Monday, September 20, 2010

Another day, another dollar

Honestly people, 2 questions: Where the heck do Sunday's go? I mean, they move faster than Saturday's in my opinion. And #2: Where did September go?! We only have 10 days left of this month and that's just nuts to me! I can't complain though, since I only have great things to look forward to as the days pass. On Wednesday I have another OB check up (oh goodie - let's see how much weight I've packed away this month! *laying the sarcasm on pretty thick*). I am actually excited to talk to my OB because I have a few questions such as: would it be okay to take the T man out of the country (Mexico) when he's about 4-4.5 months old, and is she going to insist I get the flu/whooping cough vaccine and when? I also get to see how I'm measuring and go over my ultrasound results (what I'm REALLY excited for). I want to know how big my little man is measuring. Hopefully it'll give me a little bit more of an accurate date of when he should make his arrival.

Then in 7 days is my birfday!!!! I plan on taking the day off of work (DUH! Who wants to be around people your not so fond of on YOUR day?!) and going to bfast with my mama and sister, then doing some sort of pampering and possibly buying these pairs of boots for the winter

Cute, right? I love wedges, and these are wedge boots!! Their at DSW, so I'll be making a bee line there sometime next Monday to try them on and see if their the lucky ducks that get to grace my swollen pregnant feet all winter.

On Friday Nicky poo and I went to get some paint samples. I'm passing on all 3 samples we got. Green is SUCH a tough color to get right. If the lighting isn't right in the room, your green will look yellow or like baby poop green, not the green tea green you picked out in the store. So it's off to look at more paint samples. I want to get the room painted before we jet off to Denver at the end of October for sure, so we can enjoy the holidays once we get back. I'm still looking into getting a decal for behind his crib and skipping wallpaper and just doing cute wall hangings. The way the furniture is, we don't have TONS of room for wall hangings, but we'll figure that all out. First, it's the paint.

The start of a new week, starts a new workout week too! Last week I was doing amazingly, and same with the week before. I've been going every day during my lunch and doing 20-25 minutes on the elliptical. Then after work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, I'll be doing the same amount of cardio with some strength training. I'm determined to be full labor and delivery ready once my little guy decides to make his appearance! Now if I could only keep my sweet tooth in check...



Marian said...

Yay for birthdays!! And I totally agree with having to take the day off. Good luck at your appointments this week

Tales of a young mamma said...

What are you coming to Denver for? That's where we live!! Or about 15 minutes NW of Denver. And I loove those boots