wanna say I did it, I will run that extra .1 miles to make it an even 10K. Last time I ran a 10K on a treadmill? OOOOOOOOO somewhere between "check out my banging body with zero stretch marks on my tummy since I don't have a baby" and "training for my first 10K" about 1 year ago. (*Side note: could have gotten it much worse, I only have 8.25 squiggly lines on the tummy and yes I will flaunt them in the bikini this Summer...with my 6 pack, BOO YA!*)

So far, I'm pretty proud of my determination. I haven't missed a day on my training schedule with either LiveFit or half marathon training. And let me tell you another thing that doesn't help the mental block when I'm running - the heat! My gym is small, its near my house (aka, the country *insert banjo here*), it's cheap and affordable, has all the right equipment I need, and the thermostat is constantly set to 71 degrees. YES! SEVENTY ONE DEGREES FAHRENHEIT. Add the other sweaty bodies running,stepping,gliding it up in the cardio room, and you've got one very sweaty floor to clean up (Yuck! I'll stick with wiping mandarin oranges off my sons butt, thanks very much). Not only is it obviously hot in there, but I'm a sweater anyways. Luckily there is 1 giant floor fan that I seem to get lucky with every time and I grab it and plug it in near the treadmill I plan to slave away on. I should ask them to turn the thermostat down, but 71 is such a random number, I know they do it for money saving purposes. When my schedule gets to me having to run 8 and up miles, I'm going to have to take it outside - mama can't die of heat stroke in January. Oh and I've tried to turn it down to a more respectable gym temperature, but they've got that shizz locked. Smart people, no? Im sure that's part of their joy when they come to work - "lets see who drops of heat stroke first".

On that note..I'm off to run & lift :)


KLaw said...

great motivation, lady! you go girl!

Bethany said...

Your dedication is such inspiration! If you don't mind me asking, what does your diet look like?

erin said...

71 degrees is nuts for a gym! I'm taking my long runs outside too. Can't stand the thought of doing them on the dreadmill! What plan are you using?

Maggie said...

You go girl! Keep us posted on how the the LiveFit Training goes -- considering following it myself but I want to hear some more good reviews :)

New follower! xo

*Butler, Party of 2* said...

Love this post!! DO IT, girl!! You are awesome.

And you are going to ROCK that bikini, I'm sure!

I'm almost to the end of my marathon training and it's definitely been tough to keep lifting, but I've tried to implement as much of Jamie Eason's LiveFit as possible with my running. Sometimes it's too much and I have to listent o my body and just rest.

I drink Horizon's Organic lowfat chocolate milk. It's delicious!!!!