Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh I miss thee

Holy moly, where did all the clouds come from?! We went from mid to upper 90's to mid 70's in a matter of a day! Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE the fall and the fact that it's coming SOON just gets me excited. They even said 20% chance of rain today, YES!!! Cold weather means so many things to me, but this year it brings on a whole new meaning: My little man will be arriving! *Note: I get crazy anxious butterflies when I think about it*
So in Santa Barbara, my sister and I went for a little nice joggy poo. Well more like a jog for 3 minutes and walk for 8, then jog for 3 minutes, and walk for 8 sorta deal. My sister has become such the runner, it makes me shed a tear of how proud I am. I fell in luuuurve with running about 2 years ago, and now she has found it just as therapeutic as I do. She's doing 5K's left and right and is just living a healthy runners lifestyle (SNAPS FOR MO JO!). While we were jogging these (HILLY!!!) streets, I thought to myself, "God I miss this". I miss running since becoming pregnant. My doctor said that it's totally fine and dandy to keep up my running, but ya see, I stopped running around week 14 of my pregnancy and have been strictly a elliptical girl at the gym (with strength training too of course). I look at those runners on their treadmills, working up a sweat, that look of "just 1 more mile, just 1 more mile" in their faces, and wish it were me. They look all smug and cocky getting off their treadmills, almost like rubbing it in my face! Don't get it twisted, I feel so blessed to have been given a baby of my own and a healthy son at that, it's just I miss running!! I stopped running at week 14, because I just felt uncomfortable doing it. Like my belly was weighing me down in a way, since it's all this extra weight in my mid section. I'm going back to my beloved boyfriend Tread after work today, and even if I jog for 10 minutes outta my 30 minutes, I'll be happy. I will be so happy once little T gets here and I can strap him into the jogging stroller and hit the trails. I am already eyeing a couple 10K's and 5K's I will be signing up for come January to kick my butt into gear after he arrives.
Being a runner is great, it's just addicting. I will say, it is the cheapest addiction I could have...until I REALLY start registering (and PAYING) for all my races next year, mua haha!
Since we're on the topic of working out: do any other of you fitness mama's get the whole "Oh you should be careful" or "Maybe you shouldn't workout so much" from random people? I get the craziest looks when I start hitting the weights at the gym. I am an addict people. I was before pregnancy, and thanks to my OB and my previous fitness regimen, I can continue on being an addict.
Have a beautiful day sweet cakes!



-MissC* said...

I adore running! I am happy you have kept up your exercise routine through pregnancy! It will make Labor and Delivery so much easier.
I live in Sacramento and when I did my 2 miles yesterday I was sweating bullets! Today I was in pants and a sweater and still cold. BIPOLAR WEATHER!

erin said...

I miss running, too! I was just getting back into my routine when I found out I was pregnant, and though I ran occasionally early in my pregnancy, it was too hot to do much, and now I feel like I get too out of breath and run SO slow. And I have had some people say, "You shouldn't be working out, especially running, when you're pregnant." I just tell them thanks but that my doctor assured me it's fine to do it because I was already doing so.

Tales of a young mamma said...

Oh man i wish I was a runner! I really want to start it up. I ran in high school track but that was just 400's and 200's- it would be great to get into a nice long job! Any advice for us newbs?

Rae said...

Just found your blog! You go girl working out while preggo! I think that is fabulous! I didn't, but that's because we had trouble getting pregnant, so I took it easy. But I am a workout-oholic too! I started running in May and I love it! I look forward to reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

I am so not a runner, but good for you.