Friday, March 30, 2012

Fitness related post for your Friday

Do you guys dread getting weighed at the doctor? I seriously cannot tell you how much I loathe it, except when I was pregnant, it was sorta like how heavy can I get?! Okay, not really, my long time readers will remember how I was uber conscious of not eating every little thing my heart desired during pregnancy and I was still Miss Gym Rat. So even tho, I like to think I keep myself in check with eating/drinking (them liquid calories are sneaky), I still dread getting weighed.

So yesterday I had to go to the doctor. *Side Note: I love how they have a sign in their office stating that if your more than 5 minutes late, your appointment will be reschedule and you will be charged the copay anyways, yet they can be TWENTY minutes late getting me back there. I'm gonna start charging them* The nice little itty bitty medical assistant finally called me back, pointed at the scale and very innocently said "If you could get on there for me". I wanted to be like "I COULD, but I don't wanna". Cause I like to make things difficult :)

So I got on, closed my eyes, and hoped for the best (I haven't weighed myself since my 6 week post partum appointment FYI) I was blown away that I weighed 8 pounds LESS than I did before even getting pregnant. This was huge y'all. Before getting pregnant I was in my mind, in the best shape I had EVER been in my life, and until that moment I was. The only thing I can chalk this all up to, is that instead of working behind a desk, my new job is chasing and playing with a VERY active 1 year old.

I did what any normal girl would do and once the medical assistant left the room, I grabbed my phone and texted everyone I knew about this amazing news! If this isn't even more of a kick in the pants to keep doing what I'm doing, I don't know what is. While I'm pretty happy with where I am now, I know I could be better, anyone ever feel like that?


Traci said...

That's awesome! Losing weight when you're not really trying is the best! The only that has EVER happened to me was after I had my baby and I was breasfeeding. I'm hoping that's going to happen this time too, since I've gained 50 pounds, gah!!!

Sarah said...

Congrats! I am trying hard to get the baby weight off.

Amber said... didn't text me!? LOL That is awesome, girl! work it.

Megan said...

What a great feeling that must've been! One of my friends is the smallest she's ever been after having her baby. She reckons its because she never sits down!

Jill@babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, Oh My! said...

that awesome! you motivate me to keep going myself! i have a ton of weight to lose but i am on the right track right now and will get there! thanks for your motivation!

Kendra said...

Love that!! This week I was sure I had gained weight and all of a sudden I was down 3 when that happens!