Friday, January 20, 2012

361 days in our lives

Oh my word, the 1 year mark is 4 days away. Im someone who thinks about the past a lot. Not like dwells on things, but I think its fun to remember huge things that happened to me. Such as when the Mr. and I started emailing when he was stationed in Japan and all the sweet things he'd say, you know, the "courting phase". The phase you should suck everything in, cause once they put a ring on it, say bye bye to those love notes. HA! Totally kidding, girls. My man still woo's me (by saying things like "Your so sexy. Know what would be even sexier? If you got me a beer!" - semi true story).

I think about where I was 1 year ago today. 4 ways away from my life changing forever. I remember being soooo over the waiting game. Every morning Nick would head to work, I'd grab a large beverage, get my comfy blankets, grab the laptop and watch all my favorite shows on the couch. Just waiting for my future Gladiator, Troy Maximus to make his debut. I think back and would love to tell that Karli to enjoy every uninterrupted moment of Real Housewives while you can, cause soon the TV will be taken over with Baby Einstein, Yo Gabba Gabba and Veggie Tales.

T Money's birfday party is tomorrow, and even tho it's super small, I am stressed about getting everything done. I think this just goes with the territory of throwing a party. Truth be told, I don't love being the hostess with the mostest. I have to really deep clean. Like get on my hands and knees and clean every baseboard, every piece of furniture, wash every removable rug, scrub every single thing. Heck, I might even give Daisy Mae a bath because I don't want people to think I my stinky dog is the norm up in this joint.

I decided to go with the sports theme for his birthday. So I got a few Sporty type banners and decorations. We shall see how I decide to throw it all together. Say a prayer for me cause I suck at icing cakes, I always seem to peel up cake when I do it, and I gotta ice Troy his little football cake to eat. Not like he's gonna care about the icing job, but still.

And while we are on the topic of sports - did you guys hear about my man Tim Tebow's injuries from last weekends game? Homeboy TORE RIB CARTILAGE AND BRUISED HIS LUNG, and had fluid build up in his chest. AND he still played the 2nd half. Hardcore, no?


Ginger said...

happy bday little guy!

this is why I am NOT having my daughter's party at my house!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he's going to be 1 already.

Jenni said...

happy 1st bday to troy! and don't stress too much on the cleaning and party'll all turn out great!

<3 Jenni

erin said...

Happy birthday to Troy! I hope his party goes well!

Amber said...

The party sounds super cute! Tebow is magical, seriously.

Breanna said...

It is official!!


*Butler, Party of 2* said...

We have to share Tebow, my friend! I totally have such a crush...he's a doll. And such a trooper!!

Can't wait to see birthday pics!

And keep up the GREAT work with Live Fit....that is WAY impressive!! You're motivation and discipline rocks. And THAT'S why you have a six pack after a baby. Ha!