Friday, June 15, 2012

Fridays Letters

Dear complete stranger woman at the gym: No, I don't want to go paddle boarding with you this weekend. I love your intensity and kindness at 4AM, but in no way am I going to a giant lake where you cannot see the bottom with a complete stranger. No.way.Jose'! Also, from other behavior I've seen at the gym from you, Im pretty sure I am NOT your kinda girl, if ya catch my drift.

Dear Youtube: Did you really freeze frame my Show and Tell Vlog to THIS?!

Dear Mother Nature: While some see you as too hot these next few days...

I plan on soaking you up. With THIS little gem for the next few days while some other little gem naps - bring it!

Dear Gretchen DeRossi: You have totally done a 180 on me - you used to be my least favorite on RHOOC, and now look at you? But if you keep looking flawless, Im going to show up at your door step at 6AM every morning, and insist you do my makeup and hair. EVER. SINGLE. DAY!
Image from HERE
Dear Emily Maynard aka The Bachelorette: I have seen your face this season. While I think you were absolutely gorgeous and down to Earth in your season with Brad, your face is painfully frozen. Stop with the injections and bring back your affordable fashion choices so this 1 income woman can copy it. No more of these shirts that cost $300. Kthanks.

Dear Readers: THANK YOU for watching and commenting on my Show and Tell Vlog. I love y'all to pieces (all 169 of you!) and it seriously makes my day when I get comments - true story.

Dear Husband: Please get your hands on some magic healing fairy dust, and get that knee contusion healed. I need you strong and healthy in the bedroom - 50 Shades of Grey, anyone?


Whitney said...

hahahaha I agree with you on that last letter. I read those books and now tell all of my friends to make sure they read them with their husband/boyfriend/partner is around!!

Michelle said...

I hear ya sister 4am is the middle of the freaking night, not morning!
Visiting from link up, have a fab weekend :)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

I love Maui babe! That stuff is legit!! Have you seen Gretchen wo literally nothing on? It is not a pretty sight. She wears wayyyy too much makeup. But I do like her. Heather & her hubby terry are my new favs!!

Rachel said...

I feel the SAME way about Gretchen. I used to hate her. Now? Love her. :)